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Mon, Oct 26, 2015 – Day 452 – Another Piece to the Puzzle

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A couple of my brothers were here this weekend, but they casually let some more symptoms of this epidemic go. The nematode species attacks the largest muscle group in your body, the gluteous maximus muscles, while “farming” grey matter. They were both over the top, 4.0 Average, straight A grade university students. They are both in denial, both having cardiac symptoms, but one is coming around now after a conversation we had about sitting on hard chairs. Oddly, they would restrict our leg circulation. It is getting increasingly bad as time goes on. These chairs were never any problem before. This brother, a few years older, was also drafted as a surveyor, back when we did geophysics, shortly after when we were in high school. I already knew they both have Surveyor’s Disease as I called it.

I was out, struggling with a net, to catch some leaves from an old apple tree. He came to help. I also noticed an odd species of fruit fly that I call Salmon Flies attracted to this particular tree. This is because they show up at this time of year during, or apparently shortly after, the salmon run. It is a small run year in the varying 4 year spawning cycle of the local salmon. Both my parents died in years immediately following large salmon run years, of unexplainable symptoms, in 2003 and 2011. 2014 was the large cycle. 2015 is one of these tough years. The nematodes also attacked my father’s glute’s aggressively. While not a smoking gun, it is another smoking shell casing.

IMG-20140809-00089The local deer were also falling prey to a wasting of their haunches. The one brother joked that he thought it was because of all the people chewing his azz out. lol I like that explanation too, but we both stand corrected now. Chronic Wasting Disease is an epidemic now in the deer population of east central Alberta. This is a picture I caught of the local deer when they came to feed on the Wild Apple Leaves last year. You can see they are very lean in the lower body, and balance it with a higher strength in the upper, or fore, body. My step brother has sprinter superhuman upper body strength. It is said nothing runs like a deer, but I think he could almost beat one, being of the sort well into the 9’s. But now the bug worms ate his butt off too. They crave the butt of very smart people, and deer, perhaps also for the hair like substance in their antlers. My brother also has a little bit of this alopecia on his arms. There is some connection I noticed to body hair being used to fortify the nematode parasites’  biofilm. Now this is being noticed in Canadian moose as the epidemic fans out to the moose populace in Alberta.

licoriceRevisiting old things here, let’s take another look at liquorice additive in cigarettes. The smoking paradox has reared its ugly head again here, but I have reason to believe it is the liquorice that is the ingredient that really shocks the nematodes out in combination with these Wild Apple Leaves. Is there a cigarette or cigar made totally of liquorice? I have identified Pall Mall Bold Canadian cigarettes as particularly having a high liquorice content, but cannot be sure. Cigarette additives are generally proprietary. It explains the paradox of Richard Overton who will shortly celebrate his 110th birthday in November. 90% of the world’s liquorice production is used as an additive in cigarettes and cigars. It is unclear how much of the addictive nature of cigars and cigarettes is attributable to the liquorice additive. I suspect none, and they add the tobacco to get you hooked into a liquorice filler cash cow.

ihtfpThey probably can’t find any ill effect of smoking liquorice to health, but I can definitely attest bug borne parasite Dark Matter worms don’t like it, coupled with Wild Apple Leaf phage. Add Cheap Absinth, it makes them literally cry for mercy, and they’ll tell you anything, if you will only stop it. How do you think I know so much about Dark Matter? Teehehehe. I accidentally stumbled on dark matter intelligent nematode parasite Tickle Torture. How intelligent? Let’s just say Blackmail is a truly 100% Universal property. They smartened up real quick. lulz I lerned it in Engneerng school in ∑ΦΔ Frat Rat 102. Turns out they know just a little more about medicine than the average bear too, but that phage is all mine. That was using a little Engneer Aikido from Metaphysical Engineering “Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae” and various science friction writers. Turns out my brothers and sister were irresistible bait to suck them in to this one. The they really screwed up with me. I was their worst nightmare, and they’re still trying anything to get out. Fail. They can check out any time they want, but… lol

I got behind today on the blogging physio, but I’m going to catch up. After working all morning, doing what I could, I came back and had an unscheduled visitor who couldn’t reach my dead phone on the charger, but made do the best I could after exhausting myself for the day. My phone ran out of battery. It is sort of harvest week here too for getting various apple leaf samples. I’ve missed a weekend wormwood treatment too, with all that testing that set me back Friday. They have no idea how much damage it caused. I wonder if that stuff was potassium dichromate, the known hexavalent chromium carcinogen they “know nothing about,” and force feed people in puffers, to make themselves look smart? “We’ll give ’em lung cancer by the treatment, then everybody will know we are geeniuses, an’ we’ll get chix!” FIAL! lulz Good thing wild apple leaf captures most heavy metals these “well meaning” care givers hurt kill murder just kidding make mistakes on people with.

So I’ll continue, fighting off the official health care poisoning attempts, and ignore them dropping by to see if I’m dead yet. It’s still harvest time here. I’ll have to see that through as much as they try to kill me. My leaves are starting to drop as fast as all their victims hospital patients. I just worry about all the others being killed off by them doing exactly the wrong thing when faced with Lyme and RMSF, or apparently, everything else.


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