Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Oct 10, 2015 – Day 436 – Another silly long weekend?

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Well, shzt! Engineered a new tool today. Turpentine, but the molecule is enough. There is one thing that is universal, it is both sides of the Duality Universe Divided by Time, including Complex Elements,Turpentine. By leveraging the deal I struck with the Nematodes last year,. I delivered, and they delivered, by reading them and weeping. A molecule of our Wormwood (with nature intact,) and a lil’ bit o’ Wild Apple Leaf creates a molecule of turpentine in the worst (best) possible case. It is a rare time dependent substance here in the 5% of the known Universe. Turns out it is with the Complex Periodic table too. That is what it tasted like to me as the Du testing continues…

It explains why Wormwood and Wild Apple leaf can be dangerous. It is lethal exactly where it has to be, but if you take too much of one or the other, you’ll both suffer the consequences. It is a new class of weapons I invented at the University of Metaphysical Sciences called a “Zen Weapon.” Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae It is one of those quantum thought experiments that ends in a paradox, except this paradox is “real,” verified by both sides, or the few survivors on either, unlike Shröedinger’s Cat. As for the Present Invention, add drops of Wormwood (with Nature) to tase (sic) in a jigger of MoonSouthern Comfort. I suspect it exploits an old hole I attribute to the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, so aptly named a “Wormhole.” Go figure. lol

In related news, is that an ASUS HT1000 (ca) netbook in the lower left corner there at 27:24-26? j/k The Keyboard was in French for the first several years I had it until it wore out… and I finally grabbed a new English (with a pound sign) one on ebay. Po’ bztzrdz musta thot it was from Outer Space or something… I did until I set the keyboard ASCII set back to US english… an’ using QB64 on a split Xubuntu/Puppy/Winxp boot… lulz I retired it to Karaoke duty a couple years ago… The touchpad had coffee sprayed on it from some humorous incident and shorted out. Still works, but not me until recently. I found a bag of pot lying around at work, so I asked the biggest dope smoker I knew if he knew anybody who needed it, since I was allergic. The dope smoker said he did. He also had babesiosis, and drank a fifth a day. The mnemonic GETSMASHED is often used to remember the common causes of Pancreatitis, but also a host of other related insect borne nasties, including babesiosis/malaria/RMSF: G—Gall stones E—Ethanol T—Trauma S—Steroids M—Mumps A—Autoimmune Pancreatitis S—Scorpion sting H—Hyperlipidaemia, Hypothermia, Hyperparathyroidism E—Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography D—Drugs commonly azathioprine, valproic acid. It is slightly different for the different diseases though, where it applies to RMSF/German Measles whatever. There are lots of nasties lurking under your prior life of bug bite/sting biofilm.

Wild Apple Leaf phage may cure your allergies. I couldn’t go near Solanum from night shade vegetables, but that completely cured up with the arthritis eventually. There was still some lurking in the biofilm till about 5 months ago, before I found I could accelerate it out with enzymes 4 months back. Then about a hundred or more heavy worms still lurking came out. The implied “atomic” mass would be enormous, but in quotes, because we do not know the Dark Matter/Energy periodic table yet, except possibly mathematically, thanks to Ed Rendell’s 11 dimensional M-Theory.

That natured Wormwood from Kelowna really helped lingering sleep issues, noted on the Dr. Richard Horowitz MSIDS Map. There was some effect from astronomical causes, “Full Moon Fever,” or more accurately, Solunar Tables, such as are used by fishermen. This led me to connect the nematode parasite pathogens to the salmon run, and Lyme disease in general to spawning Salmon. They must have some modicum of control over the hosts’ brain, and neuroborreliosis is an epidemic. In a map of the NE united states salmon spawning grounds, you get outbreaks of Lyme around spawning grounds in up state New York, due to fish and human population pressure. Here, in the North Okanagan of British Columbia, conversely we have the richest salmon spawning ground in the known world, but a small population with a staggering incidence of Lyme RMSF symptoms. Borrelia likes to hitch a ride on the associated insects. There would be absolutely no way to control the tick population now, especially with widespread use of herbicides killing off the phage source in weeds. We can help you though getting rid of the root cause parasites. There’s just more of them. Doctors love Monsanto. Good for business.

