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Sun, Sept 27, 2015 – Day 423 – Explaining a Miracle

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The behaviour of a phage is miraculous. Colds and Flu, notoriously difficult to treat with over 10 simultaneous pathogens at work, accelerate and wipe themselves out in hours when a Pyrus Malus phage has their number. When you get bit by a tick, the same thing happens, and you feel the infection in fast forward. It also kills the tick. With neuroborreliosis symptoms, they disappear in 3 days. The Phage, with its explosive exponential growth, literally eats the responsible pathogens for breakfast. Then it follows them down the drain for lunch. The worse the disease, the more a phage can use it to its own advantage. The show stopper becomes two fold: biofilm, and the diseases and parasites that can take advantage of it to hide from the phage. Luckily, there is a way to deal with that now.

Are phages dangerous? If they were, they would have wiped out mankind by now. Their growth is that explosive. Some genetic engineer may jimmy one by playing with its DNA, create a hostile phage, then accidentally let the strain out in the wild, at which point it would wipe out mankind, including the inventor, by lunch. When you think about it, a human being can only be what the 10³¹ phages have allowed it to evolve into. Successful parasites and diseases developed biofilm to hide. I undeveloped it to make them face the music. Utilizing the large 57,386 gene count of an Apple Tree, the phage army has more ways to kill a disease. animal, vegetable, or mineral, than you can shake a stick at.

If a phage could be developed to defeat biofilm safely without drowning you, it would already be viable. This one seems to drill biofilm on the nanometer scale, and leave a weakness we can exploit with other enzymes. The interesting thing is that it drills fibrin, so it gets biofilm that used scar tissue in its formation. I found that wasn’t a rarity, it was more the norm. It could also be because I remembered the injuries in some cases, while others still deposing dropped undetected. That is also why I suspect these bug parasites are behind building the biofilm. When they see this phage group assault, they are among the first to leave the fort behind. It is a WMD for all manner of parasites.

Most people don’t believe in miracles. That’s OK. This place will be a lot more fun with all the naysayers gone. lulz There is a parasite taxi bug out there somewhere with their name on it, thanks to all the weedkillers killing all the natural bug/parasite enemy phages taken up from the soil in those weeds. It will be too late when they find out this is an epidemic. Rene Descartes said “Nothing so hidden…” Apollo 16 used it as their motto. I found a miracle hiding in plain view. The epidemic is antibiotic resistant, but much of that can’t survive the phage assault. Chronic Lyme is partly phage resistant, but not phage and biofilm engineer resistant. State of the Art Obsolete Medicine is Miracle Resistant. Miracles make them look Dumb, Mad Bro, and Jelly. They got walloped by supermarkets full of weedkiller they never knew existed, all on their watch. They leaned into it fighting the very phages that could save them. They grew keen on their own Miracle. d’Herelle is the hero after all, and his phages are still used to pick up the slack when antibiotics fail, like with MRSA.

MiamotoiMoving along, there is the whole invisible spirochete chain nematode to explain. *Something* drills out, but nobody can see what it is. It leaves a “water channel.” When it sees our phages, it leaves a water channel straight outta your skin! Physics may have an explanation, and that is Dark Matter. We know it is everywhere, and nowhere to be seen. It is invisible to our senses, and our measly pie slice of the Universe. It explains Morgellons Disease being so inexplicable to doctors locked in the 4 dimensional space describing 5% of the Universe so well. Well, meet the other 95%, in your face, foot, armpit, back, eyeball, or wherever. Explain that. Looks like these phages get a higher mark than 100%, but then nothing surprises me much about them now. They get almost everything medicine knows, and even what it doesn’t to boot. It makes me curious for an answer, but there isn’t any, save for what I was left to deduce.

Short of that, everything has an explanation that fits the results I witnessed now. The whole Dark Matter thing implies a Dark Matter Phage too. It may be out of sight, but not out of mind. All I can do to help is to make sure I keep the nature of the host fibres intact, and keep the phages capable of becoming viable when moisture is added. That explains why early results from a century ago may not have been repeated all the time, from inadvertently sterilizing the active agents, and it gave phages a bad name. The Herxheimer Reaction was not well understood then, as well. The antibiotic herx could also kill, giving it a lot of reporting and study, whereas this seems much gentler and safer. Modern understanding of these things, coupled with success against antibiotic resistant disease, may prompt a resurgence of the technology.

Antibiotics had a 70 year run, but disease morphed, and defeated them. Most people will be blissfully unaware of this all until death comes knocking, and they finally try it out of desperation, possibly to find it was too late, and the pathogens already did too much damage over the decades they were ignored. Moreover, medicine missed all of the parasites behind the curtain. That won’t look good on their resume, so watch what they do. They’re over 3 decades behind on one bug transmitted disease epidemic. What will they do when they’re faced with hundreds overnight, and with everybody but them being a witness to it? I’m personally going to stock up on popcorn to watch them squirm, because Lord knows I tried to warn them.

There is an outside possibility I got the phage from somewhere else. Then the Apple Tree Fibre enabled it. I thought of that, but the direct localized Herx-to-injury or disease areas associated with the Pyrus Malus fibre seemed to link it directly. The reaction fades after you stop, leaving more confirmation that it is a phage, and must be added to as more pathogens get exposed out of biofilm, where they could hide out of reach. If nobody will do a clinical trial, or even just try it to confirm it more, then it will remain hidden like it has for a century. The other evidence is what it did, or appeared to do directly for deer, and that is what I was looking for. It is the only thing I took, with just a few vitamins, and later enzymes to try and break the biofilm, knowing it was of polysaccharide starch composition. Now I sound like a doctor, trying to cast doubt on everything, but with a purpose of eliminating other possibilities outside of the obvious. That seems to be how they roll. It has them stuck up Denial without a paddle. That is how they totally missed an Engineering/Surveyor Lyme Disease epidemic. If you try it, and it takes after the phage becomes viable, you will know. Then you will also see what I tried to explain, and I think you will agree a Phage explains it. Then what are those parasites, hiding at the bug bites for decades? Looks like they aren’t exactly hanging around to answer questions, either. lol Everybody hits the trail when the magic happens.

Then there is the fact that everyone is chicken. That keeps people from trying it, but it looks like Big Pharma is trying to protect their failing cash cow more to me. Like I pointed out, given the facts, if a natural phage could hurt you, or it used human systems to feed on, all of mankind would already be wiped out. One YouTube link pointed out they kill half the bacteria in the world every day. If you can’t beat your competition though, make them illegal. Tuck a ball inflation needle in your belt, and deflate it in the next tackle. Then rat them out to wipe them out, especially if they are the New England Patriots. It’s the American Way! lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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