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Tues, Sept 22, 2015 – Day 418 – Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

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It is an old saying about living for the moment while we can. Be thankful we made it this far, sort of thing, for tomorrow we may die. It might be drastic, but it would cure the hangover. I’m not really that hungry or thirsty at the moment, and I can’t say merry one way or the other. I am not convinced I would be important enough to be individually damned on Judgement Day. To prioritize, God would simply damn the whole lot of us at once to buy time. Then the fun would begin as everybody tries to lie their way into heaven.

Frank Sinatra said he did it “My Way.” Writers: Robert Williams, Jacques Revaud, Jerry N. Capehart, Robert Borrmann, Lucien Thibaut, Eddie Cochran, Paul Anka, Claude Francois, Jeremiah Sage Ackah. Out of those ten people, the buck stopped there. Whatever. If Iggy Garbonski sang it, nobody would have ever heard of it. If Frank himself did it at Karaoke, people would go “Yeah, Ok, clap clap clap. When’s my turn?” We’re all legends in our own minds. It’s a tough gig when people don’t understand the physics of singing that what they hear isn’t what everybody else is hearing. Their ears are not connected to your vocal cords with bone like your’s are.

I was about 300 meters away from here on the evening of July 20, 1969, looking at the moon after the telecast. I was an early teenage kid totally immersed in Apollo at the time. People like to say Texans are sto0pid red staters, so what planet they been to lately? Reagan noted mankind had to face an existential threat from outside to unite it, like an alien invasion. Sept 23 may be like that, except we may be the weird aliens. Apollo 12 found microbes on the TV camera they recovered from Surveyor 3. They most likely came from here, and we polluted the moon, not the other way around. We are a rare fluke of the universe, if you are a “fluker”. Everything we see, even using radio telescopes, is only 5% of it. The other 95% can’t even see us. Using common sense, you would think out of the abundance of energy and matter, they may be 19 times more advanced on what looks to us like the Dark Side. Perhaps our side looks like the Dark Side to them. If apparent galactic observations are considered, we are all in this universe together, blissfully unaware of each other from our perspective.

This explains nematode parasites escaping detection possibly. Using a resurrected Eclectic Medicine, Pyrus Malus Bark, or leaves containing the same constituents to save the apple trees, it all starts to make sense. These little worms seem to defy physics. Yet something we have enables them to do this, and they “mine” it from us. Until now. A year ago, I noted the similarity to results you would expect from Phages. If that is indeed the case, they certainly scare the nematodes out. They slither for their lives. What was unknown was that some were still hiding in biofilm themselves. Not just spirochetes. The whole farmer worm. It turned out to be a whole new root cause for chronic illness that defied detection from all prior human medicine.

Phage therapies are old hat and the medical community is not interested. That tells you where they are coming from right there, and explains their bizarre behaviour. Their claims that the patient comes first are exposed to be a total bald faced lie. Merck, Bayer, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, and GSK come First. People need and deserve a higher level of care, but from where? The only loophole in this is Quacks. You have to reverse the system so they only get the people falling through the Quacks. I forged on, inventing my own system of Quantum Medical Research, to attempt to make a theory that would fit the results. Nothing motivates you like standing at death’s door. Been there, done that, I’ll have to make the T-Shirts. lol

Malus Domestica PhagesIt was easy. I was dying and nobody cared. The local deer got results. I tried their favourite trees. They liked the wild one better. I have a theory why. They built it, and it grew with Malus Domestica/Sieversii phages specific to their afflictions, which were these insect worms, and the deer pathogens they came up with. Then I thought what is common about this place and Lyme, Connecticut? Salmon spawning grounds. Bugs. Dead Salmon. Migratory birds. Duck Itch. I think we have a possibility. You can see medicine picks through the multiplicity of apple tree based phages to isolate and mimic an enzyme or chemical the various phages use on each disease. Wild Apple Leaf throws the whole phage library at the affliction. The side effect of this shotgun approach is that it cures damn near everything. It wallops flu. What kind? Any kind! It’s gone before you can nail it down.

Now that Table was from a paper studying Fire Blight on pear and apple trees, and looking for a way to combat it. They looked at what the Phages do for a hint. It is a little known secret. Look at all the phages they got from various apple trees. They have tried to cover their tracks, it appears. Well, if they needed the equivalent of a Phage Library of Congress from Wild Apple Trees, this place would have it. Go figure. I went further. What are the side effects? Eclectic Medicine said nada, but I see now that makes sense, because it is direct effects of the phages killing whatever it is ailing you, and you can feel it. It kills defective cells, and your body must deal with that. Luckily, it goes slow. I found the afterburner effect with Pectin Enzyme like wine makers and body builders use.

I lysed or killed the 59 years worth of infected cells at a rate I could handle over the course of 13 months. I pushed it to see if I could hurt myself, and found an arbitrary upper limit was automatic. Your body only does as much as it can at a time, it seemed. It’s kind of like adding more gas doesn’t make the car go faster, and too much just spills over. I’m taking a break still now, but the effect continues a little after you stop as the phages in there keep working like little sentries. I take one a week still, like a booster on weekends when I can recline and let it work. I told people I suspected their local apple trees were tailored more to their local bug diseases. It became sort of like Tesla, when he discovered universal distributed power they could not bill for. They grew more disinterested all the time. Who knew doctors would be the unwitting alleged Hydra at the gates of Hell? I’ve been taking notes. Maybe I’ll hand them over tomorrow.

The Big Lies are that you can’t cure the common cold, flu, arthritis, Lyme, and a whole lot of other chronic illnesses. Damage may linger, but stopping the mechanism is possible. The Truth is they can’t patent a cure, I suppose. I saw that when engineering stuff. “Can you do this impossible thing?” Yes. “Can we patent it?” No. “Scrap it!” This is one of those again. They will only get interested when an inferior patentable way is put forward. Then they move to hide the way they discovered it, and hopefully for longer than the patent lasts. Luckily, we have an Internet, but the thing that makes the detective work tough is the same old. Everyone tries to hide it, and now we find 95% of the universe is hidden. Explains a lot.

The real phage story is a short but interesting one, and I suspect the source for most known medicine. They find a phage that works on a specific disease. Then they isolate the reason why. Phages come from plants, and the ocean in seawater. They are the reason herbal medicine is effective for specific targets. 10 EXP 31 is a huge number of species of them, but the use of them is a guarded secret. If you stumble on a good source that doesn’t affect you, you are in business. The lytic/lysogenic action of the specific phage may however affect you by proxy, or so it has been my experience with a bit of a herx, swelling of infected areas as the pathogen is deposed, etc. It sure made those bug co0+ies scoot too, because they knew exactly what it was. Phages are viruses that basically live on and replicate using pathogens that cause troubles. Then enterprising microbiologists identify a chemical, patent it, and they are on easy street in theory. Looking at the stock market, things don’t always go that way. The FDA doesn’t approve of any phage therapy here, but the secret link above has clues. This is a meal ticket for drug manufacturers. They find what the phage does, but only against their selected target, and replicate just that. They sell handguns. A good phage library is the pocket hydrogen bomb against pathogens, so they ban it. Too Eclectic, I guess. I hit ’em with the whole dictionary, and the Exodus is On.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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