Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Sept 21, 2015 – Day 417 – Environmental Paradox

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People like pretty food. Lethal levels of weedkiller are now sprayed on food crops, but the yield is dropping, not rising. We know that. Dr Seneff discovered that there was a direct link to Autism. They have not banned it. But now we have another smoking gun. Nematode eggs are intentionally sprayed to kill insects. I found that nematodes are behind Lyme disease. Now there are a couple million species, so they only spread the ones that kill bugs they say. If they harmed a human, or caused something like Autism, then they wouldn’t do it, would they?

No doctors know that nematodes are behind all chronic human illness. In today’s dollars, each 1% reduction in chronic illness would be a billion dollars saved in time lost. Each year, over 900 Billion in Healthcare Costs is attributable to chronic disease. Due to this ignorance, all our money gets wasted on healthcare, and lots of it caused by pretty food. In 2006, it was said a cure for cancer was $50 Trillion. After the crash, that is probably $100 Trillion, or 5 times the National Debt. But our food is pretty so it is worth it? Gonnngggg!

Now I find myself literally struggling to find a way around Official Medicine that uses this logic to justify murder. They made progress impossible by excluding all earlier medical research on facts they can’t explain, for pretty food. Bugs bite food and everybody, and they have a state sanctioned nematode epidemic, to make food pretty. 1 in 3 kids will develop diabetes, or others maybe develop autism, but hey, isn’t that potato pretty? It was worth attacking Dr. Oz for daring to question the wisdom of that. I can guess he doesn’t even know about this nematode epidemic Pyrus Malus exposes by skunking out of your body. I found that the Apple Leaves are used to bait deer because deer know that they can eat them to fight their parasite nematodes from bug bites.

Pyrus MalusWhen life gives you Lemons, make lemonade they say. Nothing will change in super/chemicalmarts or the nematode/produce section. Talk about sustainable development! They say I was dead, or in Edmonton, if I didn’t know that. Well, I used to live around Edmonton. Fear not. Ol’ Doc here is workin’ on it, now that I am outta Edmonton. Felter lost Pyrus Malus, and I found it again. My Apple Bark analog is worse than my uncontrolled Blight, though. I don’t mix it with alcohol to prepare it. It doesn’t need to be. Just a Size 0 capsule, dry powder, about 350mg, a day, with a couple grams Pectin Enzyme to start getting the polysacharride biofilm out. You can’t fight nematodes/agri-culture, so just have an antidote for it. Leave that for others who want to rip them a new one once they see. Killing the nematode creates an even bigger problem for your liver to deal with. Nudging them out is safer.

I have been thinking about old West analogies, circa 1840. Johnny Appleseed Bible punchin’ stuff. The Sheriff doesn’t thank the Lord for criminals, but they keep him fed. Isn’t life funny that way? The Lord might spring the Day of Atonement on us in a couple days. It may be a mathematical error. Newton wasn’t really known much for that, except to himself. “Naw, it isn’t that… It’s this!” Einstein found a 2 x Gravitational Lensing error in his 1st Theory of Relativity. We only know because it was published. The Rev. 1.0 Theory is the one we know. Let he who without sin chuck the first spud. We can all cut Al a little slack. I’m no Einstein. I bought pretty food too. The government would stop us if it were bad, wouldn’t they?

I know. It’s a Reverse viral marketing trick. Shedding a Light Analog on the Dark Matter analog. To them, our 5% side of the Universal Gravitational Divide appears complex. Two Realities. When they say, “I see what you’re thinking…” it looks like a T-Bone. lulz Which doc/rev. Sheriff is obsolete here? They don’t even know about Dr. Sapi’s work. Dark or the current Grey Matter lot? I wonder if filarial nematodes have Muon Six Shooters? Worms are their own Lasso. They don’t like Tabaccy Spit. Or 10³¹ Phages packin’ Lysing Agents either. The antibiotic and vaccine craze turned out to be a marginally effective fad when it ran its course, and pathogens became resistant.

