Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Mon, Nov 30, 2015 – Day 487 – End of Movember

Can I shave now? It morphed into Beard-vember. The batteries died in the razors, so they’re on charge now while I decide. The best way is to cut the whole thing with the side burn trimmer, bag the wool from the shears, then shave it. It grew about an inch in a month. A thirtieth of an inch is enough to make it look scruffy. It is Gillette’s Cash Cow. Nematode parasites use hair components to grow stuff inside you, when they steal it from the hair follicles, I found. When I gave them the boot, hair started growing again. People care more about hair loss than dying. I guess they haven’t figured out they won’t have to worry about appearance in the coffin with Wild Apple Leaves yet. There won’t be one any time soon.

I see them protest Climate Change in Paris. I guess they haven’t figured it out that the whole Carbon Credit scam was created by banks looking for someone to take the other side of their energy future trades yet. They are effectively protesting for the banks. Looks good on them. The largest hedge fund disaster in history, Amaranth in 2006, was based on going long Global Warming. The whole thing is based on pseudo science like medicine. Amaranth got sucked into believing it was actually science. It was a $9 billion overnight education.

This time, the Bankster babies are braving the terrorists, and going for a trillion. Any time global warming is blamed for anything, look for what the real reason is, because it is a well proven fraud, created to misdirect blame. The same bankers created both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany for the same reason; Money, but this way is just as profitable and less violent. They can create more money just pissing us off all the time, every time we go to the pumps. Everybody will blame the oil companies, while their banks are really raking it in, and the oil co.’s break even. That’s getting harder, so they have to get that future production value up somehow in Paris, not in West Texas.

They said global warming was causing more ticks. I think it is really herbicides. The math shows the global warming isn’t there, so bad science causes more ticks? I don’t think so. They are finally discovering what I already know, and that is nematode parasites come from hornets, mites, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, and even aquatic biofilms, even though they don’t even know about their own nematode parasites yet. They’re so far behind on borrelia they think they are ahead. When they started making too much money, insurance companies cried foul. Then they bullied doctors. Doctors bullied patients in turn, and treat them with some useless prescription that costs more. The Banks are happy, because “costs more” is better.

“More” is what is really behind Movember. It is to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Yeah, right. I had issues. I found solutions. I haven’t received a cent. Never got one from any of those canvassers and their drives for the disease du jour. They’ll throw it all into some research, and give themselves a raise on the backs of their panhandling volunteers. With all that money, why haven’t they discovered what I know by now, even though I told them all repeatedly in no uncertain terms? Wild Apple Leaves skunks out all these little worms behind everything. Silence. They’re scared shztless to try it even. Their cash cow would be torpedoed straight in the midships of the piggy bank. Is that all it is? Pretty much.

So oil is half price for the feedstock these days. Why isn’t gasoline half price then? Silence. Same thing. The real reason is that when it was high, they got a loan to build a big plant, and now we are still paying that loan, not them. Most of the price of gasoline is that loan and the taxes on the price of that loan. A huge windfall when the feedstock halves in price gets sucked up by the banks and the government. So I expect the same thing will happen when they discover my thing solves nearly all disease for virtually nothing. They have made a huge mistake, and arguably the largest screw up in history, but we will all still pay for it. That has really got to change.

Here is the upside. They are so cement headed that they refuse to believe it. Move to some country with Apple Trees and no health care “insurance”. Better yet, start your own insurance company requiring that people eat Wild Apple Leaves for admission into the Plan. Accept only smokers. By the time we’re all over a century old, nobody will be able to join though. Charge them a 1% surcharge for each year of age. They’ll have to apply when we hold a seance, because doctors or Monsanto will have killed them by then.

Back to the Paris “Climate Change” Global Warming terror. Looks like they are guilty of what they always claim their detractors are: They are scientifically ignorant, but mostly out of date. We already know they can’t do math or history. Apollo 13 showed us that we can survive 50,000 parts per million CO2. Melt an ice cube in a glass of water and the level goes down, but the Antarctic ice shelf is growing. Looks like they had better get busy melting Antarctica. They better cut down all the rainforests too. They are net CO2 producers rivalling China by a factot of ten. Good thing Al Gore also invented the internet too, huh? An Inconvenient Goof.




