Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Oct 11, 2015 – Day 437 – Canadian Thanksgiving

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It is Apple Time here, but for the fruit, not fibre. The Malaria treatment is getting results, Wormwood, Southern Comfort, and Wild Apple Leaf. It is a biofilm type illness, and a partner of RMSF, chronic Lyme co-infections. You can tell it is biofilm, as you kill a layer of it at a time, strip off the dead layer with pectin enzyme and bromelaine, and then hit another live layer of it. I’ve been through 3 such cycles up to this weekend. After the second one, it finally addressed my peripheral neuropathy that was causing me so much trouble. I just woke up early, dry and needing fluids, in a night sweat. That’s a hot herx from a big die off, Can feel it in both spleen and liver. Not pain, just stiff. The Wild Apple Fibre and Wormwood multiplied the Wormwood effect about ten times I would estimate. In the first iteration, I tasted a hint of turpentine, but it is very faint now, and with a much stronger Wormwood dose, half a dropper full, cut with a jigger of Southern Comfort. There is a massive Wild Apple Leaf Phage die off feeling, that has left me parched, needing a lot of weak coffee. I also had a couple teaspoons of Peace River Bee Pollen to get my energy up for this fight. Worked. Big, easy, snotterboard from lots of biofilm, but with viscosity very reduced, thankfully. It is that commonly misdiagnosed Asthma/Pneumonia upper respiratory feeling, with the Pyrus Malus catalyst, phage, and surfactant to expectorate the pectin. The dropsy fluids are all coming out it seems.

Big Concert Weekend, YouTube style. Anyway, you notice all the biofilm people are engineers. Mostly making and employing it, but I am counting myself in that category now too, breaking it all down in situ in a human body processing plant, a daunting mineral process engineering task. Doable, but what a pain in the azz. Literally. The nematodes making the biofilm ate my gluteus maximus muscles. lol They scooted, but left a lot of biofilm there to dissolve and get out. Looking at my upper body muscles, they are really on the mend now. I think the recovery of my legs this week is tiring me, but it is starting to gain again. I hope I am over the hump. I was so lightened by the last wave of worms and biofilm over the last few months, I thought I could never get it back, but it has turned out to be RMSF/Malaria/Babesia, thanks to Dr. Horowitz. I used the homeopathic analogs, and no prescription drugs, really. Just wild apple leaves. For me, they’re way more powerful than all prescriptions put together. No antibiotics either. Not even garlic this time. I used it back when there were a lot of healing wormholes where they slithered for their lives. Only a couple worms came out this weekend so far, one on my left upper scalp had co opted a hair follicle, and one over my liver on the right side of my rib cage that I could tell of. They could have been dead mites too from the Wild Apple Fibre. There may have been some swimmer’s itch ones on the back of my biceps from floating and leaning on swimming rafts, but they are very tiny, and scratch off like a dust or dirt. I take it they were very deep in biofilm, from the 60’s 50 years ago. So much for that theory Duck Itch Trichobilharzi Regentia nematodes last only ten days. lol

There is an odd urine smell faintly reminiscent of chemically burnt hair, like in a hair salon. Somehow, these pathogens are using hair in their biofilm, and presumably from hair follicles. Instead of growing hair, they feed the pathogen or nematode to use in the film somehow, I am thinking. I think the serrapeptase yesterday, with the apple cider vinegar, got it, and that smell is the aftermath. That theory might explain what they use. It would explain alopecia, or male pattern baldness. I notice Wild Apple Leaf made hair start growing thicker in thinning areas.  Hair is what deer make antlers out of. Meanwhile, that woodpecker migrating through ate those ticks I saw yesterday. Pecking around above the window, and soffits, where they may have been hiding. He heads north in the spring and south around Thanksgiving here. Follow the food chain, and I think he likes ticks for breakfast. Lil’ azzhole is an early riser. He tries to peck the metal, to get them. lol

It is lunchtime here. The sun is about 11:30 on the sundial since we are on Daylight saving. Just feeling around, my liver and spleen are still working on those toxins, so have to wait a few more hours for another dose of RMSF Wormwood/Southern Discomfort Cure. It is my West Denial Virus cure of choice, now.

Sometimes, I read labels and check them up on the internet. I have some Bragg Apple Cider vinegar. Paul and Patricia are infamous bullshztters it seems. Their vinegar is the real deal though. I was thinking of emailing them about Wild Apple Leaf and what I found out with the apparent phage behaviour. I know they don’t know about the leaves because their hair is all grey. Mine came back all dark. Reading the analysis, they say the “Mother” is stands of protein, but I know that is from a lab analysis that would have killed the phage. I also suspect phage in Bee Pollen, known to be similarly chemically impossible to duplicate. It is like trying to make a human from chemicals by analysis. lulz At least he got that part right… Organic Unfiltered. You can filter to preserve phage with a half micron porcelain filter d’Herelle noticed a century ago. After invention of the electron microscope, this was confirmed. They would be a good source of more natured leaves in California.

I actually took a 2014 capsule yesterday to see if the nature was still intact, and it is, so it keeps. I’ll do a 2015 tonight to see if they are more powerful when attuned to specific pathogens. Interestingly, the 2015 leaves have virtually no Venturi Inaequalis fungus, with small patches on the apples. Perhaps, I reverse phaged them to return the favour. Humans are unaffected from Venturi Inaequalis, and it may be some inherent phage property of our immunity systems once exposed to the fungus. Apple Leaf Phage cleans off tooth biofilm just chewing the raw leaves, but apple cider vinegar swishing in your mouth gets the calcium like plaque off chemically, like vinegar does in a toilet. It seems to bubble in your saliva, converting to an acetic acid dissolved carbonate.  It can save you a chippity trip to the Dentist, I am thinking.

Good Dilbert today. More on the silly front was the new comedy show Justice with Judge Janine, with the knee slapper asking Hillary which brand of cigar Bill prefers? American? Dominican? Cuban? And the Dunkin’ Donuts cop, proposing that Owebomb disarm the Secret Service first, for throwing a FuneRally in Oregon. Meanwhile, working on the Grump Campaign, make Mexico pay to construct the 8 lane self driving car Autobahn test track  toll road along their north border, on THEIR side. Using the Grump Law of self defeating Zen Disasters, award the Border Bullet Train contract as a self funded Union contract. lol It’ll be Huger, and more impenetrable than a DMV lineup on Friday afternoon. Let them war it out over the risk management wall between the two.


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