Native American medicine was included in Old School Eclectic Medicine. Oriental technologies, that were known, also were. This has come much further under naturopathy. Eclectic was Big Tent medicine. Sometimes too big, while too small on top eventually. There was a Carrington Event. It took out the Heaviside. In 1857, the telegraph offices started on fire. That was the Old West. They did OK. Modern thinking would train wreck it today, but I think they know. DHS bought millions of rounds just in case. Survival of the Amish. Wild Apple Leaf would be more valid than ever. Nothin’ would shock people after that. Horses would be part of the equation again. They would need Pyrus Malus to keep from goin’ Loco, both horses and people.

McCrapMaybe not? Bart has been playing “seeing eye Dog.” He’s looking for scraps again. They won’t let him scout the pet aisle for food at WalMart. He will have to mind meld, Sorry, Pal. That’s the way it is. Maybe I’ll stop the treatment for a bit on him. Rewound too far. He’s is getting cranky and Id ridden, too young. Sick of dry food. If they are going to have an outdoor pet sampling aisle in the future? I can ask for you. Yes, so you can squeeze he Charmin, a paws on experience. Yes, mind melding with people is nuckin’ futty, but what else can you do? There isn’t a McDonald’s for cats yet, short of suppertime. Yeah, I know it ain’t exactly Cordon Bleu. The Chinese Smorg may be a tad dangerous, if you thought Schrödinger was clazy.

I digress.Malus Domestica Phages The only thing that can save us from Greed gone Mad may be Phages. That was left behind with Eclectic Medicine, but is valid these days again. Nobody really knows where to find them any more. I suspect Pyrus Malus by looking at, and witnessing, the panacea nature of it. Wild Apple Leaves mimic it. Parasites know they are beaten by it, too. Chemical Medicine is back to playing catch up, with an added twist of psychiatric fraud to cover up their shortcomings. They are becoming no better than the skin cancer dermatologist in Florida, caught on American Greed, running up the bill. The Pyrus Malus anthelmintic action opens an undiscovered, or conveniently ignored, area of any medicine altogether. The table shows Malus Phages found that that fight plant bacteria. I suspect many others as it wallops human borne bacteria. That is impressive, but pales in comparison to the root cause microfilarial nematode shock out.

If a perfectly engineered nanomachine doctor existed, it would be a microphage. It hunts and kills bacteria by injecting lytic and/or lysogenic enzymes to disrupt the pathogen DNA, then leaves when the job is done. It is uncharacteristically harmless to healthy human, animal, and plant tissues. It gets things lurking there before they become a problem. It is in 180 year old Eclectic Remedial medicine it seems, and a further pursued century old technology abandoned in the antibiotic patent rush. Consequently, the technology is scant on it these days with all the money riding on things because they are patentable, not because they work. It may be the only way out of an environmental pickle pressured up by the rush to make food look pretty, and keep longer on the shelf, at the unwitting or caring expense of your well being. It seems I was lucky enough to rediscover a source of them, or phage library section, effective against West Denial Virus, interrupting the chronic parent parasite nematode mechanics. They are after all one of the few life forms, if not the only one, more prevalent, at 10³¹ machines, than nematodes.

Medicine is focussed on salt elimination when they should be focussed on biofilm elimination equally. Nematodes use all that starch to protect their flock to mine your vital organs like Grey Matter.  Dropsy is a biofilm condition I am convinced now, as is heart disease. Remove the renal biofilm and the salts will go with it. Fix up the GI Tract with Pyrus Malus and the cholesterol will go back to powering your mind. Current medicine is so far behind the curve they think they are ahead, hawking elixers and patent potions to numb symptoms or turn off the complaining genes, but not the reason for it. Eclectic is inclusive, not exclusive. That is not a good trait to abandon. Fortunately, Wild Apple Leaf appears to multiply drug effectiveness, but look who takes the savings? Welcome to the Canada Health Care model. Don’t put the kids in charge of the money machine. Looks like you get extortion. Toxoplasmosis looks like that would be something it could address.

More crazy news. Apple wants an electric car. I guess their non technical users need an education in thermodynamics basics the hard way. They’ll make a bundle because whenever did the facts and real science trump when the market gets involved? Tesla might have beat them to the rip off, though.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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