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Sun, Nov 29, 2015 – Day 486 – The Future of Medicine

On that link to lymewhisperer.org yesterday, Dr. Horowitz said that this was the future of medicine. He meant the 500 doctors attending the 10/10/2014 ILADS conference. People are blissfully unaware. Last year, or a couple years back, they said Lyme affected 300,000. Now that year old link said it was closer to 1.5 Million, and since then they have conceded that not only is it an STD, it is transmitted by all sorts of arthropods, not just ticks. I’ll go one further. EVERY body has it, and Wild Apple Leaf phage smokes out the largely unknown filarial nematode parasites behind it. I had hundreds of them come out. They say 29% of the bugs/ticks on the Arctic Circle tested positive for borrelia. Extrapolate that, and every third insect bite or sting will leave a nematode parasite in you. For Decades.

They must have caused all kinds of disease whether it is in remission or not, because you feel better every day when they come out. It isn’t a total panacea, but less parasites are better. The WHO said a billion and a half people had parasite illness. That is just what they know about. Do you know anybody who has been bitten by less that three bugs? Meanwhile, obsolete medicine frantically tries to salvage their cash cow by dancing all around Lyme borrelia, and not treating it. I found lots of things were hiding behind the nematodes’ biofilm defence. You can’t prove it, but it is obvious how they are using biofilm. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone, thanks Joni Mitchell.

Dr. Alan B. MacDonald unified it as Borrelia. It is everywhere in clinical pathology. Most of it is the same disease that we call Lyme. All sorts of bugs transmit it. I found that these filarial nematode spirochaete farmers maintain it after a heads up from Eva Haughie, Empire State Lyme, and Dr. Eva Sapi, UNH. Dr. Richard Horowitz organized an attack plan flowchart with the MSIDS Map. I have tried by using natural analogs. They don’t do New in Canada in medicine, opting for the definition of insanity instead. I had to overcome several hurdles myself, yet there always seems to be another.

Nobody knew much about phage, or where it came from, so had to rediscover that. The Wild Apple Fibre behaviour pointed to phage. They’re still arguing about biofilm “theory” here. I am still arguing against the theory that they know their azz from their elbow, while trying to strip gallons of biofilm out, and depose the amyloid plaques left behind. Every time you turn a corner, there is another wall to get around, all while under constant attack by the quacks making all the textbook rookie mistakes. The future of medicine is way out of their league. They’re too busy gearing up for the huge typewriter boom.  I have satisfaction in knowing they are all infected, and they’ll kill themselves treating it their way, when it snaps out of dormancy that fateful day. That’s payback for all the people they are currently killing.

pillI look forward to how I could help, even though I am outside the loop. It is frustrating, knowing you could save people from biofilm chronic illness, with a pill and perseverance. The side effects are less than anything in existence, but they are still there. I explained them in great detail. Nobody wants to even try. I had no choice. I was abandoned to die by the most evil, useless, misdirected money machine ever.

They never were interested in cures. Everybody is mentally ill anyway, actually believing that they must die. I come along and say it is optional, and all they can offer is that *I* am nuts. Look at the theory of cancer treatments, and that is truly nuts. They kill everything, and hope you can rebuild the good stuff. Not with a thousand nematode parasites they ignore, I bet. If I get anybody, I will get all the sickiest people they wreck first, making it difficult to undo the cause, and all the damage they caused too. That may be impossible because they are so deadly, without exception, having a 100% track record of FAIL!

Most of their stuff hasn’t made it out of the test tube. Mine hasn’t made it into one. I cut out that part. The Deer were doing a lot better against all those bugs that I was. Now I know why, and nobody else does. I wish I knew earlier. Now I know how most of people  will die, even though they don’t have a clue, and don’t want to know, until it’s too late. They’re riddled with worms, and they still don’t know it. The smaller the worm, the worse the disease, it is said. These are tiny.

