Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Sept 23, 2015 – Day 419 – Four Aux Four – Phage Not Found!

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It means “Oven With Oven,” in French. If a phage replicates, then it really has found a pathogen it can feed off of to replicate. If it doesn’t, the pathogen is either hidden in biofilm, or it isn’t there. The phage isn’t viable. That explains the quick response to a tick or bug bite, or a cold. Our Wild Apple leaf, or Pyrus Malus tree matter by another name, likely has a phage that likes that, and whatever causes lyme fog. The importance of biofilm reduction gets rightful top billing. Then it can get at the harder afflictions.

Here is a 2011 article on the Pros and Cons of Phages. By reading between the lines, you can find out a lot. If a phage is viable, and has a bacteria it can live on, for example, it grows at a rate of xª growth cycles, squaring total cumulative population, x, every generation. Being a foreign protein, they are expelled from the host very fast through the liver, kidneys, and spleen though. It works at the time a pathogen is present, but can be inhibited by biofilm. These days, you have to keep attacking that biofilm to expose more pathogens hiding in it. It’s not that simple for that reason. Now we have a 2015 sustainable biofilm control plan. Back to phages, we have a sustainable source of them from scraggly old tough plants, growing like weeds defending themselves from most assault, that are not denatured. Drying Wild Apple Leaves appears to not denature them the way I did it. Low heat, slowly, dried like over a forced air heat register. Phages are in the “Mother” of Apple Cider Vinegar, I suspect. Leaves are the “Mother” of the whole apple tree. Johnny Appleseed was against even hybrids of his apple trees, and this may explain why. He knew the Heinz 57 variety was more powerful, but not because it had greater diversity in its phage library, which we would come to understand decades after he passed. It would be self evident pretty fast, squaring every generation. He would have witnessed the nematodes’ exodus from bug bites or stings, and the imminent rapid expansion mortal threat of a viable phage, rapidly wiping their pathogen flock.

The big takeaway here is two fold. The world hasn’t ended… yet, and biofilm mop up gets a co-importance task status. The tough outer shield is seemingly pinpricked by phages, and that may give the enzymes a pathway to start breaking it down, like a loose thread to pull on a wool sweater. Knowing the mechanism from what it feels like, that seems to be what is happening. Here is a 1999 article. Long circulating phage strains were developed, with a side effect of mild lethargy, which I have noticed with apple leaves taken continuously. They make you tired when they go to work. Bacterial contamination of the source was an identified problem. These Apple Leaves were proven by the smell test of a deer with a nose a foot long. You could also test them on a dog, to see if it turns its nose up, but they aren’t as picky eaters. Deer also eat mainly fallen apples, not liking the pectin firm variety as much. One paper says that a clue is cross species effectiveness which I noticed a bit with a cat and a whole deer family, while the other says that is not the case. Phage library selection affects that, I take it, where the disagreeing study didn’t contain phages particular to an animal pathogen by limiting diversity intentionally for research purposes. The apple tree naturally filters phages it uptakes from the soil. What is unknown is the survivability of phages during drying of the bark/leaves. Enough obviously made it. Moreover, nutty as it seems, if there are Dark Matter nematodes scooting, are there Dark Matter phages in the “Burning Bush?” I don’t have E. Amylovora here, or fire blight., instead having V. Ineaqualis, which also can bump phage uptake from soil. You can’t rule out that possibility to fit the results witnessed.

Mongrels are kind of the coolest plants and animals. Bart has traits of Dog. He’s faithful and a good learner now. He noses his lil’ dish when hungry to get attention. He’s part Tabby, part Siamese, part Black Cat,  and with a white tip on his tail, so part Calico. Talk about bit of everything. He likes the brighter Moon phases. He just got another mouse still. He was maybe riddled with toxoplasma like cats are, but a single viable phage must have walloped it. That deer family was tawny and red haired, one of each, boy and girl. Reverse Natural Selection can be used to your advantage when you have a broader diversity in your makeup, and mongrel phages. If each phage generation lasts half an hour, or 30 minutes, that explains why it can take out a gram +/- multi-pathogen like a cold or tick trasferred infection in 3 hours, with a 3 day biofilm mop up with a box of kleenex. I can improve that time with biofilm enzymes I found. Everybody may be different, but if they follow my lead, I hope it can work for them too. Researchers typically use modified rats, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs to narrow things down. I am the other way, I guess. In Vivo Mongrel. This also explains the small dose requirement with phage exponential replication. If those young deer were an example, they only needed a couple or a few leaves. I found the same thing, but biofilm turned out to be the show stopper here, as was found in the 2011 paper. MRSA can’t beat a predator phage even though it beats all antibiotics. This is the Second Line Defense doctors rarely advertise once they get theirs from multiple antibiotics at the expense of your intestinal flora.

By addressing the shortcomings of phages with modern technology, specifically enzymatic biofilm reduction, you can clean up your old jalopy. From the point where you have soda blasted it with phages, it is up to you to rebuild from scratch. I’m sort of at that point, but the old dents, and rust outs are still there. This time, it seems to all be coming back lean. They aren’t as bad as they were, with the original biofilm bondo initial repair job scoured off. Plus I am another 35+% or so lighter. I was packing a “little” extra fat around that is gone, age related biofilm bondo and bioflab baggage. This makes me wonder if obesity or weight gain is bacteria based? Looks like I am not alone. Being Eclectic opens possibilities closed to Regimented Failed Medicine. It is easy when you high grade their bathwater for babies, and the tykes are cryin’ for help. Thank that Medicine for ibuprofen for pain, but not for declaring everybody crazy though if they can’t survive their “treatment.” Talk about PKB.

Nobody wants that, but you have no choice unless you go it alone. It is such a complicated mish mash too. You really have to dig in only to find another dead end, but occasionally, something pops up. Did you know obesity could be an oral pathogen? By chance, a phage blast could get it, until you get reinfected. I suspect it would be a biofilmer if it is epidemic. But then you might have to weather the storm from obese people thinking you are sick. Supermodel, or Po0permodel. The choice may be yours. lol Things have gotten so bad, you are outside of the norm if you are too well. You may have to wear inflatable make-up to disguise it.

Pyrus Malus is reported as good for heavy metal toxin elimination, but that is from a century old monograph. You have to address biofilm to make anything really work, so it is an ongoing one-two punch thing with whatever Pyrus Malus Phages you have loaded, ready to strike what turns up before they get eliminated. It seems we didn’t get wiped out so far. Still, handy to be ready for an earthquake as one can be.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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