Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Sept 29, 2015 – Day 425 – A New Yardstick of ARD – Anti²BiOptics

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QuantumNematodeARD – That is Antibiotic Resistant Disease. Spirochaetes (English Spelling) are in the 5 to 200μ (micron) range. Their Insect borne Parasite Nematode Farmers are in the 500-2000μ range. They are like the Ant is to its flock of Aphids. There are lots of pictures of these stealthy spirochetes, that they tend, but few of any kind of nematode, and the ones that there are show even the visible ones have to be in the right light. The trouble is you can only see the nematode by their silhouette, described often as a spirochaete “chain.” The spirochaetes remain safe from antibiotics and phages while they are sheltered within the invisible barrier of the nematode it seems. Traditional researchers have no trouble killing spirochetes in vitro or a test tube. When they are in a host, or “in vivo,” they can use biofilm and the nematode itself for protection. Something very fishy is going on here, because you can see from the scale of things that they would stick out like a basketball team in a Mexican airport. The nematodes must be invisible, but they sure leave a mark when they drill out. When faced with the Apple Leaf phage assault, they slither for their lives. To them, it is like someone kicked a hornet nest.

I have been looking for a university where that phenomenon can be studied but there is none. They all have electron microscopes but that is only a 2D picture of what is going on. I suspected that is a lot of the problem. The nematode must be invisible in 2D. 3D would confirm volume to the 2D silhouette, but limit resolution to spirochaete proxy scale. If it were Dark Matter, it would be invisible in 4D. We have evidence they are mining 5D brain material from Alzheimer’s, Lewey Body, and neuroborreliosis in general. All are Antibiotic Resistant/Anti-Bioptic. All stuff to wonder about, because that would explain why they escape detection while being such a big part of the picture. Let’s say they are gone. It is known that doxycycline can kill spirochetes in vitro, but they gave up prescribing it in Canada, because they know it doesn’t work in vivo. I take it the herx killed too many patients. The spirochaete simply hides in the nematode or its biofilm. The phage does not get the spirochete, or even get to it. It does however get to the nematode “farmer,” unless it is one of the species that appears to hide in a biofilm. The Phage is a causal agent; Take the phage, then the worms scatter. We may be blind, but we can use our “hornet” army to even the score.

Simple enough, but that has never been accomplished with evidence; Outing these Anti-BiOptic Strains. I know I can move them out. I know how they got there. I have an idea where they came from. You will know when the bug bit you if it was a bad one. They do it for food is why. We have a new Anti-Anti-BiOptic, or an Anti²BiOptic™. Want to see something invisible? You’ve come to the right place. Silly as that sounds, it is explained by the evidence, like Dark Matter is explained by the gravitational evidence. It explains the entire invisible spectrum of antibiotic resistant disease once you “see” for yourself. I can “sting” yours, and more ways than one. It turns out permanent magnets also affect them, like magnetars affect Dark Matter.

AntiBiOptic Disease would have been discovered and defeated by now, if they could only see it. Until I shone the light on it, it is obvious they have all been spinning their wheels. So what do they do? They refuse to look. Imagine what medicine would be like if they refused to look under a new kind of microscope to see what is happening. It would be exactly like they are now with ARD. I invented this new macroscope, and they ignore the Big Picture it mushes into their face. It has gone on far too long. 425 Day sto0pid is worse than fail. That is 2.448 million dead that largely could have been prevented at 4 a minute. All they can say is we would all be better off without Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton. They may be right. It might include them too.

A local paper said Silent Lyme is real. They were found hiding a lot with a Freedom of Information request. Since then, I have blown the lid off of way more than just that, and got to the bottom of it, fingering AntiBiOptic Disease. It wasn’t just Lyme hiding there. It is virtually all chronic disease. They can’t even fess up that there is chronic Lyme. It is all invisible to billions of dollars worth of Electron Microscopes because they are looking at the wrong thing. We’ve got a 5D Tapestry of the whole thing. 11D M Theory gets closer to hitting the board all around the nail head, exactly where they can’t see. Until now. AntiBiOptics is the trouble, and I have it dead in my sights. I discovered it using the Alexander Fleming tried and true method; By accident. He discovered penicillin by mistake when a mouldy petrie dish killed the pathogen. A sick deer didn’t know I was watching when it got better.

My poor little goose friend died a year or so ago. The flock left it behind, limping, always bringing up the rear. It looked to have this same, strange, strong side, “arthritis.” Same as the deer. Another takeaway from that is deer and geese likely have strong sides like humans. They were both Right Winged for the record. In humans, Nematodes, biofilm, and about a dozen species of spirochaete, combine to make the entire nightmare, and you have to amputate all three legs of that stool. A cold and/or flu only makes about 10 pathogens, so it is easy to wallop for us. Klebsiella and Arthritis go Monzanto Final Zoluziona little harder. That alone is way beyond medicine. No wonder they gave up on Lyme. The takeaway there is that if they can’t help, why are we paying them anything? Imagine the uproar if they threw everybody with cancer into a psych ward. That is what they do when Lyme Disease walks in. They sick their bullies on them like Hitler did on the Jews, and they hold parties to celebrate about it in Nuremberg. We need the equivalent of a Stalin to sick on them, and then self destruct, like a phage.

Unfortunately, they are every bit as insidious as Lyme with their bureau-film to hide under, and they’re chronic now, even in the US. Most of the problem is the medicine is worse than the disease, and I have smoking gun proof of it. All the proof in the world didn’t stop Adolph, either, The whole thing is surreal. They were zombied by an AntiBiOptic parasite, so the stage is set to take them out with our AntiAntiBiOptic. But How? Mandatory Enema? lulz Looks like divine guidance wants to make sure they are the last to know to make them the laughing stock of the entire world. Trouble is, you don’t get the punchline until the minutes before you die, except by eating a leaf of Wild Pyrus Malus if you ever get it. They do know that they are beaten, and they won’t listen to anyone because they assume they are so smart, it can’t be done. Well, guess what?

If I go to school, it looks like it would just be following the money, and not the right answers. That seems to be the trouble. Everybody’s different, but not this fundamentally, eating starch, getting bit by bugs from God knows where. Makes sense they had parasites and they cause all sorts of disease. Can’t see fundamentally anything different from anybody else except I got bit by more of them working in the woods. Early warning sign. Youi’ve got it too, it fogs your mind, and it’s only a matter of time. Natural Pyrus Malus really sharpens everything up. Life is just a bottle of Tequila, and make sure this gets the worm, instead. Goes down smooth with bromelaine/pineapple, pectin enzyme, and a squeeze of lime.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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