People put all of their faith in the past of medicine, and they still have no clue. Too late. Some people obviously want to know, but they won’t believe what I found out first hand because I don’t use, and didn’t waste time on, their time dis-proven methods. Wild Apple Leaf phage turned out to be a catalyst to break biofilms to soluble sugars with pectin enzyme. The bugs left hundreds of live parasites in you that build gallons of the slimy biofilm stuff in you, but the Apple Leaf forces them out. You can live months without eating on biofilm alone while it breaks down. Go figure.


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Sat, Nov 28, 2015 – Day 485 – Eliminating Amyloid Plaques

Amyloid Plaques underlie all kinds of chronic illness. Check that link. Lewy Body. Alzheimer’s. Neuroborreliosis in general. A magic bullet is needed to erode them. Proteins and malformed peptides. Getting rid of the nematodes first, then the biofilm, gnaws it down to a strange symptomatology, containing only pieces or parts of amyloid plaque diseases. Can we target those plaques now with the biofilm eroded away? Well, your faithful scribe here is in that extremely rare position, since nobody has reported getting rid of hundreds, or even thousands, of nematode parasites, when you count Swimmer’s Itch worms, living for decades, until the Wild Apple Leaf Phage Fibre sent them packing over the last year. They left all their biofilm and amyloid plaque there. Two down, now this to go.

When I went through  the Lewy Body Composite Risk Score 3 minute test, all the mental symptoms were gone, but the physical ones remain. The first thing wild apple leaves addressed was the well known Lyme Brain Fog. That was in 72 hours, a year and a half ago. It doubles your IQ roughly, and wallops depression. The hardest lingering illnesses, like peripheral neuropathy, and prostatitis like symptoms, linger, but strangely only part of them. I am just guessing it is these amyloid plaques still left behind. Sometimes, small grains of them break off, in urine, and stick to the porcelaine of the toilet. Maybe vinegar can dissolve them. I noticed more of them come out when I take Apple Cider Vinegar, but it is not very tasty. You can’t cook with it because Pasteurization starts at 60°C to 100°C. The upside is that it is already a common supplement for regulating body pH. Although it is acidic, it triggers body pH to a desired higher, or basic, condition. This is like blood oxygen rising after smoking a cigarette, exactly the opposite of what you would predict.

NeverWhen you powder Wild Apple Leaves in a blender to get the fibre, a cotton like substance is in the powder. I took it that this was the veins of the leaves. They contain the active substance/phage I also found. Just eating the leaf stems, or that “cotton”, is enough to get a herx. So where is medicine in all this? They are too busy bullying what works against their ineffective criminal ca$h cow. Ignore them. They are the Bernie Madoff’s of Financial Management when it comes to Health, especially when you are really sick. It is a Ponzi Scheme with made up and fudged statistics to get poisons approved for money. They can’t bully open source with their teams of lawyers because there is no money in it, and it’s akin to putting a detonate button on a nuclear warhead. You can push it, but let me know how that goes for you.

On Watter’s World, he asked “Where was Jesus born?” One person said “Probably in some hospital like area.” He got buzzed for a wrong answer. If he were Canadian, it was 100% Correct, except some would take umbrage, comparing a manger, unfavourably, to a backwoods Canadian hospital. It isn’t so much the building, but the staff/staph in it. Manger is an upgrade, so I guess he shouldn’t be buzzed technically, but a ding with an extended pause from the judges to clarify nationality. Too close to call. Stable/Manger is technically, anri-septically, and morally superior to “Canadian Hospital Like Area,” yet ballpark, while being more akin to “Bankers’ Whorehouse.”

Amyloid comes erroneously from the Greek for starch.The biofilm with it would have given a false starch positive. Fibrils are fine filaments, albuminoid proteinaceous material, and such that you may think serrapeptase might get to them, but this may have trouble transcending the blood brain barrier. It is odd that drugs and alcohol have no trouble. I wonder if the small intestine consumes it all first, having large amounts of amyloid stuff in it? Somehow, it gets from there to where it lodges. Likely nematode parasites, to shore up their biofilms, but they’re all gone now. Saliva contains large amounts of amylase, but perhaps not enough, due to the interdiction from parasite nematodes. It could simply be a matter of time with the parasite gone.

