Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Oct 25, 2015 – Day 451 – My home is my Lab

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Right here is the richest salmon spawning grounds in the world, The Adams River Annual Salmon Run. It finally dawned on me that was it about a year ago, and where my Lyme family came from; Spawning Salmon. Then I happened to see the local Deer and some other small mammal animals eat what turns out to be Pyrus Malus bark or fibre. One baby deer had the same thing it seemed, weakness on the strong side, and she was cured. She had a lot more things in her diet, but I’ll find what it was eventually. I watched her grazing while I was down for the count, being attacked on all sides it seemed. Nobody knew what was happening until I found out about these Wild Apple Leaves. Being a curious scientific type, I tried the apple leaves myself, and voila! A whole bunch of nematodes came out where I had been bitten by lots of bugs back when I was growing up and surveying all over the place. Dr Sapi pointed out that filarial nematode eggs were transferred from ticks. This was a lot more than just ticks. The medical community here, and worldwide, is still baffled. Not any more, but they don’t want to know.

My brother wants me to leave. I realize that is futile. No matter where you go, this same thing will get you. Bugs are everywhere. Worse, they have exotic diseases we do not know about yet that will join the party. These are the smoking gun bugs, and I know how to beat them. I could use a thousand people to help me get more of this phage, but I have a few around the world trying it. Someday there will be millions. Now I may have found a way to tailor the phage. I also found, by historical evidence, that the pathogens/diseases can be transferred, in some cases, in more ways than dreamed possible, like sharing bottles, cigarettes, drinking glasses, doorknobs, or toilet seats, Moving somewhere won’t help anybody. In fact, it may make it worse. The more you travel, the more you pick up, or spread, the biofilm co-infections. Now they are scared to be around me, not realizing it goes both ways.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44I had a funny question asked today, by my step brother, challenging me, “How long do you think I will live?” I know without apple leaves, probably 80-90. With them, maybe 100-900. It is hard to say how much ageing that these nematode parasites are responsible for, but it could be all of it. He was sprinter when we were young, and won the city championships, for his age group, repeatedly. We also worked here and in the Arctic. Now he has already had surgical interventions for spine and heart. Winding back through those football injuries will hurt a bit, but they will be better than new when the Wild Apple Leaf works its magic, coupled with a pound of pectin enzyme over time. We ate the same high starch diet in our high school years. How long would a person last without chronic biofilm disease to constantly struggle against? He smoked back then too. I quipped blaming smoking for this was like blaming the paint job for the Titanic. After all, it just coats the biofilm a bit, and you hack most of it out. Ask Richard Overton, who at 110 smokes 15 cigars a day, and drinks whiskey. My brother liked the whiskey part when I told him. He quit smoking way back, so not clear. Some I knew who quit died fast. Some sort of neurological parasite doesn’t appear to like smokers/whiskey drinkers, but when they quit, it goes wild.

I like being in the lab, and being a mouse, as long as I only try cures like this on me. You feel better every single day until some coinfection crops up to get treated. Dr Ernie Murakami is the only reasonably Lyme literate doctor nearby, but he is retired, now 90 years old. He still teaches ND’s closer to the coast. I am left on my own locally. I am trying my new 2015 Phage now, but not clear if it, or the Wormwood, is helping more. It sure made that disaster yesterday clear up fast, although that could also be from just handling the test leaves. Last year, I got “snotterboarded” doing a test in early November, then sickened in a hospital, but I came up with a better cure for that this year, almost 140 Days ago after Day 313. Being a lab rat has gotten better this year. Let’s hope it keeps getting better. The pay has always sucked with nearly no budget. lol The thrill of finding out new stuff makes up for it, like finding a way of doing it without any antibiotics, simply eating Wild Apple Leaves, and exposing the root cause of a lot of chronic disease, not just Lyme.

There is Dark Matter here, as there is likely where everyone else is. It could have been better named as Complex Matter or Invisible Matter, but physics called it Dark Matter. What isn’t clear is how the nematodes may apparently employ it, while humans can only detect it by weight. Some astrophysicists have also linked it to magnetars, where it may be more abundant, while not having a direct response to electromagnetic fields. It is known that spirochaetes like Grey Matter, which may somehow run on a mixture of invisible matter and energy, along with what we call “normal” matter and energy. It stands to reason that since the invisible matter/energy is over 95% of the universe, some life forms may be able to bridge a divide we simply cannot detect. It would explain why researchers bound by “normal” 4D energy/matter are getting paradoxical seeming results in our 4D detectable portion of the 11D universe. Something about apple leaves also bridges that divide. That is the only conclusion I can come to, so far, to make a simple “before” and “after” mass balance add up.

The salmon have finished running for the year, and I noticed a salmon fly or two over the past few days. The cycle is starting again, maybe along with a different set of diseases from unforeseen environmental pressures. Nobody seems to even know about it, let alone have a way to fight it. Getting sick is only a bug bite or sting away, unless I eat a few apple leaves a day… or a week now. You need a lot less as time goes on, it seems. I can only keep trying with this. It’s my only hope in a world seemingly gone mad, with a huge puzzle where none of the pieces seemed to fit. I’m getting a few to fit here. It fights off a cold. It fights off the flu. It fights intestinal complications. It makes little bug worms scatter, no matter how many decades they seem to have hitched a ride in you.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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