Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Oct 31, 2015 – Day 457 – Halloween Apples


Kids always yell that. It means they want free candy. It is also a harvest time hint. We have been rained out recently, but it may lift so we can assess the damage. The leaves were still well attached last weekend, and took some effort to collect samples. That is what we are really looking for, and is key to the process that eliminates 85% of health care costs attributed to chronic disease. That is the Wild Apple Leaf fibre that deer crave so much. I spent the downtime filling Size 0 capsules with Pectin Enzyme since I am so sensitive to the leaves now. The apparent phage they contain goes through my skin by osmosis from handling them now. The pectin enzyme alleviates the high viscosity dissolution effect they have on remaining biofilm, causing congestion, and it lowers the viscosity, and moves this congestion out. Smoking helps with the coughing reflex to expectorate it, but it may also make it hydrophobic, so it comes out of blood solution easier when it passes the lungs. Coughing does not exist to doctors, so biofilm has no way out, and they die when they fill up with snot. Such a lovely picture, except they try to kill as many people as they can by packing them full of biofilm snot there is no way to get rid of so they don’t feel alone. “Don’t smoke! You are getting rid of our deadly hairy snot buildup inside your veins and arteries!”

The wind is getting blustery. It may blow off all those biofilm busting leaves. I see many of the apples dropped today finally. They hung on right to the end. Last year, when I caught a cold, the apple leaves put it in fast forward. I went through an entire box of kleenex equivalent with paper towels when it seemed my entire head drained. That may be another fast way to get rid of biofilm, but you only get one shot maybe. I have been impervious to colds ever since. That historical sinus biofilm, causing prior congestion and sinus issues, left and it never came back. I still have a little bottle of Advil Cold and Sinus, unused since then. Maybe that is an answer to avoid smoking. Decongestants. The active ingredient was pseudoephedrine I believe. That tends to dry out sinuses, which wouldn’t work though. Mucinex expectorant might. After reading a bit, they make it sound like biofilm is good for you. Not too much though. The impervious nature is used by pathogens to protect them from receiving treatment by drugs, and thus causes chronic disease by protecting the pathogens. Guaifenesin is the active expectorant ingredient. Looking at the side effects there, it is hard to know which is worse – smoking or guaifenesin. It would be an ideal option for doctors.

I haven’t tried it to see if it is as effective yet. You would have to keep fluids up to prevent kidney stones they say. That leads me to think it may break down biofilm, but not the solids component like calcium in solution with it. There are also proteins in it, going by the composition of Kirkman Biofilm Defense. Wild Apple Leaves alone seem to start the biofilm breaking process, but the mucus produced is very thick, without pectin enzyme to thin it out. That makes sense since apple leaves are known to contain 4 proteolytic enzymes by analysis, breaking up the biofilm protein component. Serrapeptase is also said to be useful for that as well. After shocking out the nematodes, hair follicles that were dormant woke up, and grew hair again. I concluded that the parasite was using the follicle to construct material to fortify its biofilm. What else would it use it for? Maybe food. The follicle was still functioning.

I see a town in Oregon is having trouble with the deer population. If one cougar moves in, those deer will scatter like they did here. However, children will be in danger from a cougar. I can’t find the original footage I saw, but the deer were clearly eating the apple leaves, and leaving the apples alone. Now I know why they eat the leaves. I suspect that Ashland has apple orchards. I see there are lots between Ashland and Medford on the I5. The tree I saw the deer eating was likely wild, and therefore had a custom phage to fight their diseases.

Meanwhile, there are other cover ups regarding the disease doctors ignore. Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world and the lowest rate of Lyme Disease. It is criminal. Now they try to kill us all off instead. Why? Because they can. Follow the Apple Leaf harvest for this year while you can. Even though it is too late to build your own phage particular to your own set of pathogens, there is always next spring. You could get a wild apple to germinate some seeds from. I have been told that you put them in the freezer to germinate them. I have enough trees around here though from deer eating the apples, and they grow taking up phage from the soil to fight deer diseases that way. It seems they all shock the nematode parasites behind it out at bug bites. You lose a disproportionately high amount of weight, but don’t get me started on WIMP’s and Dark Matter. lol Just be glad it goes.

Just to be clear, I haven’t had any antibiotic treatment that worked for longer than a week. The Wild Apple Leaves exposed why. They shock the nematode parasites that make all diseases chronic out, and then you have to start dissolving all the gallons of biofilm, depending how old you are. I had lots, being 59 years old, and with a fair amount of injuries the infections used for a source of fibrinogen to fortify the biofilm with. They also rob hair follicles for other tough proteins to build biofilm with inside your blood vessels and organs, it seems, as the apple leaves back up the clock, and you can feel the old injuries unwind and re heal.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

3 thoughts on “Sat, Oct 31, 2015 – Day 457 – Halloween Apples

  1. Hi Mike…just found your site. Very interesting. I am curious about the apple leaves….how do you prepare them? or do you? Just eat them as is or dry? Where in your archives do you talk about this? I have no doubt this is valuable, just like the work being done with fence lizards. I’ve been treating myself for Lyme/cos for over 6 yrs. I’m doing well, occasional setbacks. Always curious and open to new info. Thank you!

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    • Hi there. To prepare them, I just air dry them now. The Maximum Temperature to dry them is 60C/145F to preserve the proteolytic enzymes in the leaves. I suspect the proteolytic enzymes are actually inside phage, because they behave like phage when you eat them… A panacea or “cure all.” It also works on pets and of course, deer. These days I am using one tree to engineer my own phage, and getting positive results. The nematodes will surprise the heck outta you. No doctor even knows they exist! These days, I am looking to snowbird to someplace cheap and warm, partly because the herx from the leaves chills the areas the phage works on, and maybe set up a destination for British and Canadian Lyme sufferers to combine a cheap vacation and try it for themselves.


  2. Of course, they could see for themselves how far I have come back from what seemed like ALS or MS. I was really a wreck and the doctors still are baffled what it was.


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