I added Apple Cider Vinegar to supper yesterday, after cooling, and the urine smell was cat like again. That tells me Bartonella. Still no sign of Bart, my wandering stray cat who ditched me, but through fleas, could have been a reinfection source. It is a very common Lyme coinfection with involved neuropathy issues. It can stand alone without Lyme, and must be considered when Lyme goes chronic. Morning sweats are associated with bartonella while night sweats are babesia. It is as common as cats. I read how common all these things are, and they don’t even test for them here. No treatment either. I’m on my own.

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Fri, Nov 27, 2015 – Day 484 – Lying With Impunity

People do it on TV. Doctors do it. Nurses do it. I don’t know about you, but I’m weary of liars. Everything is a mess because of it. Bosses tell clients what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. It’s all a huge lie. Lying with impunity works. It works spectacularly. There are no consequences for lying. There are for telling the truth. If liars were whipped, maybe there would be a deterence. Instead they are rewarded.

Eventually, they get so bold they lie straight out, even though you have evidence of them lying immediately. They bump into, or open a door into, your car. While sitting there, you ask them what is up with that? “I didn’t hit your car.” Where is a bat when you need it? By delivering the truth, you would suffer the consequences.

Lyme doctors don’t know they’re lying. If they don’t get rid of the filarial nematode spirochaete farmers first, the Lyme will keep coming back. It is how the worm eats you. It isn’t some mythical cell. It’s a gawdam worm, and it’s a parasite. Wild Apple Leaves smoke it out. Doctors have to know about that but they don’t. Nobody ate enough Apple Leaves ever to skunk them out. They are so used to people lying that they assume everybody lies. I am not lying, and I am suffering the consequences. If even one person believes, the reward will be that most of their illness will be cured like mine was, as far as I know. They can wait another 50 years to confirm if they want. This “bioweapon” will kill everybody by then, it is obvious, and since there is no consequence to lying, nobody will believe anything any more.

So how do we know I’m not lying about not lying? You would have to prove that I am lying. I mean really prove it. Take a third of a gram a day or more apple leaf powder, equivalent to half a dozen leaves or more, I guess. For like 484 Days! By then you will have probably tapered back and I guess all the worms will have skidaddled, like they seem to have, finally, with me. If they don’t, maybe you never got bit by a bug. Or you killed them some other unknown way. Only you will know what killed them. If you miscalculate, and there are worms there still, they will kill you. It is that simple. They will live to reinfect you with the dozen co infections of Lyme disease, and there will be no hope to ever get better.

The CDC says there is no chronic Lyme Disease. They can’t explain how all the alleged chronic Lyme patients died. I can. Their persisting bug parasite worms killed them. Their treatment got rid of the open ammo, but not the army. The army has a near unlimited supply of ammo, and they just go back and open a few more boxes for more. There are no persister bullets. There is a fully loaded army ready to go though. Wild Apple Leaves make it obvious there was an army as they all pull out.

I’m not lying when I say I think the army will be tougher next time. They’re pizzed off having their ammo ripped off, and the enemy is exposed, in the wide open, unprepared, for payback. Dr. Horowitz knows that it is a tough group of diseases to tackle. That is why his book is called, “Why Can’t I Get Better?” Nobody gets better the simple way. Even Doc Horowitz doesn’t know about the hundreds of filarial nematode spirochaete farmers I smoked out. Only Dr. Sapi knows about filarial nematode eggs. I see where the whole hatched live worms come out.

