Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Oct 29, 2015 – Day 455 – Rainy Days

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People say save it for a rainy day. Now that it is here, I don’t feel like doing it. The dismal gloom affects your attitude. I’m not keen on going when the rain lets up a little either. Maybe there is also a component of lower barometric pressure there too. I know it affects the highest pitch you can sing on that given day. That is a largely unknown fact I found out, other than this whole Wild Apple Leaf thing. They called to schedule a follow up to that breathing test, but I am going to cancel. They’re too dangerous and ignorant in Leaf Harvest season to be near. Then they proudly claim total ignorance of it, and the parasites exposed by it, while murdering people ignorantly in reckless abandon.

This is what happens in a huge illegal medical cover up. They proclaim no parasites or bug diseases in Canada when I found out that is nowhere near the facts I witnessed. They are unwittingly committing premeditated murder out of ignorance. Once they have someone’s number, it is hard to shake the imbeciles to save your life. Most people count on them to be a go to medical resource, when in fact they are the Final Solution. Their alleged free health care is simply a way to legally kill you and steal all the money you paid into it, to keep the scam going. If they got me last year before I found this out, they would have certainly killed me. When they did, it confirmed it, but I survived and recovered, after they wiped out 4 months of gains. I’ll just take it easy. Like Jay Leno’s Garage, if you are not going fast enough, slow down.

Maybe I can catch up on medical stuff. I am particularly interested in why sitting down affects circulation to the lower extremities. One person told me sitting down is actually bad for you. I agree after these nematodes ate both mine and my stepbrother’s gluteus maximus muscles, as they did with my father’s. I thought it could be hereditary, but the brother is a stepbrother by marriage, and not related. The only explanation is one of the types of nematode I shocked out with these Apple leaves was actually eating them. I joked that now I was using the largest muscle in my body after getting a position at work that was related to sitting down more, and doing more data processing work. Sitting down apparently restricts the circulation in my legs somehow after that. Eventually it turned out to be a component of my physical demise. To that end, I am finding maybe a bicycle like seat or a saddle type seat may restore circulation somewhat. There is an anterior lateral veinous system that is restricted otherwise. It is not shown clearly in the anatomy link because the picture implies only 2D,

You can infer from those links that this group of large muscles must require massive circulation, and that in turn is the main draw for aggressive parasites. With the muscle largely consumed by parasites, the former protection of the circulatory system is gone, and it becomes increasingly open to restriction by sitting on it. It is an important consideration for a complete recovery from the attack. It is unclear if the muscle can regenerate after such a massive nematode parasite attack. Even the deer and moose were, and still are, having quite a battle against this resultant chronic wasting.

The human link to CWD is constantly downplayed, but it is eerily similar to neuroborreliosis. I linked that to insect bites, which makes sense. Something in the Arizona deer and elk diet fights that I think. I know apple tree leaves fight it. Eventually we may discover what these things all are, but for now, the apple tree phage filter seems to concentrate a substance/phage that fights particularly neuroborreliosis aggressively. This whole haunch circulatory restriction alleviation angle to helping recovery is a new thing for a rainy day like today. A swimming pool would be a great help, but I don’t know if there is a winter one around anywhere nearby.

Back to trying to make a CWD connection here, CWD is at the opposite end of the political interference spectrum. It has attracted extreme scrutiny because there is a lot of public grant money at stake for the researchers. Contrast that with Lyme Disease/RMSF, where insurance companies and government health care agencies are desperately trying to hide it. I suspect they are the same thing, attracting extreme spin for opposing reasons. All that does is point out why government should not be involved in any way in health ethics of any sort, human or animal, but we are stuck with it. There is a smoking gun connection with humans and cervids witnessing the effect of Wild Apple Leaf consumption on both, and leading to the suspicion of phage action from the leaves due to the cross species nature of phage therapy. The highest irony is that Keith Warren’s home state Oklahoma denies that Lyme Disease exists there. Also ironic is the link to Gulf War Syndrome. It’s all the same thing. Altered Prions. Borrelia. Bug bites and stings, vectored transmission, neurological effects.

Here they just stopped by again to tell me that bugs are no problem. That’s nice. They are blissfully unaware of the whole thing that is responsible for 95% of their budget, and I found is the cause of ageing. They will never know of the accelerated anthelmintic effect of cigarettes, because when they visit, they won’t let me smoke in my own house, let alone ever eat a single Apple Leaf. I didn’t ask to get thrust into a vague part of entomology, but the facts led me there after wild apple leaves smoked all these unknown nematode insect parasites out. Their take on it is entomogists have an unhealthy interest in bugs. They, on the other hand, have an unhealthy disinterest in ground breaking medical research, and I can prove it, without a doubt. Use their own logic, and they are definitely a danger to themselves and others.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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