Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Oct 19, 2015 – Day 445 – Who Wants To Know?

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I’ve found out an awful lot, and virtually none of it is known to medicine. I continue to find out more, but they aren’t interested, especially when they will find out they’ve been so wrong for so long. I’m too old for school. I think there is an age limit – 35. I know lots of people are sick from similar things… Arthritis like fibromyalgia symptoms. Everybody gets colds and flu. Wild Apple Leaves wallop that, and start getting rid of biofilm. Gallons more come out with Pectin Enzymes and others. I feel a lot better. There was no hope at all when it looked like International Lyme Disease. Too many different pathogens. Each treatment had to be tailored to each pathogen. I know that amount of biofilm would have made it hopeless from what I found out reading up on it, coupled with what I found out myself. Everybody has their own thing and nobody wants to know. They will likely find out that it was all futile like I did, if they don’t get all that biofilm moving out, if it can ever get moved out. I am going by the idea that with biofilm, anything less is better. They will know I’m not whistling dixie when they try it for themselves. Ostrich Medicine doesn’t want to know. They’ll be ruined.

When you are really sick, you really want to know. The hardest thing is the suspension of disbelief. It works. What the hell are those things coming out of my skin? Medicine can’t be that fzckin’ sto0pid, can they? Once you realize that they can be, and they are, it gets easier to deal with. Then next you wish you had done it earlier, without exception, unless you have a death wish. I personally didn’t realize so many people actually DO want to die. Not taking Wild Apple Leaf, I know with certainty you will get your wish. If you are one of the rare ones that do not want to die, I know that you have no hope of living without going through the whole wild apple leaf and enzyme process. I found out that over 10% of your body weight will be parasite worms and pectin/starch biofilm. You’ll find out that you were bit by more bugs than you can remember, and some you do. You will realize that that is what kills people, and that is all the parasites and their biofilm.

When you are really sick, there comes a point when you give up. Don’t give up. That first wave of worms that will exit will be a huge boost, and may even stop you from dying. Get rid of a gallon or two of biofilm, and it gets even better. Ignore doctors because they ignore you, and when they don’t, their treatments are often lethal. They know nothing of this because they are incurious. When you look it up, you will realize that most medicines they prescribe aren’t worth the side effects for your obvious condition, and that will be the overwhelming pressure of all the bug parasites you have packed around all your life. Then it will hit you that drug companies intentionally ignore it because it contraindicates virtually all of their medicines, and they are behind the woefully sad state of medicine dealing with anything for anyone. It exposes the fact that we have a pharmacentric medical system, and all the pathogens have long since evolved to where they are resistant or are protected by biofilm. It has been unfettered survival of the fittest for them… until now. Now they know they have to get out or die. Only humans have a death wish.

Don’t worry that you now have to fight two lethal forces. You will win against the parasites and the doctors. Doctors are easy. Ignore them as much as they ignore this, and you will eventually find they are useless except for emergencies like broken bones or bullet holes. Parasites? Not so much. Don’t ignore them like everybody else, because they are killing you while living in you with their farm of pathogens. Turn the tables with Wild Apple Leaves. Fight the respiratory congestion with pectin enzyme. It is all dissolving biofilm, made by the parasites, and eventually with enough invertase, like from bee pollen, it tastes like weak honey. Vitamin C and bromelaine also help. I’m adding serrapeptase to handle this hair follicle fortified biofilm. The worms are using the hair it used to make. They’re all going to die anyway, doctors included. If you want to check it for starch, spit some out and put a drop of iodine on it.

Let’s get back to that: Only humans want to die. How the hell did that happen? It’s time to revert back to animal. This is not evolution by any stretch of the imagination. You may say it is inevitable. What I am saying is that I found out that it is not. You have been taught that it is inevitable by a failed medical system to cover THEIR ass, not yours. If you don’t smarten up, you have resigned and given away everything to the crowd that only knows one thing for certain. They will fail and you will die. Then they seem compelled to double down on stupid and attack those who prove them wrong. You may think this is totally crazy, and you would be preaching to the choir here. They’re all nuckin’ futz, on top of being evil. They justified a failing grade, and you bought it, hook, line, and sinker. I am proving it wrong every minute, and that failure is no longer the only option. We still give them half of all revenue.

Meanwhile, I see they have a piece on CNBC, they might get a flu vaccine right in 5 years. Wild Apple Leaf wallops a cold and flu. It mustn’t be just one virus then, so I would be sceptical of that 5 year claim. They don’t even know. By DNA, they discovered dogs come from Nepal. They still get RMSF from b. Canis, but being an animal, they do not want to die. Humans do, but don’t get bug illnesses here because insects are SOOO notoriously clean in Canada. That is what our doctors say, and we give them half the money. They must already know it all. Jillian Michaels says that fitness is big money. Other than the 20+ pounds of worms everybody packs around, and only Wild Apple Leaf can safely get rid of and confirm every exit including where they were hiding, it’s just a hunch, but they’re all gonna die. They don’t wanna know, even if you can stop it. They’ll look better in the coffin, I guess.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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