Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief


Sat, Oct 31, 2015 – Day 457 – Halloween Apples

Kids always yell that. It means they want free candy. It is also a harvest time hint. We have been rained out recently, but it may lift so we can assess the damage. The leaves were still well attached last weekend, and took some effort to collect samples. That is what we are really looking for, and is key to the process that eliminates 85% of health care costs attributed to chronic disease. That is the Wild Apple Leaf fibre that deer crave so much. I spent the downtime filling Size 0 capsules with Pectin Enzyme since I am so sensitive to the leaves now. The apparent phage they contain goes through my skin by osmosis from handling them now. The pectin enzyme alleviates the high viscosity dissolution effect they have on remaining biofilm, causing congestion, and it lowers the viscosity, and moves this congestion out. Smoking helps with the coughing reflex to expectorate it, but it may also make it hydrophobic, so it comes out of blood solution easier when it passes the lungs. Coughing does not exist to doctors, so biofilm has no way out, and they die when they fill up with snot. Such a lovely picture, except they try to kill as many people as they can by packing them full of biofilm snot there is no way to get rid of so they don’t feel alone. “Don’t smoke! You are getting rid of our deadly hairy snot buildup inside your veins and arteries!”

The wind is getting blustery. It may blow off all those biofilm busting leaves. I see many of the apples dropped today finally. They hung on right to the end. Last year, when I caught a cold, the apple leaves put it in fast forward. I went through an entire box of kleenex equivalent with paper towels when it seemed my entire head drained. That may be another fast way to get rid of biofilm, but you only get one shot maybe. I have been impervious to colds ever since. That historical sinus biofilm, causing prior congestion and sinus issues, left and it never came back. I still have a little bottle of Advil Cold and Sinus, unused since then. Maybe that is an answer to avoid smoking. Decongestants. The active ingredient was pseudoephedrine I believe. That tends to dry out sinuses, which wouldn’t work though. Mucinex expectorant might. After reading a bit, they make it sound like biofilm is good for you. Not too much though. The impervious nature is used by pathogens to protect them from receiving treatment by drugs, and thus causes chronic disease by protecting the pathogens. Guaifenesin is the active expectorant ingredient. Looking at the side effects there, it is hard to know which is worse – smoking or guaifenesin. It would be an ideal option for doctors.

I haven’t tried it to see if it is as effective yet. You would have to keep fluids up to prevent kidney stones they say. That leads me to think it may break down biofilm, but not the solids component like calcium in solution with it. There are also proteins in it, going by the composition of Kirkman Biofilm Defense. Wild Apple Leaves alone seem to start the biofilm breaking process, but the mucus produced is very thick, without pectin enzyme to thin it out. That makes sense since apple leaves are known to contain 4 proteolytic enzymes by analysis, breaking up the biofilm protein component. Serrapeptase is also said to be useful for that as well. After shocking out the nematodes, hair follicles that were dormant woke up, and grew hair again. I concluded that the parasite was using the follicle to construct material to fortify its biofilm. What else would it use it for? Maybe food. The follicle was still functioning.

I see a town in Oregon is having trouble with the deer population. If one cougar moves in, those deer will scatter like they did here. However, children will be in danger from a cougar. I can’t find the original footage I saw, but the deer were clearly eating the apple leaves, and leaving the apples alone. Now I know why they eat the leaves. I suspect that Ashland has apple orchards. I see there are lots between Ashland and Medford on the I5. The tree I saw the deer eating was likely wild, and therefore had a custom phage to fight their diseases.

Meanwhile, there are other cover ups regarding the disease doctors ignore. Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world and the lowest rate of Lyme Disease. It is criminal. Now they try to kill us all off instead. Why? Because they can. Follow the Apple Leaf harvest for this year while you can. Even though it is too late to build your own phage particular to your own set of pathogens, there is always next spring. You could get a wild apple to germinate some seeds from. I have been told that you put them in the freezer to germinate them. I have enough trees around here though from deer eating the apples, and they grow taking up phage from the soil to fight deer diseases that way. It seems they all shock the nematode parasites behind it out at bug bites. You lose a disproportionately high amount of weight, but don’t get me started on WIMP’s and Dark Matter. lol Just be glad it goes.

