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Fri, Oct 23, 2015 – Day 449 – Neglected Parasites

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The CDC has a page up about Neglected Parasite Diseases. Wild Apple Leaf finds more they don’t even know about yet, but it’s a start. It smokes unknown biting and stinging insect vectored nematodes out of you. I was keen on what they were, but they’re gone now, which is the only thing that really matters. I estimate they make up at least 10% of your body weight if you strip their biofilm out too. The more that leave, the better you feel. I’m just copying what I saw the local animals do. They loved to eat my apple trees. Not the apples. Just the leaves. They didn’t touch the apples until they fell off on their own. The big surprise is that compared to our medicine, they are centuries ahead, not behind as you may think. Our medicine will never catch up at the rate I have observed. They could always cheat and jump the line to see for themselves with Natural Wild Apple Leaves, but they won’t. They have so many millions more to kill first, I guess.

I tried to get the word out and change the hopelessly misguided direction they are going. They wouldn’t listen. It looks worse than bad. Trust me, unless you are trying Wild Apple Leaf, and found out for yourself first. Your local doctors may be more receptive in places where they acknowledge insect vectored parasite nematode illnesses, and they are about to find out they are behind nearly every chronic ARD in the book. They still may never make the connection, if they cling too tightly to their medicine that deer proved is more than a century, and more like 60 centuries, out of date. These are neglected parasites the CDC does not even know about. Hello future internetians! Yeah, it’s me again. 2015. Baker. Yeah, I know. Can’t say I didn’t try to warn them.

The Humane Society advertises more for animals on the TV. The animals helped me, and what do we do? Hunt them down and kill them. Oh, man, do I ever feel guilty. How can I ever repay the local Deer for showing me this? It is impossible. The local cougar scared them away though. I bought some salt for them, but the cougar moved in and forced them out before they could even find that. Nature is a bztch, but I guess we humans are all a part of that too. No ads for our cruel and inhumane treatment on TV though, unless you count political ads. Trouble is, they seem to all be FOR it in unintended consequences. When will we ever learn? It seems everything is morphed to a really complicated mess the more you try to change it. It is enough to make you stop trying.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. What if it is broken then, but nobody realizes it? Stand back and watch the train wreck? This humble blog is my attempt at erecting a large bill board with a large digital countdown clock on it, “Train Wreck in xx:xx:xx! + or -” A month ago, the world was supposed to end. It didn’t, as far as we know. It is hard to say when. It got a lot more notoriety than this ever did. People are pretty hardened now. I could make a dog house out of the lumber instead, for a stray puppy, but the cougar/mountain lion would eat it for breakfast. I would just make things worse. It all serves to make you feel helpless after a while. I guess we should all be thankful that we have a front row seat in HD for the show, and just shaddup, and watch. Still, it nags at you.

We could be thankful for the insight into the processes of nature. I find myself sizing up various politicians for worm weight now. If Trudeau is 180 pounds, and an outdoors type, I guess 15% of his body weight would be bug worms. That’s 27 pounds of worms on our Prime Minister. How Canadian is that? The answer is as Canadian as Maple Syrup. Our last Prime Minister was an office dweller, guessing 10% wormage, about 250, so say 25 pounds of worms. That’s close. It only goes to confirm nothing will really change for me. The same damn worms will still be running the show when it is all said and done. How’s that whole Change thing going for us now? All the pot in the world won’t help his worm diseases unless he does a Wild Apple Leaf sweep first. It is the first and only tonic for chronic. Now that is insight.

The insight on the chronological unwinding and construction of biofilm is eye opening as well. By making use of the read on that, you find out a lot about how they use injury to fortify it, and recently, how they use hair to add to it, too. Imagine having slime with added scar and hair material in it inside your organs, and you get the picture. When the parasites reach a quorum, that is probably the onset of cancer or other fatal chronic disease. At that point, they likely co opt all of your immunity to use in their biofilm construction, too. They are obviously not aware, or not caring, that they will kill their own meal ticket. I made mine abandon this meal ticket first with the leaves. I’ll have to make sure I sweep them more often in the next 60 years.

I had 10 pounds clothes on at the tests. I’ve had 17 pounds of worms leave the roost… Maybe more like 20. Some brochodilator they told me to take there made me sick later, I think. This is why I hate them. It specifically says asthma is a common misdiagnosis of RMSF/Babesia. Until now, I haven’t been this sick since the last time they intervened last November. Next they will say I’m crazy. Help.

My brother had a bad day, missing a flight and having to drive from Vancouver, and thought he would take me out to supper, so I could narrowly avoid vomiting in his face along with explosive bowels simultaneously in public, because of them this time. Help. No more doctors. They’re lethal with this. 5 hours later, now after collapsing when I got home I finally got a pectin enzyme to clear everything up, and I woke up in the 13th inning of the Jays losing to KC, still trying to recover from the hospital. Arrest them They’re dangerously naive at Lyme in rotten dead salmon Lyme World Central. They are killing people. Help!


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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