Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Oct 4, 2015 – Day 430 – A Weekend State

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If only everybody were working for the Weakened. Fat chance. Many will go camping, and get bit by bugs. Some of them may have a nematode parasite they will transmit to you. Even in the winter, the bugs are still active, or their eggs get carried into heated areas. Open sumps at remote industrial camps keep these bug transmitters alive, spreading a potpourri of disease. That is how I suspect I got a lot of mine. I heard through the grapevine that some of those camps were shut down for unrelated environmental issues. They would never cover something like that up.

We try to work for ourselves. It is normal. Some people chose that as a career, only to find it is working for management. The Weakened are too hard on the bottom line. Might as well off them when they are down. It will be easier that way. In remote Canada, where there are arguably more bugs than anywhere, the ones Weakened by them are an inconvenient tax on the system that maintains itself with taxes. Of course that is sustainable until it wipes itself out. Don’t count on it to do anything but maintain optics. Of course, they are known for being horrible at that. Let’s just soldier on, and let that reach the obvious conclusion.

If you should try Wild Apple Leaves, and worms drill out, you will notice you start feeling better with each passing day, every time more of them exit. You can amplify that by getting rid of biofilm with a gram a day of pectin enzyme or so. Then even more will exit. You can stop any time and slowly slide back to miserable, but it may take years for the disease to rebuild to the level it was. You will see. They say leaky bowel syndrome can cause a lot of illness, but it is not an official medical condition. I think that is just from the biofilming worms it feeds, from the known long intestine, pectin pathway, being a safe place for worm diseases to hang out. If it “wakes up” old bug bites, just what is ‘it’ and how does it wake ‘it’ up?

There can be permanent damage. Chin up. Sometimes it reverses. They say that borreliosis related neuropathy can be reversed. One of these years, they will recognize it, or read that 35 year old paper, and by then your biofilm may be cleaned out enough that the antibiotic may actually work. Until then, Oil of Oregano won’t help. What is the mechanism to dissolve something made largely of pectin starch? If you put undercooked spaghetti or potatoes into it, does it dissolve, or just get oily?

The news says they can develop technology to scan the net for mass murderers. Is it just me, or didn’t they have that with the ever so popular NSA? It never turned up anything after sopping up a trillion bucks, except that they could blackmail politicians to keep their funding going. Maybe the money would be better spent to scan the net for existing buried peer reviewed medical papers to deliver concise summaries to doctors. They haven’t got time to read even that, unless you make it a requirement to read one first to read any email or facebook stuff. I take it that the papers are all trying to be heard, as all the papers have a nice, concise, abstract. Nobody is listening. Everyone is floored cruising down the Information Highway with tunnel vision, selecting only what they want to hear. Mass murderers try to tell people they are going to snap, but nobody has time to listen, even as they lock and load, because they’re all crying for attention. It’s in the dictionary between apathy and Idontgiveashzt. What good will that do then? It is the data-gold mine analogy. The gold nuggets are even making noise. So is all the pyrite. Some internet ad executive will find out what makes it tick to get more hits. 20 20 hindsight, but everybody is focussed ahead.

Real Scientific breakthroughs remain hidden as well. When Descartes said, “There is nothing so hidden…” there wasn’t an internet. He never envisioned it being buried in an avalanche of crap. Maybe they will come up with a robot app to actually make people think somebody cares. Something like an “I hear ya, but what’s the use?” app. People would bond with an actual rock head, responding with boilerplate empathy, like a real person. The app would convince them it was more useful to play checkers with it, all the time agreeing that everybody was so numb to everything, while ultimately defusing the situation, and testing the responses to screen the potential postal candidate. It would tickle the person’s buttons, not push them. It would lose the hard fought checkers match. It would fail the Turing test when it claimed that it had no nematode parasites, since pretty much all real people do, prompting a request to meet IRL so the candidate could see an actual parasite free human/liar as the case may be, never bitten by a parasite packing insect.

