Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Oct 28, 2015 – Day 454 – Harvest Time

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No Fzckin' 1It is like being a helicopter pilot. Hours of boredom, followed by seconds of sheer terror, when the “Jesus Nut” falls off. The “Jesus Nut” is the one that holds the main rotor on to the collective and thus, the remainder of the aircraft. You pray to Jesus it doesn’t fall off. You could at least put a cable around the rotor so it winds up at the scene of the accident. It would make the post mortem easier. I have a backup. We are in the prime zone, at the World’s Richest Sockeye Salmon Run. Salmon Runs are gravy and heaven for Lyme Disease Pathogens in my now proven theory. The Salmon Cycle is their God.

Can you tell when I started drinking? lol I grabbed this old jacket selfie of a UBC Eng1neer jacket a while back. I’m still a bit of a slave to the Solunar Tables, and the new apple phage found some more nematodes hiding in my elbows of all places. The sneaky bzstzrds had evaded the first sweeps with Wild Apple Fibre and pectin enzyme. The new wrinkle is a “bio-engineered” new phage I was trying to get the apple to build and filter. What will I do for an encore to this?

How many more are hiding there, and how? I don’t feel so bad, since even the first two sweeps evaded detection for the entire history of mankind, but it still “bugs” me. If there are any more nematode parasites there, how will I get them? These ones were pretty tricky, making it to 453 Days of targeted expulsion tactics, after I deduced how the Deer made it work for them. Worse yet, it’s not just me. It is likely anybody ever bit by bugs. Doctors have no idea about any of this, unless they actually followed this blog, and tried it, to see for themselves. As if. They are blissfully ignorant, and would assume nobody had ever been bitten by a bug, let alone bugs riddled with worm parasites.

Back to the topic, I’ve got to recover here and get as many of these leaves as possible in the next days before Halloween. There are unforeseen difficulties arising from that medical interference Friday, coupled with the osmotic effect of handling the leaves. There is also another problem with unscheduled visitors right in the middle of all this. I can see why farmers are religious, and pray a lot. The great Satan is hard at work here trying to thwart everything, or something is interfering for my own good. Who can be sure? It’s not like you can stop the biological clock. When doctors do all the wrong things, and they are immune from litigation, you need divine help. That’s why they all left the countries they all used to practice in, I think; To come here, and officially kill, with reckless abandon? It looks that way from the agriculture/Lyme sufferer perspective. We could get rained out here, on top of it all.

I’ll catch up on sleep later. There’s a good show on, the Republican Debates on CNBC. I still think about those Graham Zingers. They’re still looking for the ball on the other side of the parking lot, too. The biggest cheers are still saved for when it was pointed out CNBC’s questions were of the “Gotcha” ilk. Ben Carson said, and fed, it like a pro… “See? They know…” Huckabee says cure the 4 big diseases; Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. I’m the only person who knows even partly how, but it looks like nobody is listening, even though it is worth 5 times the national debt in saving time lost. Big Pharma looks to create customers though, not cures.

Well, back to the rainy days. There’s plenty time to work on the lab now, until it lets up a bit. I get random help on the construction, but with this whole osmosis thing, I( don’t want it to affect the helper, even though it is good for him. They won’t understand what the herx is about, let alone what the whole nematode drill out is. I can formulate capsules to treat the side effects simultaneously, with enzymes and circulatory enhancing agents at lower doses that I tested with. Still, if it is a phage, that may oddly stretch the effective time out more, as the phage grows and squares every generation. This also explains why I couldn’t over dose on Wild Apple Leaves at a certain point. All the pathogen that it could reach to get in biofilm would get consumed, until more biofilm was removed with enzymes. The biofilm was effectively limiting the process until the proteolytics could catch up. Now pectin enzyme from the start effectively lights the afterburners.

Would people be able to understand that? I think many may not, and it would be difficult to explain in a few sentences. If it were easy, all the countless hours of Lyme videos on YouTube wouldn’t be the jumble that they are. This is all new as well, making most of it degrade into theoretical debates about the morphology of spirochaetes, while the role of the hundreds of exiting filarial nematode spirochaete farmers, that the apple leaf fibre smokes out, are ignored. Meanwhile, you are trying to come back from a battle, similar to battling cancer, except you are attacked by the very doctors charged with treating it. Nobody cares if you found a way out. Them, claiming it doesn’t exist, is akin to denying the existence of Dark Matter and Energy, making up 95% of the universe. These parasite Nematodes are clearly 95% of the problem, and why medicine is stuck on failure with any chronic disease, once you feel it for yourself.

It all boils down to the old adage; No Pain, No Gain. How could you repair all that damage painlessly? It turns out Lyme is just a symptom of that damage, as is ageing. The only way I found out to wind it back is Wild Apple Leaves with a few tweaks. You have a better idea? After witnessing this, I doubt it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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