Just to be clear, I haven’t had any antibiotic treatment that worked for longer than a week. The Wild Apple Leaves exposed why. They shock the nematode parasites that make all diseases chronic out, and then you have to start dissolving all the gallons of biofilm, depending how old you are. I had lots, being 59 years old, and with a fair amount of injuries the infections used for a source of fibrinogen to fortify the biofilm with. They also rob hair follicles for other tough proteins to build biofilm with inside your blood vessels and organs, it seems, as the apple leaves back up the clock, and you can feel the old injuries unwind and re heal.


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Fri, Oct 30, 2015 – Day 456 – “Interest in Entomology is Unhealthy”

I think I found without a doubt it is an interest in what makes us sick. Big Difference. Medicine ignores it because it exposes their whole scam too easily. Park beside disabled spots and watch. You can see all the illness they have no idea what caused. I found out what caused it by taking Wild Apple Leaves that force hundreds of nematode parasites out of your body, and they came from biting insects. Let’s change the name to bug-ology, and call it a mental illness to give ourselves a warm fuzzy without taking a single Wild Apple Leaf to show how we are so smart. Might as well call yourself a doctor then. You’ve jumped the shark into blissful ignorance.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44They have only recently shown interest in the circulatory system, comparatively. The nematode parasites have remained hidden from them until I found that Wild Apple Leaves, Absinth, and smoking causes them to flee for their lives. They, all branches of medicine, remain incurious. I’m getting better by the second. They’re getting worse. What is going on? I can tell you one thing. This is likely why people aren’t getting well any more. They have ignored and continue to completely miss a huge root cause of health troubles. Instead they blame everything on smoking. If that were the case nobody would be sick any more already. They are already all in on the wrong track while their coveted non smokers are dying in ever increasing numbers. Every single nematode parasite Wild Appl;e Leaves forces out is a -1 on their score, and when they reach -100, where do they go when the nematodes keep coming out at bug bites? More negative. Being non smokers, the hundreds of nematode parasites in them, remain unchecked. Their biofilm continues to grow with no way to get it out.

Of course, they blame smoking for biofilm. For centuries they couldn’t figure out the human circulatory system. Now they don’t realize it starts to plug with pectin starch bacterial biofilm the day they are born into a western starch and pectin rich diet. After a bug bite with a parasite nematode to take advantage of that, you’re done before you even start. People smell smoke, and cough a bit of this deadly insect transferred bacterial biofilm out, they blame the smoke. It becomes clear that is the only way to get rid of biofilm. Translation: they’re doomed. Ask them, how do they control their bacterial biofilm level? It looks like they could learn a thing or two from Richard Overton above. All they can say is “Gee, if he didn’t smoke, he might live to be 80 years old.” He turns 110 next week.

It felt more like spring for a bit today. The gloom let up momentarily through the overcast. It was a fluke of weather that made it seem momentarily like days were getting longer. Of course we know the reality, but it was an undeniable feeling that things were getting better with the passage of time. Things can happen like that rarely, where a small amount of data yields encouraging results, but the reality is stacked against you. I propose that has happened to the entire science of medicine, that ignores bacterial biofilm established by parasite nematodes, and the insects that take advantage of the loophole to inject the bacteria, unknown to doctors focussed on eliminating the only thing helping a way to get rid of it. If you can only cough it all out, stop coughing and see where that gets you. Talk about a paradox.

They won’t find it out when they spent all their money on the wrong thing. Instead, they will just divert more money to hide the data. Their stupidity has become too big to fail. Their answer is more stupid. They tax the only known cure so heavily that nobody can afford it, and even blame it for the disease it offers the only way out of. What do you do when confronted with such a well funded overwhelmingly murderous force like that? I say hide or get a restraining order. That is Lyme Disease where they try to hide it in a fraud and a travesty of medicine. Should you solve the pathogen part, then you have another battle with the fraud artists who can’t believe it. You already know they are going to die a miserable death eventually from their own methods, but while they are still alive, they feel compelled to deserve it at the expense of others. It’s hard to believe because it goes against everything you were taught about them, and now you have to add another chapter to that book.

The whole world is insane. Russians in the middle east. People calling the police murderers. Doctors that kill. Moderators attacking debaters. Just hide. It will all have to blow over sooner or later. Maybe it is just the ghouls and goblins of Halloween, but I doubt it. Maybe that is what happened on September 23. All the tables are turned. Whatever it is, where would you hide, other than the bank parking lot on a Sunday evening? These days, I hear the oil patch might be a good place, but it is cold there. The ball park is pretty deserted if you aren’t at Shea Stadium or in Kansas City. You want to organize an “Illegals for Trump” rally. Then conveniently forget to tell anybody. I mean really go off the radar. Do a vacation disconnect, and skip the vacation part.