Phage is not science fiction, but the sci-fi angle has it buried in the search engines. You can see why it is fertile ground for sci fi writers. They generally have led to a massive misinformation campaign where phage are the disease, not the cure. You would think that the pathogens themselves, in the phage food group, sponsored the science fiction phage shows. See above about borrelia spirochaetes controlling the hosts’ brains. Of course, blaming spirochaetes is akin to blaming the chickens, pigs, cows, ducks, and rabbits for running the “biofilm” farm. E-I-E-I-O. lulz

Here is a new one. Would a Bee species evolve in the 95% dark energy/matter realm of the universe? It explains a few things I have actually witnessed. It explains an odd species of night flying insects here that can navigate in and out of water, and can be seen when their pathogens, from their insect prey, reach quorum to emit a red light. Bees have amazing flight characteristics. A bee travels enough distance to circumnavigate the globe three times to produce a pound of Honey. Attempts to synthesize the bee pollen, picked up in those travels, from chemical constituents, have always failed. I have noticed a similar thing with Wild Apple Leaves, which ultimately led me to suspect a phage over a year ago. Both must be “natured,” as must Apple Cider Vinegar.

Likewise, the phage model may also be replicated in the DME realm. It would be futile to attempt to see them under a microscope. DM nematodes could only be detected by weight in a mass balance, like I witnessed myself, and from evidence of them leaving an exit wound. I have reason to believe there are also apple trees evolved on that side of the universal divide as well. Intuitively, and particularly in my case, things make a lot of sense when you realize we cannot detect 95% of the mass of the universe, other than by weighing in a gravitational field. There’s 19 times more of it that way, and more so by proxy effect on our visible 0.0003 sliver of the universe, reflecting “light” in the 400 to 700 nm range. Perhaps there is also complex light we have no way to “see.” I assume eventually I will be invisible to that side since they no longer have a proxy to track me. Then the fun begins. lulz

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend may mean turkey sales next week, but likely they will just send them all to the US for later Thanksgiving. Amanda Peet from University of Toronto, Dad’s alma mater, 4T5 Engineering Physics, will be thawing the Turkey. Grump won’t be. Instead I’ll be picking Apple Leaves, and thankful that I discovered they had a key phage to end this whole Gong Show. They’re almost ready to fall off, but I want to check the time vs. enzyme count here as first frost approaches. The phage appears to keep alive hosted in the apple tree, and would explain the odd weight reduction as the powder is stored if they consume it to keep alive. Dr. Peek discovered a little known association of Dark Matter and magnetism, which I also confirm if the nematodes in fact incorporate Dark Matter in situ. Permanent magnets can get a feeling/pain response in select infested regions. I have an odd “accidental” experiment here with a large silicon crystal from a local geode, and a block of neodymium magnets that strangely acts like an Einstein-Rosen “Radio” of some kind to the dark matter/energy side. Taking the two apart takes the signal away. The signal is not audio, but some sort of unknown cognitive thought connection. I set it up 0.5 meters away from a hornet biofilm on my window. There’s a scary thought. Those Yellow Jackets are the True King of all Beasts, and if they are 95% worse over there, yikes! There are 3 large ticks attracted to it right now. It is a Reiki Thing. I am a Reiki Master now, mostly because I know a few Real Dr. Reikie’s, and took the full course because it deals with metaphysics of time/dark matter/energy to become a Dr², or a doctor of doctors. I have gone through more doctor level courses that you can shake a stick at, so a bloody quadradox at least, not just a paradox, to attain the grade of JAFE, Just Another Phargin’ Engineer. Each degree is obsolete effectively on the day you graduate to resolve the even paradoxii, and embark on a lifetime of learning. lol One diagnosed my Juvenile Arthritis and watched it to progress to Anklosing Spondyltis. This was before Lyme Disease had been identified. Talk about a master detective doctor! I went to high school with his daughter, also Dr. Reikie now if she didn’t marry.

Back in late May, a Mump exploded, 54 or 55 years after the fact. This was more evidence of phage action and biofilm reduction action too. It caused a right side ear ache. Wish me luck BTW. I am going to take about 350 mg. Wild Apple Leaf, 2015 Super Phage, and a Wormwood treatment this afternoon. The local JW visitor commented how much better I was walking now. That is natural natured Wormwood. I worried for his son whom I met today. His symptomatology is obvious neuroborreliosis, as I can now plainly see. They live here as well. One of his peers in school was my friend’s 9 year old daughter who had the golf ball sized cyst removed from her brain in 2003. I suspected benign encephaloma which my brother in law recently died of. All friends and family narrows this down to a geographic cluster here, that I sourced back over time to the spawning salmon. I see there was extremely bad bunch of Ixodes Scapularis crawling out there today, attracted to the Wormhole Experiment/Wasp biofilm. Wild Apple Leaf eats their pathogens/eggs for breakfast, and it creates gas, I noticed. Eureka! I found it… lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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