It has taken a lot longer in my case as I get it by trial and error. That biofilm had a hundred or more nematodes hiding in it at Day 313. I figured Neverout it was pectin they were hiding in. Then I tried pectin enzyme, much cheaper than Kirkman Biofilm Defense. Voila! I add lots of other enzymes, but that is the main one. It also helped with the circulation restricting swelling from the Apple Fibre Herx from 171 days ago. That has been almost 6 months of slime dissolved to sugar/honey jelly there. It took 60 years to build it so I don’t feel bad. There were Rickettsial Illnesses hiding in it, akin to the army’s WMD. I had worms drill out of bee stings from the 70’s, with part of the stinger intact. It took some digging to get it out. God only knows what illness was in that package. Another was in the side of my chest around my heart. My body was a wreck from all this but you Know it only gets better with all that gone. You can feel it. The repair is slow, as always, but look at the damage. 60 years of it. From what I’ve seen, everybody is positive, unless they can prove otherwise. I’m not lying!!

The official doctor line is that Lyme is hard to catch, and easy to cure. I find the opposite. It’s impossible not to catch, impossible to cure their way, and I have proof, inside each and every one of them. Some dis assembly required, like 6 months of it. That, and so far, this Black Friday is a Turkey. I’m not lying.

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Thurs, Nov 26, 2015 – Day 483 – They Aren’t THAT Dumb… YMMV

Our doctors and politicians aren’t that stupid. You heard it here first. When people smart enough to get onto easy street, like that, seem stupid, they are acting. Badly. They need acting lessons. The big question should be why are they acting stupid? I can see politicians. The intelligence agencies want them to act dumb so dumb terrorist immigrants, refugees, whatever, can walk into their trap. For all we know, these dumb mothers have been set up from the get go. They have been led to act out their hate with an undercover accomplice. Sneaky, but what if the terrorists catch on? Paris, that’s what. You can likely figure out the rest.

The perplexing thing is this one with the Canadian Doctors. They are acting like mouth breathing idiots. In school, they weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, so to speak, but they weren’t that dumb. There are the rare exceptions like Dr. Richard Horowitz who is well schooled and keen, but in general, our own doctors are smart enough to keep their country club memberships. Why risk it by acting like total mouth breather imbeciles? I think it is that their management is stupid enough to think we can’t handle the truth.

Here is the real truth. I found that either licorice or tobacco smoke contains a surfactant in it that makes dissolved biofilm hydrophobic, so it comes out of blood solution in the lungs when it comes in contact with air in the alveoli. That will be a tough sell to a doctor, but that is an observation in my case. There are lots of other ways, but that is the only one I know. Guaifenesin expectorant may work in a similar fashion for nonsmokers, but maybe it is licorice that is the active surfactant. The mucus tastes faintly of licorice now. Natural licorice is strangely absent from all health food stores here where it used to be sold. They must be blackmailed to keep human meat tasty for the consumers. Who would be the consumers of human flesh? With a nice Chianti? Pffft, pffft… I know meat is expensive, but not THAT expensive.

We know nematodes are human flesh eaters, and we know nematodes are intelligent. They take over the brains of their target hosts, be it doctor or ditch digger. There could be others that Stephen King could have  a field day with, but that is Hollywood. More bad acting. Let’s stick to what is plausible. Whatever it is it must be a whopper because they are killing people with their actions, and we have a file with inrrefutable evidence, like treating babesia with the two most common misdiagnoses, like asthma, COPD, and even lung cancer, and operating on borrelia GI symptoms with totally unnecessary invasive surgery. It must be a good reason for them to commit premeditated murder. Somebody very evil has the thumbscrews on them. I can’t buy they are that stupid otherwise.

Dr Horowitz is big on reducing cytokines. Ginko, Co Q10, tumeric, and curcumin. I dig bromelaine in moderation. The cytokines cause swelling in arthritic people. Lyme Disease discovery started as arthritis in children. My pain from arthritis is gone, but not some swelling. My knees have become knobby swollen My spine is straightening though. The Wild Apple Leaf has really done a number on the Klebsiella.