Just watching Huckabee. He says 85% of health care costs are spent in the last 18 months of life on chronic disease. I know without addressing biofilm, they are going nowhere with chronic disease, and they don’t even know what it is. I found a way to address it with Wild Apple Leaves and enzymes, and I have to hide from doctors because they interrupt and interfere with treatments for conditions they say don’t exist. They use their bully pulpit to ignore these very real conditions. Huckabee wants to launch a program equivalent to a Moonshot to fight the disease, and you have all these idiots plugging their ears and going, “La La La La La…” when you try to tell them what you found that caused it, and how you did it.

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Thurs, Oct 29, 2015 – Day 455 – Rainy Days

People say save it for a rainy day. Now that it is here, I don’t feel like doing it. The dismal gloom affects your attitude. I’m not keen on going when the rain lets up a little either. Maybe there is also a component of lower barometric pressure there too. I know it affects the highest pitch you can sing on that given day. That is a largely unknown fact I found out, other than this whole Wild Apple Leaf thing. They called to schedule a follow up to that breathing test, but I am going to cancel. They’re too dangerous and ignorant in Leaf Harvest season to be near. Then they proudly claim total ignorance of it, and the parasites exposed by it, while murdering people ignorantly in reckless abandon.

This is what happens in a huge illegal medical cover up. They proclaim no parasites or bug diseases in Canada when I found out that is nowhere near the facts I witnessed. They are unwittingly committing premeditated murder out of ignorance. Once they have someone’s number, it is hard to shake the imbeciles to save your life. Most people count on them to be a go to medical resource, when in fact they are the Final Solution. Their alleged free health care is simply a way to legally kill you and steal all the money you paid into it, to keep the scam going. If they got me last year before I found this out, they would have certainly killed me. When they did, it confirmed it, but I survived and recovered, after they wiped out 4 months of gains. I’ll just take it easy. Like Jay Leno’s Garage, if you are not going fast enough, slow down.

Maybe I can catch up on medical stuff. I am particularly interested in why sitting down affects circulation to the lower extremities. One person told me sitting down is actually bad for you. I agree after these nematodes ate both mine and my stepbrother’s gluteus maximus muscles, as they did with my father’s. I thought it could be hereditary, but the brother is a stepbrother by marriage, and not related. The only explanation is one of the types of nematode I shocked out with these Apple leaves was actually eating them. I joked that now I was using the largest muscle in my body after getting a position at work that was related to sitting down more, and doing more data processing work. Sitting down apparently restricts the circulation in my legs somehow after that. Eventually it turned out to be a component of my physical demise. To that end, I am finding maybe a bicycle like seat or a saddle type seat may restore circulation somewhat. There is an anterior lateral veinous system that is restricted otherwise. It is not shown clearly in the anatomy link because the picture implies only 2D,

You can infer from those links that this group of large muscles must require massive circulation, and that in turn is the main draw for aggressive parasites. With the muscle largely consumed by parasites, the former protection of the circulatory system is gone, and it becomes increasingly open to restriction by sitting on it. It is an important consideration for a complete recovery from the attack. It is unclear if the muscle can regenerate after such a massive nematode parasite attack. Even the deer and moose were, and still are, having quite a battle against this resultant chronic wasting.

The human link to CWD is constantly downplayed, but it is eerily similar to neuroborreliosis. I linked that to insect bites, which makes sense. Something in the Arizona deer and elk diet fights that I think. I know apple tree leaves fight it. Eventually we may discover what these things all are, but for now, the apple tree phage filter seems to concentrate a substance/phage that fights particularly neuroborreliosis aggressively. This whole haunch circulatory restriction alleviation angle to helping recovery is a new thing for a rainy day like today. A swimming pool would be a great help, but I don’t know if there is a winter one around anywhere nearby.

Back to trying to make a CWD connection here, CWD is at the opposite end of the political interference spectrum. It has attracted extreme scrutiny because there is a lot of public grant money at stake for the researchers. Contrast that with Lyme Disease/RMSF, where insurance companies and government health care agencies are desperately trying to hide it. I suspect they are the same thing, attracting extreme spin for opposing reasons. All that does is point out why government should not be involved in any way in health ethics of any sort, human or animal, but we are stuck with it. There is a smoking gun connection with humans and cervids witnessing the effect of Wild Apple Leaf consumption on both, and leading to the suspicion of phage action from the leaves due to the cross species nature of phage therapy. The highest irony is that Keith Warren’s home state Oklahoma denies that Lyme Disease exists there. Also ironic is the link to Gulf War Syndrome. It’s all the same thing. Altered Prions. Borrelia. Bug bites and stings, vectored transmission, neurological effects.

