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Thurs, Oct 15, 2015 – Day 441 – In The Dark

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Supersymmetrical Particles, or Susy. These “Sparticles” would match every quark, lepton. boson that they could. Wild Apple Leaf has a whole animal made out of what these things are, we can “see” drill out of a human body, particularly your own, many places where you have bug stings and bites, and we still can’t figure out what they are. Now we think we have evidence that the Apple Tree must be made of of this stuff, and that it is frightening to what ever they are. I have evidence, to me, anyway, that they are in sick people, because I can feel their effect around clinics. Looking at the physical evidence, they are some kind of nematode. The evidence they leave inside a human or animal is what we call a biofilm. It is a tough little hut in a stormy sea where drugs can’t get at them, until Wild Apple Leaves punched a hole in it, going through the wall like dark matter.

DarkI’m not the only person scratching their head over this one. Astrophysicists can see it, or the effects of it, just like we can. It is ubiquitous, and sails right through walls and the earth, presumably unaffected, except by getting rid of it, we know it makes you feel better, because an odd class of pathogen, transmitted by insects, that makes you sick, actually leaves where it has been hiding in you. Along with it, it takes about 10+% of your body weight, and they are very small. It leaves the biofilm that I assume it built behind, and the biofilm itself is also full of little pathogens it protects from being killed by drugs. Literally in a matter of hours, possibly causing a minor headache, it sharpens your mental focus. It was being clouded by what we call neuroborreliosis, and/or RMSF/Babesia. The pathogens behind this were actually taking material out of your brain and leaving unknown toxins. This could b described as quackery, but the weird thing is that it works for me. I do not know if it will work for you. Find a safe Apple Tree, and find out. I know mine have grown to withstand a lot of environmental pressure from spawning salmon, like I think there also are in Lyme, Connecticut.

Another odd discovery is that the pathogen was looking for surveyor and engineer brain to eat. Somehow, it knew there was more food there, and as Dr. Sapi says, “juicy” material. They weren’t going for the resume, but in fact, for the reality, presumably the ratio of dark matter to grey matter. The good surveyors and engineers were catching the same disease, whatever it was. The not so good surveyors and engineers would be passed over. The sufferers suffer MS like symptoms, or what turns out to be closer to Lyme Disease, with an RMSF co-infection. In the case of Stephen Hawking, or Jason Becker, it appears to be ALS. There was also a music and physics connection. Both my parents fell ill with the same symptoms eventually.

My spleen is simmering down from a massive die off of pathogens it has been dealing with. Thrombocytopenia is a new one on me, but may explain what I felt with the hypersplenism. What apparently enlarged it was Wormwood coupled with bromelaine and a new batch of Wild Apple Leaves, which also gave the same feeling. I may have contacted some new pathogens from visiting health care facilities Tuesday too. I’ve been taking milk thistle to move toxins out of the liver, and alleviate the symptoms. All those dead pathogens served to make my urine a bit cloudy, like raw apple juice, I take it. I’m feeling better too. Perhaps the 2015 Phage contributed a lot to it with its larger phage library from “vaccination” last spring. It was still working yesterday, and I mopped up a lot of biofilm residue for it to get a deeper access to gelled pathogens over the last 4 months. Somehow, the apple tree either makes the phage, or takes it up from the dirt and preserves it, which is more what I found to resolve that question.

These trees, cv. Antonovka presumably, are a hardy rootstock from the Kursk region of western Russia for Canada. They have adapted to the unique salmon pathogen pressure from these parts, but apparently did not have a phage to deal with RMSF until I introduced them to babesia. They also were under a lot of Apple Scab pressure from venturia Inaequalis fungus, but I guess I gave them a phage back to deal with that. It’s the least I could do for it after what it has done for me. lol The trick appears to be to team up with your own tree, and the leaves will restore your own Garden of Eden, as they appear to have done for me, and for the Deer. The whole apparent Dark Matter and Energy angle is beyond the comprehension of even physics, as I had to tell them about it, not the other way around. There appears to be species of nematode, and perhaps even insects, that have evolved from Dark Matter, and are able to transcend this Cardolo divide to complex matter. It sure explains all the confused doctors surrounding this whole mess.

Here I thought that my anklosing spondylitis had all been addressed, but this morning and the last couple evenings, I see that there was a little more of it lurking there that the 2015 Phage is getting. Talk about a tough disease. That has been hiding there for a year back from when I thought the Apple Leaves got it the first time. I take it that it hides in the biofilm too. That is known, but what wasn’t known is the mechanism by which it avoids Phage attack. One biofilm patch may be completely deposed, but the pathogen lives on in another separate biofilm, possibly. It is only a matter of time until that biofilm gets broken down too. These latest ones seemed to have had hair incorporated in their biofilm construction, producing a faint chemical hair burn smell before they reappeared, prior to getting wiped out by the Phage and/or Wormwood. Again, your circumstances may differ.

Since there is a lot of Dark Matter, much more than “regular” matter, there must be some compelling reason why they want to eat our Grey Matter. I have a theory. Grey Matter is the way they can see into our side of the universe from the Dark Side. It has something crucial to their bridging abilities. It also appears to be something that is unique to engineers and surveyors in particular, which would be lots of things. Spherical Trigonometry and differential equations? Complex analysis? Trouble relating to the opposite sex? lulz Perhaps if they can use it to graft into our sensory systems, that is the draw. Meanwhile, we think we are just an opportunity for a bug meal. Found out it is a lot more than that. They are the coolest thing in our universe, and we are the coolest thing in their universe. lol


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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