Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Oct 3, 2015 – Day 429 – Interesting Correlations

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They use a fungus to try to fight Scentless Chamomile for weed control, but it won’t work completely. Wild Apple Leaves, exhibiting broad bacteriophage behaviour, are also susceptible to Venturia Inaequalis fungus, but it has not much effect on the tree or friut. Both plants are known Eclectic remedies, also maybe liked by deer for the healing. It is a possible natural phage candidate too I am starting to think. Of course, it could all be coincidence, but nature doesn’t have too many coincidences, passing the test of time.

Candida is a common buggy Rickettsial co-infection, leading to a chronic condition with bacterial biofilm. It could be the ubiquitous insect/leach vectored nematode parasite behind a lot of that as well. They also recognize the importance of breaking the biofilm up in naturopathy. I followed links to Interfase and checked the reviews/complaints from herxing. I notice once you hit the biofilm, like I did with Pectin Enzyme and some others, all medicines amplify/multiply. They don’t have to penetrate all that snawty biofilm any more. If they test these things on “normal” biofilmed people, the dose will always be way too high.

People do not understand that with no pain on biofilming illness, there will be no gain. Maybe they should call it “X10.” I would estimate times ten to be conservative too, such as in the case with Wormwood and Wild Apple Leaves with a multiplier enzyme. Interfase was just enzyme treatment on the biofilm. Likewise, there will be multiple complaints as their worms exit. Medicine doesn’t help by saying there are no worms, when the damn things stare you right in the face if the bug left them in your face too! Even some mosquitoes carry the nematode eggs. Some larvae carry the whole worm.

Still, you want to help the patients. You don’t want them to overdo it. That traditional Chinese medicine approach, like testing for Du, is a way to proceed, and builds patient Lyme literacy from scratch. The worst thing you can do to a Lyme sufferer is take away their internet, which is all llopathic medicine does, on top of them declaring the patient insane to bag a paycheck/client. They still have to be mindful of the pitfalls. A healthy dose of scepticism is useful. A healthy dose of good information is too. You have to know most patients are biofilmed to the hilt if they never tried to reduce it. The ones who are will get a sharp die off herx from whatever ails them, if their own immunity doesn’t whack it with the biofilm gone.

In this case, all feedback was valid, one star to five star, like quantum mechanics. There has to be a theory of everything eventually that explains all of the answers. Even odd correlations can’t be left out. They might expose the answer. The most interesting correlation of all is the one from the system that throws out all outliers; Allopathic Medicine. Their story of failure is legendary. Never has so much money been spent trying to fit a quantum reality into an obsolete classical world based on a freak outlier; Antimicrobial medicines. It worked on the low hanging fruit. The stopped clock was right in 1945, two times a day. Now they have gone all in to make everything fit the wrong broken clock answer they want to succeed. Biofilm doesn’t exist for purposes of this study. They can’t say failure doesn’t either, because they are expert at it.

They are finally recognising the same thing. The health care bureaucracy hasn’t. They have become worse than nothing. If you are scared, I’m here for you. I was scared too. The whole thing is totally crazy, and no election will change it. There is enough information out there, and a new way of looking at it can help. Looking at it all as a parasite problem is working. It is the new Theory of Medical Relativity, and it is totally unknown, hidden by a system where it will remain hidden forEVAH! If they won’t cross that Wild Apple Leaf Bridge, they will be useless, stuck on the raging forest fire side of the river. They will remain to prove they are right. They’ll sure show us! They just have to keep their eyes closed. Flat Medical Earth Society lives on. through the power of money. It can’t explain retrograde anything, but it doesn’t have to.

I think about Tom. He died of brain cancer a year and a half ago, although it is not entirely clear. He was a regular at Friday Karaoke, drinking non alcoholic beer, always looking healthy, absolutely no hint anything was wrong. It is the same thing, and maybe Wild Apple Leaf could have bought him time if I only knew. I looked to be going the same way, as did Chris. They will not tell me. I just opened a bottle of Cuervo Gold Tequila I have been saving since then. Chris guzzled my Hornitos upscale agave stuff beside it. He would have liked this more, oddly. Agave has a lime and salt after taste built in. That is why people do the lime and salt with lesser tequilas than Cabo, Hornitos, or Patron. Gold has a very slight lime salt after taste straight. I started testing tequila when I knew it was the end. You know. Wild Apple Fibre saved me, and started this blog to pass it on. I thought Tom not drinking may have had something to do with his rapid demise. He drank, but was a professional school bus driver. His voice was golden toned, like Englebert Humperdinck. Everyone knew it too from Karaoke. Everyone knew Chris was most awful Karaoke ever. Even he needed production tequila to endure it. Only the good die young? Maybe not. lol

It isn’t fun any more. The memories live on, good or bad. You tried going for a while, but it wasn’t the same. People are keeping silent about the obvious, officially or unofficially. They officially want to see you, but you can’t tell them they make you sicker even getting near them, so they say you are nuts. They don’t want to find out why you are still alive, because it is too crazy for them. I’m alive because I stayed away, and I know it more than ever now. If you feel a little sub par like on my aborted shopping trip, you do everything you can to hide from their emergency services, no matter what cost, because you know it will kill you. You set a course for as far away as possible, and feel better with each passing mile. You understand everybody being scared, but they may not know what is really scary, and that is the system designed to reassure you itself. They do anything but. The more you learn about it, and why failure is the norm, the stronger the correlation gets.

Here’s the catch. Get bit by a bug. Get symptoms of Rickettsia or Lyme. Run to government health care. Get declared mentally ill. Pretty soon, everybody is mentally ill. What is the difference between anybody bit by an insect and an Oregon shooter then? That is an interesting correlation itself when the whole system is insane with bug borne illness. You’ve just created a foreign bug bot army with several quadrillion soldiers. A foreign enemy couldn’t have taken the whole country out any easier. Without firing a single shot, or without even trying. They already have taken out England, Canada, and France that way. England just booted out everybody showing up with Lyme Disease symptoms, but then was forced to keep a lid on it, showing they were already overwhelmed. One down, all the others to soon follow. Health disease knows they are done, and it is only a matter of time.

There is your real trouble, offered through a typo. Health Disease, by the pharmaceutical book. Now with no more cracks. You fall through the Quacks. lol It’s all cracked up. That is a good thing. It is all made worse with cesspools, and multiple environmental pressures, teeming with bug borne illness. The doctor dictatorship has already gone the way of the last great Reich, overwhelmed by everybody, but they haven’t got the memo. They were too busy to read it, let alone skim it with the “evil” search engine. Just remember that happy thought. I lucked out with Wild Apple Leaf. Finding a tree may be a way out. I don’t need it this weekend. Even handling the leaves and boughs got me enough this week. I have a supply of enzymes for biofilm, so we are good to go.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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