Here they just stopped by again to tell me that bugs are no problem. That’s nice. They are blissfully unaware of the whole thing that is responsible for 95% of their budget, and I found is the cause of ageing. They will never know of the accelerated anthelmintic effect of cigarettes, because when they visit, they won’t let me smoke in my own house, let alone ever eat a single Apple Leaf. I didn’t ask to get thrust into a vague part of entomology, but the facts led me there after wild apple leaves smoked all these unknown nematode insect parasites out. Their take on it is entomogists have an unhealthy interest in bugs. They, on the other hand, have an unhealthy disinterest in ground breaking medical research, and I can prove it, without a doubt. Use their own logic, and they are definitely a danger to themselves and others.

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Weds, Oct 28, 2015 – Day 454 – Harvest Time

No Fzckin' 1It is like being a helicopter pilot. Hours of boredom, followed by seconds of sheer terror, when the “Jesus Nut” falls off. The “Jesus Nut” is the one that holds the main rotor on to the collective and thus, the remainder of the aircraft. You pray to Jesus it doesn’t fall off. You could at least put a cable around the rotor so it winds up at the scene of the accident. It would make the post mortem easier. I have a backup. We are in the prime zone, at the World’s Richest Sockeye Salmon Run. Salmon Runs are gravy and heaven for Lyme Disease Pathogens in my now proven theory. The Salmon Cycle is their God.

Can you tell when I started drinking? lol I grabbed this old jacket selfie of a UBC Eng1neer jacket a while back. I’m still a bit of a slave to the Solunar Tables, and the new apple phage found some more nematodes hiding in my elbows of all places. The sneaky bzstzrds had evaded the first sweeps with Wild Apple Fibre and pectin enzyme. The new wrinkle is a “bio-engineered” new phage I was trying to get the apple to build and filter. What will I do for an encore to this?

How many more are hiding there, and how? I don’t feel so bad, since even the first two sweeps evaded detection for the entire history of mankind, but it still “bugs” me. If there are any more nematode parasites there, how will I get them? These ones were pretty tricky, making it to 453 Days of targeted expulsion tactics, after I deduced how the Deer made it work for them. Worse yet, it’s not just me. It is likely anybody ever bit by bugs. Doctors have no idea about any of this, unless they actually followed this blog, and tried it, to see for themselves. As if. They are blissfully ignorant, and would assume nobody had ever been bitten by a bug, let alone bugs riddled with worm parasites.

Back to the topic, I’ve got to recover here and get as many of these leaves as possible in the next days before Halloween. There are unforeseen difficulties arising from that medical interference Friday, coupled with the osmotic effect of handling the leaves. There is also another problem with unscheduled visitors right in the middle of all this. I can see why farmers are religious, and pray a lot. The great Satan is hard at work here trying to thwart everything, or something is interfering for my own good. Who can be sure? It’s not like you can stop the biological clock. When doctors do all the wrong things, and they are immune from litigation, you need divine help. That’s why they all left the countries they all used to practice in, I think; To come here, and officially kill, with reckless abandon? It looks that way from the agriculture/Lyme sufferer perspective. We could get rained out here, on top of it all.

I’ll catch up on sleep later. There’s a good show on, the Republican Debates on CNBC. I still think about those Graham Zingers. They’re still looking for the ball on the other side of the parking lot, too. The biggest cheers are still saved for when it was pointed out CNBC’s questions were of the “Gotcha” ilk. Ben Carson said, and fed, it like a pro… “See? They know…” Huckabee says cure the 4 big diseases; Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. I’m the only person who knows even partly how, but it looks like nobody is listening, even though it is worth 5 times the national debt in saving time lost. Big Pharma looks to create customers though, not cures.