BiowarfareThomas Grier offers an explanation. It’s a Bioweapon. It’s is a Silly Thanksgiving blog post now! If there is any credence to this, there is an evil string puller behind these doctors. It all rings so true, though. Pick your evil perp. They did it for money, the age old conspiracy motive. They already have all the money. Somehow, they sure don’t want us to smoke. To me, and observing them, that is code speak for smoke more. If smoking were part of the cure, it would be an easy way to get rid of pesky doctors. Diabolical!

Warfare 101 is to obfuscate communication channels. Take out doctors. Better get rid of engineers, and surveyors expert at delivering the goods xyz. Mechs make weapons, civils make targets. Georox find oil. Nothing makes money like a really good conspiracy theory, and where the target is you. Why? “You” are so badazz, that they can’t take the risk to let you live. They got your soft spot; Ego. Baztzrds!

Russians say they do not like me talking about Wild Antonovka Apple Fibre Phage. They still have relatives in the old country. Don’t be silly. Russians would never want us all to die miserably and painfully. Moreover, old East Germans are so warm and cuddly, except for the ones who made Kim Jong Un’s reactors. Besides, they don’t want or need all our botrgeiosis $hzt. Besides, they LUFF Joo0z, now.

Whatever. Maybe they are that stupid, AND evil. Sounds legit. You can see I rip Gutfeld and McLeod a lot. Politicians are SOOO smart… and you aren’t. Hyperbole. Russians or Money. Pick your poison. They got Bush, but EVERYBODY wants to get him. Yawwwn… Can’t be the Chinese. They’re gonna bury us in rubber dogshzt and fake Gibsons first. They have a Lyme problem too. Obfuscation makes for a good conspiracy theory. It gets more mileage if you can’t put your finger on it.

Today started out better actually. It got colder and drier. Clear sky. I wonder if it will last? Not really. Miss World Canada has been denied entry into China to the Miss World competition. Human rights. Too outspoken. Nobody likes being told about the elephant in the room, or phone booth. Like Canada, or the US, and their Lyme Disease “problem,” the bullies will pounce. They ARE that stupid, but now they are giving themselves a 100% mark. There are no consequences for lying, but there are for telling the truth. That, in a nutshell, is the entire problem.

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Weds, Nov 25, 2015 – Day 482 – What causes Cancer?

A Canadian physician shoots back, “Smoking!” To them, it is the only thing that causes the most perplexing illness known to man. They are so certain that it even causes cancer in non-smokers. No reason to believe otherwise. They are smarter than all medicine in the world. Except when it comes to Rickettsial Illness or borrelia. Too rare they say. Odd. Every single autopsy shows borrelia in tissues of cadavers when autopsy is required to get to cause of death. Their answer? They do not look for it. They are so smart.

What caused the Titanic? “The Paint!” shoots back a Canadian doctor. It is an example of how simplistic they are when faced with a complex problem like cancer. That is their mindset. Find something that causes some cancer. Say it causes all cancer. Ignore the twenty some odd pounds of parasite worms first. They are too busy focussing on a low percent of the problem. By now, so few people smoke, it should all be cured, using their logic. They continue to make life miserable for smokers anyway. Because they always have. What about the twenty pound of worms I found hiding in me? What about the facts that can make me extrapolate that to anyone ever bitten by insects? No explanation.

No doctor even. From now on, I will only see a doctor when they can tell me how many pounds of worms the Wild Apple Leaves smoked out. It is pointless otherwise. Their knowledge is so junior, they aren’t getting anywhere near me. When they say they had no worms, I know they have the same weight of knowledge. No point seeing them. Good doctors are hard to find. By 58 minutes, you will discover the entire blood supply is contaminated with babesia, not to mention mycoplasma, and you won’t go anywhere near our 4th world grade health care system ever either, especially based on their assessments. After 1:05, he talks about persistence. Nobody knows that is parasite worms yet, but close enough. Find a Wild Apple Tree from a deer, try eating the leaves like a deer, and you will see what I mean.

