Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Sept 28, 2015 – Day 424 – Ways Forward

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Every time we turn a corner, there is another roadblock with this. Even in the land where Phage Therapy was invented, it is not approved. In Washington State and Oregon, there is a loophole allowing naturopaths to do Phage therapy, and in Texas, war veterans are treated using it. In Canada, there is an AntiMicrobial Resistance initiative, but it is largely focussed on trying to fix the failed antibiotic way. I guess they didn’t read Sir Alexander Fleming‘s warnings on why antibiotics would ultimately fail as pathogens developed resistance. Phage Therapy continues in Georgia and Poland, while all the developments were skipped over in the birthplace of Phage Studies, Canada.

Here is a unique experiment. Powder some Apple Leaves and sprinkle them in the toilet, especially if there is a stain that all manners of scouring can’t remove. That impervious coating is a biofilm. CLR may cut it after time, but generally nothing will touch it. If the phages in it take to that biofilm, which seems tougher than concrete, it will completely clean it deeply to the underlying porcelain. When you chew a raw apple leaf, it cleans biofilm plaque off your teeth. No amount of brushing will touch it, and dentists chip bits of it off. I suspect a minute amount of Apple Leaf Phage dust in the air, from when I powdered the apple leaves in a blender, caused it. That also shows the explosive exponential growth of a viable phage, as well as a Phage’s ability to do the seemingly impossible against biofilm. That reminds me, I was out picking some leaves and branches to do moisture content studies while the leaves are still alive, maximally grown as the apples ripen. Maybe I’ll toss in a leaf and  see what it does there. Phages were suspected to clean up cholera in the entire Ganges River, which at the time had prevalent cholera.

It’s not all good. I know first hand that human biofilm slows and gums up not only antibiotics, but phage therapy too. The phage is a wedge to get started breaking it down through the outer polysaccharide, and as I found, fibrin, coating. In that sense, it is the keystone removal mechanism. Parasite chronic diseases incorporate injury response to toughen their defences with scar stuff. The parasite knows the gig is up, and leaves, so that biofilm reduction won’t be patched anymore, or so I hope. That seems to work as you can feel the light at the end of the tunnel. It is finally hope in a whole lotta hopeless. When those parasites go, it is like step 1 in 11,487. They built it to last.

You know what the answer is before you start, then you go looking for how you got there. Fill in the blanks. There is no shortage of blanks. Doctors gave up. You realize they are going in exactly the wrong direction, full steam ahead, with all your, and in fact, all the peoples’, money. Anybody who disagrees with their approach, no matter how informed, is insane. They refuse to confirm a simple experiment to show them a ubiquitous parasite first hand that they missed. That does not instil confidence. It does confirm they have the disease. Their neuroborreliosis has progressed to the point where they are “Loonie Ticks.” They are headed for a comfortable grave in a pile of Canadian Coins they can’t take with them.

BiohazardThe shocker, that I really found out about, is that Canadian Medical Facilities are a breeding ground for borreliosis, the most insidious Antibiotic Resistant Disease ever. I found a phage that works against it. Every person working there is hopelessly infected, and you can prove it by making them take the phage. Fat chance. They’re done. Give them a wide berth to speed your recovery. Every visit there will take up to 72 hours for the phage to wipe it out again. Only the d’Herelle treatment will save them. They’ll have to put it in their drinking water. Biofilm will keep thwarting it unless it is co-addressed, but that would be a start to get them to snap out of it. The repeated phage bombardment can defeat it, but enzymes targeting the biofilm speeds it up a lot. You’ll have to reverse a lifetime of infected insect bites, made worse by now accepted agricultural practices. Ironically, the late Dr. Bill Costerton, Father of Biofilm, came from here. Anyway, show up to your next appointment dressed like this. As soon as they say anything, clap a petrie dish shut, scribble on a tag, looking at your watch, and respond, “Oh, nothing… Your name, and next of kin?” Stage whisper, “Got it!” excitedly in a faux radio headset to have fun with it. lulz

Phages are fertile science fiction thriller material. I think the movie “Outbreak” used them, building an antidote from “Patient Zero,” from which a viable phage multiplied. This isn’t Hollywood, but the principle remains valid. Something is in there from all the previous co-infections that keeps the phage up and working, and my personal chronic condition was really deep if it was in fact congenital. It explains all the unexplained symptoms my parents and extended family have been suffering from. If I get through it, I will be the first person who ever has, and with almost no antibiotics. They would help only temporarily, then a relapse a week after.

The addition of Bromelaine 2000 GDU really has added to the recovery from the “Burn Out” of clearing up the remaining Lyme pathogens, or so it seems for now. You can feel it all sitting in the front row seat here. I know there is some more to go, but I am just going to pulse it with the Apple Leaf on weekends now. The biofilm reduction part seems to be the holdup with my situation. I really started hitting it 111 Days ago with a pause for a month, and a resumption for a week. The good thing is that you can stop and restart all these things separately if some part becomes a little too wearing. What works is reducing biofilm as much as you can, then an application of Wild Apple Leaf to mop up all the exposed pathogens from that layer. If I had known that from the start, I could have gotten by with a tenth or less of the Wild Apple Leaf I am guessing. There was too much biofilm for it to handle alone at my age, but it did bore down through a bunch of it while we sorted this all out. The Apple Leaf de-worming action was key as well. If those things stay in you, there is no telling how you will ever get rid of it, or any of the other chronic diseases they appear to maintain.

The term SuperPhage is used when combating a SuperBacterium. I proved that Lyme Disease is more than a SuperBacterium, and also has the unknown SuperParasite with it. This had been noted by others as Filarial Nematode Spirochete Farners, and the new takeaway here is that you actually see where the nematodes exit, and then get a timeline and history of the infection(s) they were responsible for. It really taxes your memory because the timeframes go back multiple decades. This seems to be a new class unto itself, and also gives new evidence to the nature of biiofilm chronic illness in general, as well as more diseases than one would ever suspect. SuperParasites must build bacterial biofilm, I found. They are the mystery behind its manufacture. I can see thousands of ways people will slip up using this and not be successful. I think I tried them all myself. lulz

I know the Who-What-When-Where-Why of it all finally at the, or near, the end.  I’ll be ready for the next bug bite, sting, Duck Itch, or whatever next time. I know you probably  won’t, because I know why nothing else will work. You may be lucky if your herb has a SuperPhage, but then there is the biofilm, and SuperParasites. They tried everything and gave up on me. They will always fail doing what they do, and I know the W5 of why that is now too. So what’s the problem? They never asked, and I doubt they ever will.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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