Well, back to the rainy days. There’s plenty time to work on the lab now, until it lets up a bit. I get random help on the construction, but with this whole osmosis thing, I( don’t want it to affect the helper, even though it is good for him. They won’t understand what the herx is about, let alone what the whole nematode drill out is. I can formulate capsules to treat the side effects simultaneously, with enzymes and circulatory enhancing agents at lower doses that I tested with. Still, if it is a phage, that may oddly stretch the effective time out more, as the phage grows and squares every generation. This also explains why I couldn’t over dose on Wild Apple Leaves at a certain point. All the pathogen that it could reach to get in biofilm would get consumed, until more biofilm was removed with enzymes. The biofilm was effectively limiting the process until the proteolytics could catch up. Now pectin enzyme from the start effectively lights the afterburners.

Would people be able to understand that? I think many may not, and it would be difficult to explain in a few sentences. If it were easy, all the countless hours of Lyme videos on YouTube wouldn’t be the jumble that they are. This is all new as well, making most of it degrade into theoretical debates about the morphology of spirochaetes, while the role of the hundreds of exiting filarial nematode spirochaete farmers, that the apple leaf fibre smokes out, are ignored. Meanwhile, you are trying to come back from a battle, similar to battling cancer, except you are attacked by the very doctors charged with treating it. Nobody cares if you found a way out. Them, claiming it doesn’t exist, is akin to denying the existence of Dark Matter and Energy, making up 95% of the universe. These parasite Nematodes are clearly 95% of the problem, and why medicine is stuck on failure with any chronic disease, once you feel it for yourself.

It all boils down to the old adage; No Pain, No Gain. How could you repair all that damage painlessly? It turns out Lyme is just a symptom of that damage, as is ageing. The only way I found out to wind it back is Wild Apple Leaves with a few tweaks. You have a better idea? After witnessing this, I doubt it.

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Tues, Oct 27, 2015 – Day 453 – Another Rainy Harvest Day?

Maybe it will clear off. It didn’t rain as much as advertised yesterday. I think it will miss us to the south like it did last night. I’m still hacking out all that hexavalent chromium bronchial dilator botched poison job medical “Treatment.” There was at least enough to kill a moose, but not an azzhole on Wild Apple Leaves. lulz Meanwhile, I have a bunch of salmon fly/tick/spider bites on my arms, but if they had a nematode, they got more than they bargained for this time. These Wild Apple Leaves are strongly acaricidal, but their dead bodies will also be chrome plated. Talk about goin’ in style. lol

Meanwhile, it may take more than that to kill me. They should probably not try so hard to kill the murder bait. These Dark Courts don’t exactly espouse the Magna Carta, methinks. Whatever.The difference between judges and engineers is that engineers don’t think they’re judges on earth. That happens later in Hell, with the Hung Jury of their peers still swingin’ on the ropes. I think I am a Quack Veterinarian. Dr². Kind of a squared peng in a round hole with a bigger fzckin’ hammer. I truly missed my calling. What’s the difference between doctor? They don’t listen, can’t understand, or can’t hear, their patients, either. It’s kind of hard to have a club like them, when you’re one of a kind, and you’re not schizophrenic. FRCQV? Got booted for not paying dues. lulz FRCQV’s are notoriously cheap.

I never wanted to go to med school, but then what’s the difference? They’re both a lifetime of dealing with azzholes. They’d never like my bedside manner with a deck of cards, pack o’ cigars, and a bottle o’ whiskey. Look, you have Lyme here, yer fzcked, might as well have a cigar and a drink. Deal. Things change whether you like it or not. That is how I would model a Wild Apple Leaf Lyme Doctor Robot App. The Poker portion would be Wild 2’s, 10’s, One Eyed Jack’s, KIng With The Axe, 3 Draw. Very forgiving, but you have to realize that when it gets down to the end, about half your opponents are holding Royal Flushes too. lulz The bar would only have a choice of Jack, Wormwood and Southern Comfort, or Sambuca. Cigars would be Pom Pom’s. I would keep it simple, and stupid. You would play for Apple Leaves instead of chips. I would model the doc after the MSIDS Map, except every antibiotic would be replaced by Wild Apple Leaf capsules for a 5¢ chip, pectin enzyme caps for a One ¢, and Cigars for a 10¢. The cigars would be arguably easier on your system than antibiotics. All the bad guys would wear White Hats/Coats with stethoscopes shaped like a noose, while all the Quacks would wear Black Hats. It would be like stepping back into an Eclectic Medicine vs. City Slicker Wild West World.