It is like pulling up to some bug bit non smoking hiker with a dented bush truck, and they’re all covered with welts from the bug bites. “Your truck looks like it needs a paint job!” as they slather on more carcinogenic bug repellent. Well, duh. I thought I might address the body work first, but definitely after retiring it from the bush. People working outdoors smoke to repel the bugs. Now it turns out the bugs are ten time deadlier than the cigarettes. Look at the parasite worms they leave in you. Where are doctors calling for a ban on insects first? We know the bush needs a paint job, and we’re touching it up one scratch at a time, first. We’ll get around to quitting smoking when you kill all the insects first. Kindly refrain from using all outdoor products before you do that. Like the wood in your house. The gas in your car. The car mined out of northern Ontario and Wisconsin. Stop eating food grown out doors too. Lose a dozen pounds of insect worms and we’ll talk.

Meanwhile, an exploding e cigarette just broke a man’s neck. Who forced him into e cigarettes? Doctors. Then add all the suicides from that anti smoking medicine. Smoking kills in 80 years. Doctors kill in 8 days. Do you think maybe they lost the plot? Any questions? Wild Apple Leaves make it instantly obvious why a lot of them look like idiots. You are packing bug parasites around. Lots of them. If smoking makes that feel better, then don’t dare criticize someone so hounded by these parasites that it does, until you can show a better way to get rid of them. The parasites, not the patients. We already know they’re champs at that.

Lyme Disease is an epidemic. There is no denying that now that they have been outed hiding it, because too many people tested positive. It is probably wise to treat for Rickettsial Diseases, eg: babesia, first, instead of going off on some bullshzt anti smoking tirade and jumping to COPD and asthma. We know they are bush challenged. This is The Rocky Mountains. That is why they call some of it Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Duh. Whether you smoke or not, it affects respiratory more in these parts. That fact that they are clueless about it is enough to lift their license for not being current enough.

Any time you hear Climate Change, mentally change it to Herbicides. Herbicides are making infected insect populations, and the resulting illnesses, explode. By killing weeds/herbs, there is nothing to keep the insect population, or immunity to insect illness, down. Mankind will disappear before they figure it out because we gave all our money to doctors without a clue. Tell me about it. My whole family is infected, in denial, and getting worse with every trip to junior faux doctors.

Where are the hospital signs? Not No Smoking. The ones that say “Warning! We are ignorant of Epidemic Reckettsial Illnesses and have been caught red handed hiding Lyme Disease, here! Therefore we are a fraud!” Print it on a sticker over a green circle with a lit cigarette in the middle, and stick it everywhere there. They need a slap upside the head like that. I see the Pillow Guy on TV. The reason he is in business is because of doctors who do not know the Horowitz MSIDS Map. The link is the questionairre, not the 16 point Map. Here is 15 of the points. Buy the book for number 16.

  1. Lyme MSDIS 1Infections
    a. bacterial Lyme Disease, Elhrichiosis, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, RMSF, Typhus, Tulerimia, Q Fever, Tick Paralysis.
    b.Parasites Babesiosis and other piroplasms, filiariasis, amebiasis. Giardiasis.
    c. Viruses EbV, HHV-6, HHV-8, CMV, St Louis Encephalitis, West Nile, Powasan Encephalitis and other viral encephalopathies ?XMRV
    d. Candida and other fungi
  2. Immune Dysfunction – ANA+ RF+HLADR-4
  3. Inflammation IL-1, IL-6, TNF-a- Sickness syndrome
  4. Toxicity – Multiple Chemical sensitivity, Environmental Illnesses, Heavy Metals, Mold and Neurotoxins
  5. Allergies- Foods, drugs, environmental….
  6. Nutritional and Enzyme deficiencies/functional medicine abnormalities in biomedical pathways
  7. Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  8. Psychological
  9. Endocrine d/o
  10. Sleep disorder
  11. ANS dys (f)
  12. GI
  13. Elevated LFT’s
  14. Drug use/addiction
  15. Deconditioning need for PT
 Ask a doctor what the terms are. If they don’t know, they aren’t a doctor. Of course, you can get re infected just as easily. That is where Wild Apple Leaves help. But you will have to get your own source. Sorry to be so negative, but I do better doing the exact opposite of everything our doctors say. I’ve gotta buy more cigars now.