pillReading around, I saw this. It was from Jesse Ventura’s Facebook. Lots of good arguments on both sides, but it sure got people talking. My thing multiplies the effect by eliminating the biofilm, stretching your pharmaceuticals out. Everybody has that biofilm from years of starch in their diet, in fruit and vegetables, pasta and potatoes. The Pyrus Malus fibre exposed it and how bug borne parasites take advantage of it. I thought that would help, because we older people could use a little stretching as our savings get inflated to nothing. Granny is forced to cut pills in half to save money. It also tells me the problems I have been experiencing. It flat out cures some things like arthritis. Treatments are welcome. Cures aren’t. It behaves like a phage or similar for these bug parasite related things. It is a biofilm reducing catalyst. Candida alone relies on biofilm to remain viable, and nag at your health. Boreliosis underlying all sorts of major chronic illness also relies on biofilm to protect itself and opportunistic/symbiotic co-infections. Pectin Enzyme seems to whip the Trojan Horse, leaving the Trojan spirochaetes fleeing for their lil’ hides. Then Samento, Teasel, or HCP can get to them. Everyone is concentrating on the spirochaetes, but the nematodes remain stealthy and crafty. The Pyrus Malus – Wild Apple Leaf fibre seems to break it all down by booting the established chronic nematodes/worms out. I suspect they are the missing link that makes this, and many other conditions, chronic.

Spirochaetes themselves are crafty. They can segment like sausages, each segment carrying DNA to replicate a full spirochaete, which can then form a round body, spiral forms, or another chain. Dr Alan MacDonald calls it a shape shifting ability. They mimic quantum mechanics, showing traits of quantum entanglement in their communications within biofilm. It is like they exhibit phage behaviour themselves, but at a prophage level, not a lytic phage growth level. The whole thing, nematodes, biofilm, and spirochaetes, is insidious, and as old as fossil mankind itself. Knowing the three main parts is a big part of the battle, Being alone and abandoned is something you learn to deal with as best as you can.

When I was a kid, some would make up imaginary friends. Maybe that is the ticket. I had Bart, but he has gone away fishing, or something, since Thursday, with the salmon run on. I pray an eagle didn’t get him, or he found better digs. The eagles come fishing too at this time of year, and it is a small run this year. There is a lady cat up the hill, I hear. Maybe that’s his new interest. It would be a nice thought. He did have that wandering eye. He could keep going on mice around here alone, forEVAH! Might have got bored after he cleaned the place out. Didn’t take him long, till he turned to squirrels. He was a master mouser.

Woke up a bit down here. I watch YouTube summaries about Babesiosis, and it rings a bell. It is Malaria like. It waxes and wanes. It is a co-infection. It is associated with oilfield workers. There can be a Human Insect Human transmission mechanism. There is contagion in rare circumstances, like those I was exposed to at work. Piroplasmosis by another name. Cryptosporidiosis is more common from contaminated drinking water in these parts, but is allegedly controlled. It was not always that way until more recently when the water system was upgraded. The treatment as you can see is tough, and you can’t fight it off on your own. It is antimicrobial resistant. Wormwood and more. As the biofilm gets dissolved down, it picks up, hopefully being the solitary one remaining. It is a group of diseases arising from increased environmental pressures.

I have that 70% ABV Czech Absinthe Artemisia, but it is too hot unless mixed/diluted in coffee or elsewise. It is too cheap to Louche in ice water. You can feel it working. I’ve been off Apple Leaves for a week from only one 350 mg. last weekend. It seems OK. I topped up the Pyrus Malus tincture I made last year with a little of that and Sambuca, and had a little sip. Now I know the feeling it imparts, after about 20 minutes, and it targets Babesia symptoms specifically, if that is it. Engineer’s Disease is a complex of International Lyme co-infections, the bulk of which Pyrus Malus can whack. Not all though, and there seems to be this leftover. After a half hour, I think we’re on it… because the cooling herx is targeting the affected areas. Paring down all the others first helps. I still haven’t really addressed spirochaetes.

I haven’t got that white suspected Chamonile flower yet, but they are just white flower, with no apparent daisy centre. Could be too young yet in their fall regrowth pattern. And on the eighth day, I’m gonna rest, practising “The West Denial Virus Song.” lol I pared it down to a set of ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin covers that nobody ever plays. The eclectic medicine quackery can wait a bit, but it sure addresses environmental illnesses, I can attest.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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