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Weds, Oct 14, 2015 – Day 440 – Quantum Duality

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That’s where you get two different answers, and they are both right. Light behaves like a particle and a wave. In M-Theory, there are 5 different answers, and all 5 are right. The trick here is where the question is being posed, there are not enough dimensions to the question to get the single right answer. With M-theory, 11 dimensions are used to fit the physical observations seen in the universe, or multiverse as it implies. Something like that kept cropping up yesterday, and it was in a medical context. I was privy to an unknown dimension to the doctors, and that is the new braneworld exposed by Wild Apple Leaf phage library. They have to keep locked in the 5% of the Universe we all know, bound by 2D microscopes, and something they can all agree to disagree on. It is the rock solid foundation of their 4D world, only missing 7 dimensions. I told them both I think these little parasites take over hair follicles, and they use it to build/toughen biofilm somehow. I said I was having some success following the MSIDS Map, and that RMSF/Babesia was the symptomology that was left. I showed them the Wormwood, and said I had taken 5 treatments for now. I think one of them is secretly taking wild apple leaf. His hair is darker, and it’s growing again. I did mention that was a side effect at our last meeting. lol

By adding a dimension, a lot of things make sense, all of a sudden. The parasite dimension that Wild Apple leaf opens up will blow the lid off modern medicine. The fact that, given all the existing evidence, they are a Dark Matter species candidate, blows the lid off all science, period. I told them that it was an old remedy from King’s American Dispensary Compendium, 1898 Edition. I told them I was interested in going to a seminar on preparing samples for the new 4D Electron Microscope at UBC, but I was sceptical about finding all the phage candidates if some were in fact Dark Matter species themselves. Takes one to skunk one out, I figure. Perhaps, they will leave proxy evidence in 4D.

This brings us to another mind blower, if true. Apple Trees are a species that transcends the Cardolo Divide of complex mass and real matter, existing in both parts of the Universe as we know it, the 5% and the 95% Dark Matter Energy realm. Apple trees themselves appear to be a safe home for phage, and can preserve them in the fibre until reactivated in a human or animal host. The burning bush Moses saw was reportedly an apple tree. I suspect he ate some leaves, and the burning was the herx, not the actual tree, losing something in the translation. The Ten Commandments was the result.

Whatever, Wild Apple Leaf opens up a whole new dimension, and a whole new realm of answers to problems they couldn’t touch before, including answers to several they did not even know existed until their eyes were opened. I think they are finally gettin’ it. It has been a year today since I started this blog, it says; Oct 14, 2014. That was when I was so freaked out about my new dimension, although I didn’t quite know what it was at the time, I thought they HAD to know. Nobody gave a shzt. lulz

Meanwhile, I suffered the consequences of getting close to the medical facilities again, as predicted. The proximity effect was diminished this time though. Maybe it is related to RMSF/Babesia, I am now suspecting. It was akin to walking into the core of a nuclear reactor for me. Now it is more like just the parking lot of a meltdown. Still no treatments for Lyme, but that is long gone. This is something else as per the MSIDS Map. I got no treatment for it either, but got two common misdiagnoses, and one contraindicated medication offered, instead. They’re just going by the book. We’re writing the new book. It will only take a day to recover instead of the usual three, I estimate. I still have some 2015 Phage action tingling here too from Monday. It’s a really good year, and “something,” like prostate, is keeping that phage alive.

It could be kidneys too. Or just some bug I picked up while shopping, or from the clinics, but I can’t feel. It got walloped before it even started. Tight spleen, liver OK. I know I’ve said this before, but I feel better than I’ve ever felt in a long time. It could be recovery from a Wormwood pulse too. Give the doctors credit, although it maybe not much to do with them. They need a leg up. lulz I feel sorry for the po’ dimensionally challenged bastzrds, you know. It they only knew. People would come from all over the world to them for this “miracle cure.”

We talked about Absinthe. I told him I heard about it, being a slight understatement. It’s banned in BC. I told him I knew, so I just got mine in Alberta, and that the wormwood is the medical officially recommended malaria treatment now. I joked that since their were no bugs in Canada, there could be no rickettsial illnesses. Once you are dimensionally enhanced using the DME Wild Apple Fibre, you would understand how ludacris that is. It is one of the first things you will see. The nematodes themselves will explain nearly everything else in your own particular case. If they wont, threaten to hit ’em with a little Wild Apple Leaves soaked in Absinthe and Sambuca. lulz Mine must be all safely out now. You will “meet” the men and women behind the curtain in your own particular circumstance. They will be just as shocked to meet you too. They’re younger than you. You have been their whole universe until then.

A Nobel laureate in physics, Frank Wilczek, talking at the World Science Festival, explained it like being a fish all of your life. Your whole Universe has been water. Then you get plunked in an aquarium to look at dry land, a living room, or whatever, full of all these new things, and bizarre creatures, where you previously thought there was nothing in this case. All of a sudden, there’s a lot more to this picture than you ever dreamed of.


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