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Thurs, Sept 31/Oct 1, 2015 – Day 427 – A Pharmacentric System

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The idea was supposed to be patient centric, The road to Hell is paved with similar good intentions. The objective has become doctor centric for doctors who follow the Pharmaceutical Guidelines. There is no accountability in the Canadian Health Care systems. They are immune from any patient recourse through legal means. Everything we have is second hand from the United States systems where they are vetted by law and kept honest until recently. Doctors with Drugs are good to go in Canada.

Now they are still vetted as well as possible, but the patentable chemicals get the money to be developed as part of the Pharmacentric Juggernaut. They say that naturopathy can bring up the slack, and that is true in a lot of cases, but that is all out of pocket. There is no reimbursement from health care for that. Official Pharmacentric Health Care has run its course too as more pathogens become chronic and/or drug resistant. The ARD Initiative is designed to stop that, but Big Pharma swooped in like hawks to grab all the funding. They missed the target, chronic disease, but they got the money. Who cares then?

Of course, we patients do. We have the internet anyway. Might as well use it. You may respond well to a treatment that targets Rickettsia when they diagnose you with a respiratory condition. Everybody is sick with Rickettsia, and there is no big money effective treatment, so we suffer, facing a 2 to 10% mortality. This appears to be working against that, luckily. Then there is this whole nematode parasite issue that exposed. What’s up with that? There’s no advantage  for a pharmacentric system when all their anthelmitic medicines make you sicker from the die off, or the biofilm shelters the nematodes from the treatment. DEC, Avermectin, Ivermectin, and others do not let you know anything about where and when you got the worm making you sick, and it does nothing to the biofilm that makes the diseases so pervasive, and thus chronic. Nothing will work without months of Pyrus Malus and Enzymes to clean you up to where you can emulate a test tube, where Pharmaceuticals work.

It is a kludge workaround you have to go through to make what system you have work for you. Without that biofilm, the pharmaceuticals can become hundreds, or thousands of times, more powerful. You must be mindful of that, because depending on the pharmaceutical, the side effects can hurt you. I haven’t tried desloratadine for spirochetes, but it may work once I can get this down. They said it took at least 40 times the safe dose to kill spirochaetes in vitro.

Rickettsia Canadensis is largely unknown, but definitely exists, and it is serious and you should not ignore it because it will wear you down or kill you untreated. They’ll just blame something else, like they blame MS for Lyme Disease. They can get away hiding both it and Lyme Disease in a Pharmacentric health care system gone alternately useless and mad because they don’t have a $ drug to defeat a biofilm or treat it effectively, or time between counting money and seeing patients more often to rack up re-imbursables.

Even phages have trouble against Lyme Disease. phBB-1 is a prophage, so not good for Borrelia Burgdorferi because it simply incorporates with the cell, while not going to the lytic phase. There can be a danger that it simply morphs or promotes morphing of pathogen. I suspect a common weed is likely home to the magic phage that previously kept it under control, and weedkillers wiped out that plant hosting the phage, leading to an epidemic in some areas. Some said dandelions, while others had luck with teasel. Look at the list of broadleaf controlled weeds and it will likely be in one there, looking for clues in reverse to explain what happened. I know what that deer was eating other than just Apple Leaves, and that may be a clue to what hosts the magic one, being mindful that deer can digest what may be poison to a human, especially mushrooms of some types. They liked a small white flowering plant like a ground ivy or smaller like chamomile. They are still looking for a natural lytic phage, and may find a good one eventually. In that case it would only be as fast as the biofilm allows it to be. What may be interesting is the ability of Wild Apple Leaf to scare out a group of nematodes, leading one to suspect they are behind maintaining this biofilm, which you can then start to reduce effectively. At that point, a short course of antibiotics may be all that is needed to control it. There is what appears to be a natural group of lytic phages against a wide variety of organisms. Arthritis seemed to be one in my case, along with the brain fogginess, but I have no diagnosis in Canada of anything that fit the mold of a Pharmacentric system riddled with nothing but cracks to fall through.

Zoonotic infections simply keep it all going on the disease side. It becomes an expensive game of whack-a-mole wearing a rut to the pharmacy. I’m at the point where I gave up on that part. The worm discovery alone tells you it would be futile. The depth they had worked in to me with biofilm protection explained a lot. Knowing it turned out to be a real turning point, and we continue to find out more as we slog on, abandoned and abandoning what we know won’t help, and why it won’t  now. For it to work at all, you would have to sweep all the worms and biofilm out. They continue to spray weedkiller everywhere reducing the natural phages that could have kept it relatively rare by keeping it out of the insects. It is all a cumulation of unintended consequences, the best laid plans of mice and men. I suppose it is a nice looking death trap, when it is all said and done. Think of it as a pretty Golf Course to an early grave. Then you can hope you may be on the way to beating it.

I guess I should keep a positive perspective. 14 months ago, I was depressed, and everything I read held no hope. By rights, I should still be very depressed, because hope is in short supply in tibo/arbo virus or pathogen world. Pyrus Malus is a really powerful antidepressant to be able to get me out of that. I hope it can work for others too. Those nematodes and/or associated pathogens were depressing me. They must have all gone fast too. I’m still typing almost a year later since starting here chronicling a lifetime of injuries as they rewound, like a memoir of mishaps. The fact they were all a part of the picture with the parasite worms was stranger still.

You can’t deny the possible existence of a good lytic phage from the performance, but then you can’t discount the possible co-existence of a prophage, which might make an already known morphing Borrelia pathogen morph. Western medicine threw out that baby with the bathwater, so it is possible other vegetables have a similar problem undetected, or intentionally hidden, like genetically engineered soybeans. They take advantage of known prophages to genetically engineer plants, and inject the modified DNA, I have read. That is yet another reason why they might want to keep phage research hidden. Here is that link that shows phage treatment for borrelia co-infections, making me suspect they use a Wild Apple Leaf sourced phage. Dr. Murakami found hemp cannabidiol got borrelia spirochaetes, and this seems to address a huge bundle of co-infections like the clinic in Georgia lists, likely due to the parasite boot. It wasn’t good for them, and they knew early on.

It all has to be better than the alternative, and that is the myriad parasites found hitching a free ride that Wild Apple Leaf fibres scare out. There is also the new takeaway about the unexpected prevalence of Rickettsia RMSF, and its variants, with those nematodes. It all adds drama to a situation where there was no shortage to begin with. Ubiquitous Dark Matter, Bacterial Phages, and Worms. Don’t you wish there was a pharmaceutical to cure drama? Would it survive against medical marijuana? lol It sure has me curious about what a Scanning Electron Microscope would find if I could find someone willing to prepare suitable samples, or check Wild Apple Leaves for it. Phages pass through a porcelain filter in the micrometer size frame, but looking is only part of the battle. It’s not like they have name cards. It is interesting that we are stumbling into a forgotten area resurrected in Krakow and Tblisisi from d’Herelle’s original work a century ago. They managed to reject Antibiotic Big Pharma for that long with it. I take it they’ve tried both too.

30 Days has September, April, June, and November. Doh! This is the OTHER Sept 31! lol


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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