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Tues, Oct 20, 2015 – Day 446 – The Canadian National Election

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Who to vote for? None of them will fire the entire civil service, including Health Canada. Instead they all want to give them a raise. For an unbroken string of failure and supermarkets full of weedkiller. Well, who will look after seniors and the disabled on fixed income? They all want to print a stack of money, effectively halving our savings. One of their fathers campaigned for Adolph Hitler, but you can’t pick your parents. Another campaigns for Putin, but since they have the US blackmail deal in place in Iran, they’re gonna forget about us. Oil will be a lot cheaper until we are nuked. That’s nice.

I see I wasn’t taking enough Wormwood Artemisia Absinthium. Corrected that to three teaspoons a day, measured with a measuring set my late mother had. The tick fever eventually got her before I discovered Wild Apple Leaf’s anthelmintic properties. Got Dad too. I wasn’t even doing a third of that Artemisia it turns out. Blechh! It tastes awful. It’s actually still Monday evening here so we can watch the election returns together. Isn’t that special? Yelling at the TV is cathartic, but of course it won’t fire the entire civil service. Elect Me, and it will be Job #1. I’ll Trump ’em. I will go into exact detail why they are each being fired, and I may even rehire some of them. On My Terms. I got a bottle of Southern Comfort on sale here when I voted, next door of course. They should consider putting liquor in the polling places. One stop shopping. Grey Cup, and Election Day… Works for me. People seriously believe it makes a difference though. Legal pot is a big factor, but it isn’t a done deal. Just another promise to appease voters.

The Conservatives are presently running our country. Shoulda fired the whole civil service, doctors and all. Then they wouldn’t have been one and done. We will find out in an hour. Meanwhile, can really feel that large pulse of Wormwood working on the ol’ Colorado Tick Fever. Trust me, I’ve been almost up to the North Pole, and it is there too. Bugs learned to adapt to ice in Canada. It is something we have no shortage of, no matter what the Global Warming crowds say. In that case, if there was real global warming, all the bugs would be halved. Instead, they are doubled.

A half hour later, the Nazi Kid won. Hitler would have executed him for that lisp, but he won. As the returns come in, it is no wonder we never watch that channel out west. They may have called it too early. The commies are decimated by the nazis. It’s a big country. The Blue Wall is starting at the hundredth meridian. It could be a Nazi Minority. The commies are picking up chicken feed. Fire the whole lot, dumbazzes!!

Here it is an hour later now. I like the new thing, where all the polls come in at the witching hour. Trouble is, these days, the west are all commies and nazis. They say Harper will resign. I’ve got a job he can really sink his teeth into here. Save The World. Literally. Fire all the doctors, and literally save the world. It has been a while since we were props for Lord Baden Powell in Calgary, Steve, Stuie, and Me, but we can do it. I’ve done all the ground work. Let the Nazis click their heels. We can kill them, because they won’t try anything with our name on it! They will die a perfectly normal wretched death! Wo0+! It doesn’t get better than this!

Nobody knows or wants to know. We know exactly how they will all die. They won’t believe Wild Apple Leaf. They will all die because they don’t. We can use our leverage to kill them all. Lean into it! The stage is set. They’ll never catch on. Finally got rid of them all. Health Canada was doing a pretty good job, but now it’s a lock. The dumb fzcks have no idea, and now they don’t wanna know. It will all be Tattooed on Baby Hitler’s Resume. Perfect! I want Stephen Harper because they all don’t. It will be a cleaner kill off that way, and you know how those political types can nag. Health Canada will do all the dirty work in the nation where the bug population dwarfs even Russia. The bugs are all working for Me! Now we have a government I don’t give a shzt about. I’ll do my worst, as if that is anything new.

Elizabeth May just got re elected. I went out of my way to tell her about Wild Apple Leaf. She has bigger priorities than Lyme now, as if there could be any. People want to die. They’ll get what they want ignoring me. All the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, and Greens will get what they want. Death. I met a guy at the polls today with the exact same symptoms. “Oh, no, it’s not that, it is <some bullshzt diagnosis>” It is interesting how the same thing has so many different names here. He will die miserably. He barely made it to the polls with a walker. The poor woman with him will suffer more. They now officially have no clue, because doctors here wiped all bug borne illnesses off their list. I told him Wild Apple Leaf would open his eyes, and medicine knew nothing about what he would soon witness. Now it is up to him. I suppose he will die to make that woman happy that it was something other than Chronic Lyme with RMSF.

Now we have a new government with the same old medical shell game. Nothing will change. The same bureaucrats will go back to the same jobs tomorrow. It is the media’s favourite government, so brace yourself for ridiculous spin; “Death Is Life!” “Death is Natural and Good for you!” “Death: The New Life!” “We’re Dying to see what this will do for us!” That was the first time I have watched those channels for a while. I can see they know nothing about Wild Apple Leaf. They all look like several miles of bad road since the last time I saw them. I had to pull out my driver’s license to vote today and it was the exact opposite. I look ten years younger than the picture from two years ago. That’s a good sign. That alone would snap you out of depression, if Wild Apple Leaf hadn’t already done it over a year, or 443 days, ago.

And here comes the Halloween spin. Scary. Fear not. Death is Life Now! Look at Weight Watchers stock. It is a worm friendly way to lose weight. How much of Oprah do you think is worms? 20 pounds? She’d be a good baseline to do a “wormout” mass balance on. She has Mass Appeal. Let’s see if it extends to nematode parasites too. Healthcare stocks are down a couple percent. They’ll just make up some disease, and make a pill out of sawdust for it, while ignoring the real bug sting/bite parasite worm ones, as usual.

Hello Future Internet. Yeah, they still don’t know. No matter who they put in the Captain’s chair of this Titanic, it’s still goin’ down. All aboard! It’s a hoot, isn’t it? Yeah, I’m still out in the dinghy with the Wild Apple Leaf and enzymes. Canada got a by line on CNBC about the election. A fund manager sees a flight of capital from the country due to taxes.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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