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Tues, Nov 24, 2015 – Day 481 – Comedy of Errors

It’s not very funny. There have been repetitive misdiagnoses over 8 years in my case. There is no second opinion. Now there is evidence of a new one. Lyme Disease can manifest in Parkinson like symptoms of Lewy Body Disease. Shakiness in the strong hand, motor difficulties, balance difficulties, and that sort of thing. It cannot be definitively diagnosed, short of by autopsy for amyloid plaques and spirohcaetes in the brain, but there is a composite risk test score. The Spirochaetes are the link to borreliosis/Lyme Disease.

Treatment for it is even fuzzier. I have motor and balance issues, and shaky hands, that come and go inexplicably. The wrong drugs make it worse, like quetiapine, and Parkinson’s drugs. I don’t have dementia. Wild Apple Leaves fought the other components of it such as confusion/cognitive deficit, but not the shaky hand, motor, or balance issue part. Treatment is for heavy metal toxicity and other diet related things to restore neural cell energy. In short, it is pretty fuzzy too. Of course, the big thing I found is that it is related to bug bites. Even the CDC is slowly catching on to that. Add infected spiders, mites, bedbugs, and fleas. Someday they’ll add stinging insects too.

The lonely and frightening thing here is that this is all over the head of the bandaid medical system we have, and that has failed me repeatedly over the past 8.5 years, invariably. They have been dangerously wrong every single time. Consider me as a typical  test of the system. Their 8.5 year practical score is 0%. Now the same idiots tell my friend her mother has cancer, by their tests. She is distraught. I say seek a second opinion from a naturopath or a TCMD. They are the only other thing. I didn’t get as many live Apple Leaves as I need for her of the good new ones and now it has snowed. The older ones are losing their strength comparatively going by the herx feeling. That is another unwelcome discovery.

It could be for another reason. I could be desensitized to them after the phage has used up all the viable pathogens for that type of phage. Having an incurious imposter medical squad does not help matters. They are a demonstrated fraud. 8.5 years being wrong every single time. You could see maybe once or twice, but every single time? Come on. They are a fraud.

If my balance was better I would have felt better getting leaves on a ladder. I didn’t risk it. I tried to catch them in a net but the wind came up and blew them mostly away. Nobody was interested to help. However, consider that their doctors are the same fraud artists. Maybe they’ll be a little more interested. Let’s see how many more funerals this winter. Borreliosis is a hidden epidemic here from all the dead spawning Salmon in the insect-human food chain.

My vacation cold feet were a prescient thing. The US State Department has issued a travel alert to Feb 24 for Americans to stay inside, and avoid large crowds, when travelling now. Canada just had a US puppet government elected last month. I take it we are in the same boat. I read that the party in charge here, winning by campaigning on not signing the Trans Pacific Partnership, is in fact, promising to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership in Manilla. This very minute. Without reading it. And I think I MAY have Lewy Body. Looks like they don’t. You need a brain to get it, or even suspect it, first.

I am not alone. Insect diseases will be epidemic in Canada. I was all altruistic at the beginning, but that does not look possible. People are happily dying, thank you. They trust the medical special class. They’re special. It is extremely rare anybody can score 0%. You get at least 1% putting your name on the paper, don’t you? In a demerit marking system, they score less than zero. Vet them against the freely available current peer reviewed research on the internet and they come up in the hole every time.

Now I see Putin clearing his throat from what looks like Baker’s Pneumonia. At least they got the memo about Wild Apple Leaf Phage from what seems to be their Antonovka cultivar Trees. Russia’s gain… the “Free” (sic) World’s loss… Again. You learn to notice little things like that from the effects of eating Wild Apple Fibre Phage. Again, the West passed on it to their ultimate peril, looking for the almighty Buck. Again, it was a Canadian that rediscovered it, me. They won’t let me ship it, but you can’t stop the idea. It is strangely unrepeatable though. It must matter what the soil phage available where the tree grows is.