The new Class of ’03, ’07, ’11, & 2015 Phage Leaves (based on the 4 year rotten salmon cycle) have a side effect of making you a bit goofy. The whiskey would make it fun, and cut the taste of the Wormwood if you have RMSF, common here in southern BC, and pandemic in the oilfields. I have only had 6 teaspoons of it total though. I cleaned down with a few months of Wild Apple Leaves, enzymes, and cigars first to smoke all the chronic nematodes out. You have to treat wormwood with respect, as Malaria/Babesia can build resistance to it, and it personally did a number on my spleen. That may be moot with Apple Leaves smoking out the root nematodes, and pectin enzyme dissolving all the years of biofilm. You could skip all the whining and shifty doctors just saying “There’s an app for that!” It would have links to my eloquent prose on being “Snotterboarded,” to remind you the importance of pectin enzyme, and other polygalacturonase/proteolytic pectin/fibrin/hair biofilm cutters.

The New Phage is obviously getting to me from handling it while picking up leaves. It permeates your skin by osmosis with minimal contact. I also had a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar to fight the side effects of it last night. There are also goofy bugs biting me too. Human + 2015 Phage is lethal to them though, due to the apparently enhanced acaricidal properties. Overnight last night the swelling subsided at the bite sites. There are very few bug bites on the leaves of the 2015 test tree. That weird Macintosh/Spartan/Antonovka tree that my Gramp planted 50 years ago had a lot of salmon bugs/funnel webs from a day ago. Back in spring this year when I ground up the remaining 2014 Leaves in the blender, the airborne dust cut the extremely tenacious biofilm on the toilet somehow. I am simply air drying the leaves here to keep the nature intact, never exceeding 60C. I feel exponentially better though over the week, with the exception of some stupid medical test friday which I have almost recovered from.

A thought here after inspecting those “bug bites” in the light. They are new worm exits instead. Unfortunately, I have been working on different trees. God only knows which one did it the best. I’ve been working on 2015 and Gramp’s Tree mostly here. With a phage though, you can just mix a bit in with all the others. Diversity is your friend here. It is the medical equivalent of the neutron bomb to Lyme pathogens that I had, which is nearly everything in the book. Kills ’em all, lets God sort ’em out, and leaves the building standing. It’s a bit more than discovering that human Venturia Inaequalis fungus antibodies in human urine build resistance in the salted tree.

It definitely hit something new. It made me feel fatigued again here. That is the phage side effect when it gets a hit, and that is fatigue when it goes to work. I planned to do all this work here today, but had to take some extra 2015 last night to make sure I precipitated all the hexavalent chromium from the potentially lethal bronchial dilator “treatment” Friday. Isn’t that convenient though? “You are going to die of lung cancer, even if we have to give it to you!” with the chemistry skills of an idiot. They are obviously chemically mentally deficient, because they would have accidentally killed themselves in the industrial strength lab by now. Here kid… Go play with this in the reactor. Murderous bastzrds always get my hackles up. I’ll have to put getting therapy for it, on my “Shzt I know I’m never gonna do List.”

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Mon, Oct 26, 2015 – Day 452 – Another Piece to the Puzzle

A couple of my brothers were here this weekend, but they casually let some more symptoms of this epidemic go. The nematode species attacks the largest muscle group in your body, the gluteous maximus muscles, while “farming” grey matter. They were both over the top, 4.0 Average, straight A grade university students. They are both in denial, both having cardiac symptoms, but one is coming around now after a conversation we had about sitting on hard chairs. Oddly, they would restrict our leg circulation. It is getting increasingly bad as time goes on. These chairs were never any problem before. This brother, a few years older, was also drafted as a surveyor, back when we did geophysics, shortly after when we were in high school. I already knew they both have Surveyor’s Disease as I called it.

I was out, struggling with a net, to catch some leaves from an old apple tree. He came to help. I also noticed an odd species of fruit fly that I call Salmon Flies attracted to this particular tree. This is because they show up at this time of year during, or apparently shortly after, the salmon run. It is a small run year in the varying 4 year spawning cycle of the local salmon. Both my parents died in years immediately following large salmon run years, of unexplainable symptoms, in 2003 and 2011. 2014 was the large cycle. 2015 is one of these tough years. The nematodes also attacked my father’s glute’s aggressively. While not a smoking gun, it is another smoking shell casing.

