Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Oct 27, 2015 – Day 453 – Another Rainy Harvest Day?

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Maybe it will clear off. It didn’t rain as much as advertised yesterday. I think it will miss us to the south like it did last night. I’m still hacking out all that hexavalent chromium bronchial dilator botched poison job medical “Treatment.” There was at least enough to kill a moose, but not an azzhole on Wild Apple Leaves. lulz Meanwhile, I have a bunch of salmon fly/tick/spider bites on my arms, but if they had a nematode, they got more than they bargained for this time. These Wild Apple Leaves are strongly acaricidal, but their dead bodies will also be chrome plated. Talk about goin’ in style. lol

Meanwhile, it may take more than that to kill me. They should probably not try so hard to kill the murder bait. These Dark Courts don’t exactly espouse the Magna Carta, methinks. Whatever.The difference between judges and engineers is that engineers don’t think they’re judges on earth. That happens later in Hell, with the Hung Jury of their peers still swingin’ on the ropes. I think I am a Quack Veterinarian. Dr². Kind of a squared peng in a round hole with a bigger fzckin’ hammer. I truly missed my calling. What’s the difference between doctor? They don’t listen, can’t understand, or can’t hear, their patients, either. It’s kind of hard to have a club like them, when you’re one of a kind, and you’re not schizophrenic. FRCQV? Got booted for not paying dues. lulz FRCQV’s are notoriously cheap.

I never wanted to go to med school, but then what’s the difference? They’re both a lifetime of dealing with azzholes. They’d never like my bedside manner with a deck of cards, pack o’ cigars, and a bottle o’ whiskey. Look, you have Lyme here, yer fzcked, might as well have a cigar and a drink. Deal. Things change whether you like it or not. That is how I would model a Wild Apple Leaf Lyme Doctor Robot App. The Poker portion would be Wild 2’s, 10’s, One Eyed Jack’s, KIng With The Axe, 3 Draw. Very forgiving, but you have to realize that when it gets down to the end, about half your opponents are holding Royal Flushes too. lulz The bar would only have a choice of Jack, Wormwood and Southern Comfort, or Sambuca. Cigars would be Pom Pom’s. I would keep it simple, and stupid. You would play for Apple Leaves instead of chips. I would model the doc after the MSIDS Map, except every antibiotic would be replaced by Wild Apple Leaf capsules for a 5¢ chip, pectin enzyme caps for a One ¢, and Cigars for a 10¢. The cigars would be arguably easier on your system than antibiotics. All the bad guys would wear White Hats/Coats with stethoscopes shaped like a noose, while all the Quacks would wear Black Hats. It would be like stepping back into an Eclectic Medicine vs. City Slicker Wild West World.

The new Class of ’03, ’07, ’11, & 2015 Phage Leaves (based on the 4 year rotten salmon cycle) have a side effect of making you a bit goofy. The whiskey would make it fun, and cut the taste of the Wormwood if you have RMSF, common here in southern BC, and pandemic in the oilfields. I have only had 6 teaspoons of it total though. I cleaned down with a few months of Wild Apple Leaves, enzymes, and cigars first to smoke all the chronic nematodes out. You have to treat wormwood with respect, as Malaria/Babesia can build resistance to it, and it personally did a number on my spleen. That may be moot with Apple Leaves smoking out the root nematodes, and pectin enzyme dissolving all the years of biofilm. You could skip all the whining and shifty doctors just saying “There’s an app for that!” It would have links to my eloquent prose on being “Snotterboarded,” to remind you the importance of pectin enzyme, and other polygalacturonase/proteolytic pectin/fibrin/hair biofilm cutters.

The New Phage is obviously getting to me from handling it while picking up leaves. It permeates your skin by osmosis with minimal contact. I also had a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar to fight the side effects of it last night. There are also goofy bugs biting me too. Human + 2015 Phage is lethal to them though, due to the apparently enhanced acaricidal properties. Overnight last night the swelling subsided at the bite sites. There are very few bug bites on the leaves of the 2015 test tree. That weird Macintosh/Spartan/Antonovka tree that my Gramp planted 50 years ago had a lot of salmon bugs/funnel webs from a day ago. Back in spring this year when I ground up the remaining 2014 Leaves in the blender, the airborne dust cut the extremely tenacious biofilm on the toilet somehow. I am simply air drying the leaves here to keep the nature intact, never exceeding 60C. I feel exponentially better though over the week, with the exception of some stupid medical test friday which I have almost recovered from.

A thought here after inspecting those “bug bites” in the light. They are new worm exits instead. Unfortunately, I have been working on different trees. God only knows which one did it the best. I’ve been working on 2015 and Gramp’s Tree mostly here. With a phage though, you can just mix a bit in with all the others. Diversity is your friend here. It is the medical equivalent of the neutron bomb to Lyme pathogens that I had, which is nearly everything in the book. Kills ’em all, lets God sort ’em out, and leaves the building standing. It’s a bit more than discovering that human Venturia Inaequalis fungus antibodies in human urine build resistance in the salted tree.

It definitely hit something new. It made me feel fatigued again here. That is the phage side effect when it gets a hit, and that is fatigue when it goes to work. I planned to do all this work here today, but had to take some extra 2015 last night to make sure I precipitated all the hexavalent chromium from the potentially lethal bronchial dilator “treatment” Friday. Isn’t that convenient though? “You are going to die of lung cancer, even if we have to give it to you!” with the chemistry skills of an idiot. They are obviously chemically mentally deficient, because they would have accidentally killed themselves in the industrial strength lab by now. Here kid… Go play with this in the reactor. Murderous bastzrds always get my hackles up. I’ll have to put getting therapy for it, on my “Shzt I know I’m never gonna do List.”


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