Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Sept 30, 2015 – Day 426 – How do you know?

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You know when you feel a bit better as you progress, with each group of parasites that come out. You can tell, just like you could when you knew something was wrong, and things were getting a little worse all the time. The best thing is when at the start, the brain fog clears away. You never knew it was that foggy yourself, until all of a sudden it lifts. Then things start to make sense why this happened. You start to rewind through injuries and bug bites, linking the two, as nematodes drill out leaving a pinhole wound. It dawns on you that they must be using the healing response to build a biofilm, and they took advantage of you when you were down from an injury, sometime after they got established from the bug bite they were born in. You can feel it all happening, but you would have to experience it for yourself. The natural pyrus malus component is the key to making the worms leave.

I likened it to blowing up a hornet’s nest, like with a shotgun, at the beginning. You don’t feel it, but those worms obviously do. They’re outta there! You get a slight swelling herx at each location of biofilm as the enzymes reach it. Of course you can feel that a little bit because your nerves run through where they built it. The worms itch a bit as their escape routes heal. Some of the worms delay because they are hiding in biofilm themselves, like running into a car when the hornet swarm comes. In my analogy, eventually your enzymes pry open the car door, or roll down the window, enough that that can’t even save them. Isn’t that interesting, you think. Nobody knows about this. Nobody wants to, but they’re all walking around with these things in them. Can’t see why they wouldn’t have them. Of course, they can’t see why they would. Let it go. Someday they’ll say, “Ya know, that guy was right, all along! OMG! Who the hell was that again? That thing’s been in my knee for 35 years!”

It isn’t like it is anything new. Those worms have been in people, evading detection for 6 millennia, and ever since australopithecine man stopped eating apple leaves. It makes you wonder how much of the human experience is worm experience, and vice versa. You might notice their apparent knowledge of nuts and bolts physics is far in advance of a human’s. They are in many ways a higher life form. Some of them may be anaerobic, and can live in space. It’s obvious earth is where the good eatin’ is. You’ve been on the Menu. Be it ever so humble, there was no place like homey, until you ate that natural Wild Apple Leaf.

I have been looking at Rickettsia which is also a tick, flea, and mite borne illness, common Lyme co-infection, and behind Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It shouldn’t be confused with the similarly named Ricketts, which is from a Vitamin D deficiency. It looks to go chronic quickly as well, so presumably it takes advantage of biofilm. The symptomatology is notably similar to Lyme, and it is tick borne. TBRD or Tick Borne Rickettsial Disease is endemic to the Rocky Mountains, transmitted by multiple arthropod insects and their feces, and it partners with Lyme. Naturally, I think it is probably associated with nematodes, and this points to the higher prevalence of the types of symptoms here. Lyme disease gets a lot of ink, while you would expect Rickettsial Disease to be more prevalent. The treatment is the same with tetracycline being the marginally effective antibiotic of choice here, with relapses common. Biofilm and parasitic nematode Reduction would be key to ever making headway against it. Pyrus Malus may have effect against it, and that was noted at the outset, providing evidence of a possible successful phage therapy against it.

Again, keeping up the biofilm reduction with enzymes is crucial to all this stuff. Pyrus Malus provided scads of evidence of the persistent biofilm problem. I collected a lot of data on continuous use of Pyrus Malus at the outset, and we have our Wild Apple Leaf analog to save the apple trees from the grinder, providing the same apparent effect, and more, with an obvious anthelmintic action. Unlike antibiotics, you can take it continuously with no ill effect, and it seems to get more powerful as you use it more, conversely good for digestion, but that may be simply from biofilm reduction. It’s an Eclectic Antiseptic. The young whipper snapper squad forgot about, or abandoned, the old remedies. All the money goes to clinical trials of new patentable stuff. They say foxglove is also useful for “Dropsy,” or pitting edema of the ankles leaving a sock cuff indentation, which could be associated.

From the Wiki, Rickettsia are more widespread than previously believed. You will get a Wild Apple Leaf reaction. This is all good, because no matter what you have, you have to get rid of this zoonytic co-infection thing. The disoverer, Ricketts, died of Typhus in Mexico City, 1910, before d’Herelle found a way to eradicate it using Phages, and the Rickettsia having a cell for a phage to multiply explosively with lytic action. While it may not be all of the picture, it is mandatory to eliminate that colour from the overall canvas of recurring chronic illness. Biofilm is also the common grey shading to all of this. There is no shortage of the supply of that once the nematodes establish it, and eliminating it is key to eliminating accumulating zoonotic ageing illnesses of all stripes.

The reduction of all this may be a large factor in fuelling a witnessed continuous, accumulating, averaged improvement in your condition, up and down as it may be, and that is what lets you know *something* is working, for a change. It gets better, as long damaged flesh and organs begin to repair slowly, but repair nonetheless. You know because when you look back, it’s hard to deny that you feel a lot better than you did. Every layer of dissolved bacterial biofilm releases more pathogens to get attacked, but the Pyrus Malus fibre continues to oblige. These days, I do a week of enzyme enhanced biofilm reduction, with a single Size 0 capsule of the Apple Leaf powder to kill the pathogen soup it released mostly in a day, and for the first few days after that, there seems to be a residual pathogen kill off effect, ongoing. That way, I can cram the majority of light herxing into a day or so, instead of continuously. That is the new thing with me, but the Wild Apple Leaves remain key to the whole thing.

So many environmental pressures are stacked against us, but at least this is a huge ignored one you can reduce or eliminate. It all adds up to wear you down if you do nothing, and wipes out, or supersedes, all the modern medical gains made at great expense.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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