IMG-20140809-00089The local deer were also falling prey to a wasting of their haunches. The one brother joked that he thought it was because of all the people chewing his azz out. lol I like that explanation too, but we both stand corrected now. Chronic Wasting Disease is an epidemic now in the deer population of east central Alberta. This is a picture I caught of the local deer when they came to feed on the Wild Apple Leaves last year. You can see they are very lean in the lower body, and balance it with a higher strength in the upper, or fore, body. My step brother has sprinter superhuman upper body strength. It is said nothing runs like a deer, but I think he could almost beat one, being of the sort well into the 9’s. But now the bug worms ate his butt off too. They crave the butt of very smart people, and deer, perhaps also for the hair like substance in their antlers. My brother also has a little bit of this alopecia on his arms. There is some connection I noticed to body hair being used to fortify the nematode parasites’  biofilm. Now this is being noticed in Canadian moose as the epidemic fans out to the moose populace in Alberta.

licoriceRevisiting old things here, let’s take another look at liquorice additive in cigarettes. The smoking paradox has reared its ugly head again here, but I have reason to believe it is the liquorice that is the ingredient that really shocks the nematodes out in combination with these Wild Apple Leaves. Is there a cigarette or cigar made totally of liquorice? I have identified Pall Mall Bold Canadian cigarettes as particularly having a high liquorice content, but cannot be sure. Cigarette additives are generally proprietary. It explains the paradox of Richard Overton who will shortly celebrate his 110th birthday in November. 90% of the world’s liquorice production is used as an additive in cigarettes and cigars. It is unclear how much of the addictive nature of cigars and cigarettes is attributable to the liquorice additive. I suspect none, and they add the tobacco to get you hooked into a liquorice filler cash cow.

ihtfpThey probably can’t find any ill effect of smoking liquorice to health, but I can definitely attest bug borne parasite Dark Matter worms don’t like it, coupled with Wild Apple Leaf phage. Add Cheap Absinth, it makes them literally cry for mercy, and they’ll tell you anything, if you will only stop it. How do you think I know so much about Dark Matter? Teehehehe. I accidentally stumbled on dark matter intelligent nematode parasite Tickle Torture. How intelligent? Let’s just say Blackmail is a truly 100% Universal property. They smartened up real quick. lulz I lerned it in Engneerng school in ∑ΦΔ Frat Rat 102. Turns out they know just a little more about medicine than the average bear too, but that phage is all mine. That was using a little Engneer Aikido from Metaphysical Engineering “Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae” and various science friction writers. Turns out my brothers and sister were irresistible bait to suck them in to this one. The they really screwed up with me. I was their worst nightmare, and they’re still trying anything to get out. Fail. They can check out any time they want, but… lol

I got behind today on the blogging physio, but I’m going to catch up. After working all morning, doing what I could, I came back and had an unscheduled visitor who couldn’t reach my dead phone on the charger, but made do the best I could after exhausting myself for the day. My phone ran out of battery. It is sort of harvest week here too for getting various apple leaf samples. I’ve missed a weekend wormwood treatment too, with all that testing that set me back Friday. They have no idea how much damage it caused. I wonder if that stuff was potassium dichromate, the known hexavalent chromium carcinogen they “know nothing about,” and force feed people in puffers, to make themselves look smart? “We’ll give ’em lung cancer by the treatment, then everybody will know we are geeniuses, an’ we’ll get chix!” FIAL! lulz Good thing wild apple leaf captures most heavy metals these “well meaning” care givers hurt kill murder just kidding make mistakes on people with.

So I’ll continue, fighting off the official health care poisoning attempts, and ignore them dropping by to see if I’m dead yet. It’s still harvest time here. I’ll have to see that through as much as they try to kill me. My leaves are starting to drop as fast as all their victims hospital patients. I just worry about all the others being killed off by them doing exactly the wrong thing when faced with Lyme and RMSF, or apparently, everything else.

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Sun, Oct 25, 2015 – Day 451 – My home is my Lab

Right here is the richest salmon spawning grounds in the world, The Adams River Annual Salmon Run. It finally dawned on me that was it about a year ago, and where my Lyme family came from; Spawning Salmon. Then I happened to see the local Deer and some other small mammal animals eat what turns out to be Pyrus Malus bark or fibre. One baby deer had the same thing it seemed, weakness on the strong side, and she was cured. She had a lot more things in her diet, but I’ll find what it was eventually. I watched her grazing while I was down for the count, being attacked on all sides it seemed. Nobody knew what was happening until I found out about these Wild Apple Leaves. Being a curious scientific type, I tried the apple leaves myself, and voila! A whole bunch of nematodes came out where I had been bitten by lots of bugs back when I was growing up and surveying all over the place. Dr Sapi pointed out that filarial nematode eggs were transferred from ticks. This was a lot more than just ticks. The medical community here, and worldwide, is still baffled. Not any more, but they don’t want to know.

