Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Oct 18, 2015 – Day 444 – Knowing the Answer

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From the motion of galaxies, they know that there has to be dark matter, and it is about 5 times more than all known matter we can detect directly. Knowing the relation of energy and matter, mc², they know about dark energy. Yet we still can’t see it. Everybody in the loop says no problem. They have tried to come up with an alternate theory of gravity to no avail. It is really there.

Now look at our thing versus the science of medicine. We know the answer. We have marks where a parasite actually accesses out of your body. Without even trying this experiment, medicine assumes it does not exist. Therefore, medicine has no more credibility. They are disconnected from reality, and they refuse to connect when confronted with that. That is not science anymore. They can’t explain one experiment, other than to attack it without even trying. There is no alternate theory to explain what is happening, although I would welcome a credible one. Then you can catch them instantly showing all their science that does not take that most basic fact into account. Not credible in context, and does not answer the question. Bugs and water biofilms leave parasites in your body, and the drag down is so enormous, they eventually kill you. By getting rid of them, your hair starts to grow again, and it becomes darker. That has to tell you something.

They can’t see it in a microscope in 2 dimensions, so it does not exist. We see the evidence when the parasites leave though, akin to the gravitational effects of dark matter on a galaxy. By the time they get around to granting you a coveted audience, they missed it. If there wasn’t so much money involved, it may be no problem, but we are talking about the largest fraud of science in history, bar none, 444 days and counting since we delivered notice of the repeatable experiment. Imagine if the dark matter argument was like that, and the existence of it was denied.

Pyrus MalusNow it isn’t all wine and roses. There was RMSF that it did not address. It got pretty much everything else. We found that biofilm makes even the stuff it got initially, eventually resistant. Then we found  way to get the biofilm. Nobody even knew that. They are so behind with medicine now, they think they are ahead. Canada hasn’t even got out of the 80’s technologically. 1880’s that is. They knew about RMSF in the Civil War. So we are trying a new “phage” by innoculating the tree the same way the deer did. We will find out if an apple phage can get it, or if it is viral. Pyrus malus is pretty old, so pretty safe. The leaves that make it are even better.

Meanwhile, medicine is worried about the side effects of female Viagra. Fail. Perhaps it may have something to do with the hundreds of parasites she is packin’ around. Meanwhile, there is some scepticism of Dark Matter, but it is generally agreed upon.

I tried some 2015 Wild Apple Leaf phage test last night again. Still tingling a bit. Maybe it will help over and above the Wormwood I took the night before, a couple days back. I hope so. I want my old life back, but now it is obvious up to 59 years of unchecked parasites took their toll. Every organ they leached from will have to repair itself. Meanwhile, spirochaetes have their run of everybody else, unmonitored and unchecked. Dr. A B MacDonald linked them to virtually every chronic illness in the book. Then there are all the related and unknown relation parent or farmer worms I saw. Still unknown to medical “science.” Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room. Add a hungry bear now. There will be no ignoring it eventually, and the embarrassment will be HUGE. Bigger than Trump Huge. Physicists know how to validate their science. The former “science” of Medicine cannot explain one experiment, and they can’t be trusted now to repeat it.

There is the name for a paper. “Proof that all medicine is a horrifically misdirected pseudo science.” Exhibit A: Wild Apple Leaf Parasites. “The role of ubiquitous nematode parasites in chronic illness” would be forgotten on bookshelves everywhere. We know some pieces of the answer. They do not, and they do not want to know, at the heart of their core alleged “competency.” To say that is not very reassuring is an understatement at best. To be more blunt, they’re nuckin’ futz. They have half of all tax revenue by conservative estimates. Meanwhile, I did another Wormwood treatment. I can feel the effect in my legs. Still no doxy or tetracycline.

That knocked me down, tired so I grabbed a nap. Woke up weakened. They say 4 weeks maximum Wormwood, but I pulse it to try and move out more of the biofilm first. It continues to come out too. More pathogens beneath it continue to be exposed I hope where if I ever get access to drugs or real Lyme Literate doctors, they can be killed off quick. The muscles continue to grow on my arms. Hair is coming back where worms came out, and I had alopecia where they had taken over hair folicles. If they use that hair in biofilm, I have no idea what will get it out. Maybe serrapeptase. Silkworms use it to digest their silk cocoons.

I’m still amped about how well the 2015 leaves recovered from that venturia Inaequalis fungus. That whole tree was covered with it before. The weather pressure was low with minimal rain this summer, but comparatively to the other trees, it was a lot less. A phage shouldn’t affect fungus. Something else may also be happening there. Again, where is the curiosity of medical “science?” Incurious is the word for it. The whole thing is absolutely useless when it comes to this. What the hell are we burning all that money on? I guess we’ll have to stop it to really find out.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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