My brother wants me to leave. I realize that is futile. No matter where you go, this same thing will get you. Bugs are everywhere. Worse, they have exotic diseases we do not know about yet that will join the party. These are the smoking gun bugs, and I know how to beat them. I could use a thousand people to help me get more of this phage, but I have a few around the world trying it. Someday there will be millions. Now I may have found a way to tailor the phage. I also found, by historical evidence, that the pathogens/diseases can be transferred, in some cases, in more ways than dreamed possible, like sharing bottles, cigarettes, drinking glasses, doorknobs, or toilet seats, Moving somewhere won’t help anybody. In fact, it may make it worse. The more you travel, the more you pick up, or spread, the biofilm co-infections. Now they are scared to be around me, not realizing it goes both ways.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44I had a funny question asked today, by my step brother, challenging me, “How long do you think I will live?” I know without apple leaves, probably 80-90. With them, maybe 100-900. It is hard to say how much ageing that these nematode parasites are responsible for, but it could be all of it. He was sprinter when we were young, and won the city championships, for his age group, repeatedly. We also worked here and in the Arctic. Now he has already had surgical interventions for spine and heart. Winding back through those football injuries will hurt a bit, but they will be better than new when the Wild Apple Leaf works its magic, coupled with a pound of pectin enzyme over time. We ate the same high starch diet in our high school years. How long would a person last without chronic biofilm disease to constantly struggle against? He smoked back then too. I quipped blaming smoking for this was like blaming the paint job for the Titanic. After all, it just coats the biofilm a bit, and you hack most of it out. Ask Richard Overton, who at 110 smokes 15 cigars a day, and drinks whiskey. My brother liked the whiskey part when I told him. He quit smoking way back, so not clear. Some I knew who quit died fast. Some sort of neurological parasite doesn’t appear to like smokers/whiskey drinkers, but when they quit, it goes wild.

I like being in the lab, and being a mouse, as long as I only try cures like this on me. You feel better every single day until some coinfection crops up to get treated. Dr Ernie Murakami is the only reasonably Lyme literate doctor nearby, but he is retired, now 90 years old. He still teaches ND’s closer to the coast. I am left on my own locally. I am trying my new 2015 Phage now, but not clear if it, or the Wormwood, is helping more. It sure made that disaster yesterday clear up fast, although that could also be from just handling the test leaves. Last year, I got “snotterboarded” doing a test in early November, then sickened in a hospital, but I came up with a better cure for that this year, almost 140 Days ago after Day 313. Being a lab rat has gotten better this year. Let’s hope it keeps getting better. The pay has always sucked with nearly no budget. lol The thrill of finding out new stuff makes up for it, like finding a way of doing it without any antibiotics, simply eating Wild Apple Leaves, and exposing the root cause of a lot of chronic disease, not just Lyme.

There is Dark Matter here, as there is likely where everyone else is. It could have been better named as Complex Matter or Invisible Matter, but physics called it Dark Matter. What isn’t clear is how the nematodes may apparently employ it, while humans can only detect it by weight. Some astrophysicists have also linked it to magnetars, where it may be more abundant, while not having a direct response to electromagnetic fields. It is known that spirochaetes like Grey Matter, which may somehow run on a mixture of invisible matter and energy, along with what we call “normal” matter and energy. It stands to reason that since the invisible matter/energy is over 95% of the universe, some life forms may be able to bridge a divide we simply cannot detect. It would explain why researchers bound by “normal” 4D energy/matter are getting paradoxical seeming results in our 4D detectable portion of the 11D universe. Something about apple leaves also bridges that divide. That is the only conclusion I can come to, so far, to make a simple “before” and “after” mass balance add up.

The salmon have finished running for the year, and I noticed a salmon fly or two over the past few days. The cycle is starting again, maybe along with a different set of diseases from unforeseen environmental pressures. Nobody seems to even know about it, let alone have a way to fight it. Getting sick is only a bug bite or sting away, unless I eat a few apple leaves a day… or a week now. You need a lot less as time goes on, it seems. I can only keep trying with this. It’s my only hope in a world seemingly gone mad, with a huge puzzle where none of the pieces seemed to fit. I’m getting a few to fit here. It fights off a cold. It fights off the flu. It fights intestinal complications. It makes little bug worms scatter, no matter how many decades they seem to have hitched a ride in you.