Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 – Day 458 – How Time Flies


You could defenestrate the clock, but I will save that for Day Light Savings in the spring. I turned the clock back an hour last night, so here we are on good old Standard Time Again. The morning is a lot brighter, but I know it comes at the cost of getting dark early. Now they are already talking about Black Friday opening early. Some are opting out altogether. WalMart is having Black November it seems. The leaves are falling like CNBC’s Republican Debate approval numbers.

Back at the ranch, MS is a symptom of Lyme Disease. If that is the case, Wild Apple Leaf will be part of the cure. By the way, that is a great blog I am still reading. 3 days ago there was a great post about Quantum Mechanics. 15 months ago I was in tears because my symptoms pointed to ALS and they were ignoring me. I kept reading and found out about how they were hiding this Lyme Disease. There was no treatment here, only denial and deflection. Now after 15 months of trying what the deer were eating, I understand so much more. OwnDoc.com is preaching to the choir, but she may not know about Wild Apple Leaf phages I seem to have stumbled on. Then lots of evidence pointed to the existence of Dark Matter life forms as pathogens. Conventional Medicine coincidentally also got a 5% score with this. Maybe it is no coincidence.

pound-o-wormsThis is a lot different than Sarah Vaughter‘s OwnDoc.com because the Wild Apple Leaves are a powerful anthelmintic and they are strongly acaricidal, which is the main draw for Deer we found. A bug bites you and it dies. A nematode accesses out at the site of old bug bites and old be and hornet stings. Swimmers Itch worms also access out decades after the fact. It eliminates what must be a large cumulative draw on your health, and that was found to be multiple nematode parasites. A political telemarketer insisted he had no parasites, after which I asked him, “And you are basing this on what? I couldn’t find a control subject because they all had these bug bite parasites. Maybe you can try it and help me, since you are the only Canadian I know who claims he has never been bit by a bug.” He hung up. lulz I was just getting started. I was going to tell him these things were ten percent or more of his body weight. Here is a pound of earthworms, but filled with dirt instead of disease like mine must have been. It became clear this is why people age, and why they get sick when the Wild Apple Leaves showed evidence of possessing characteristics of a phage. They were a panacea.

Everybody wants to know what I look like. This pic is a couple years old before I spiralled downhill.Me5Me4 My hair is a bit darker now, and I am about the same, albeit 20 pounds lighter, if that is possible. Those Dark Matter worms are heavy. I’m stooping down to replace a headlight on a large old orchard Van that Chris bought. He passed away from brain cancer a few months after that was taken. In retrospect, I see it was Lyme Disease, and he had neuroborreliosis, leading to increasingly strange behaviour. Doctors here are baffled. I knew I was going the same way, that is until I found that the Wild Apple Trees like the one over my left shoulder, in that picture to the right, had edible leaves, and they were the key to cracking whatever the hell it is that was killing all of us. Time flies, and the rest is history. I feel so much better now, but it has been a long journey. It is complicated by the fact that every time I go to see the doctor here, they make me sicker. It is like they are killing me out of sheer incompetence. Avoiding them makes me better. That is the sugar coated analysis. If I didn’t know better, it seems like they are intentionally trying to murder me.They have no idea I have the only medicine that can cure them, and all their other problem patients, dismissing it outright.

I’m only 59, going on 60 in a couple months.The door is 78 inches tall, but I have my old cowboy boots on. I have shrunk down from 6′ 3-3/4″ from spirochaetes eating my cartilage, I presume. Bambi there is about 5’10”. That brace on my right knee is no longer needed. The cartilage has healed with Wild Apple Leaves, and it no longer goes too far against the lock. I was getting inexplicably worse, and starting to suffer weakness on what was formerly my strong side. They thought I had previously suffered a stroke, which has largely reversed. I found it was linked to a tick bite this spring, 8 years to the day after the diagnosis. I had two ticks, and they both died and fell off with 350 mg/day Wild Apple leaf powder on May 18 and 21 respectively.

The leaves taste better when they are still green, and then air dried below 60Ā° C to preserve the nature. The darker red-brown fall leaves are bland comparatively, but seem to still have the same effect. They make my lower legs feel cool in a reverse herx. I am thinking of getting ready to venture south to try some other leaves now that I know the drill, and how to prevent getting snotterboarded by the biofilm getting internally eaten away. It is better being your own doctor when they are so completely clueless, or playing coy out of the immense pressure to commit insurance fraud that they are under here. They are technologically able, but blackmailed to sollow the script or be dis-communicated. Any way, the darker fall leaves peaked with enzymatic effect more when they were green. Save it for next season here. The leaves down south should be peakin’, like last year.

Meanwhile, back to the debate. They forgot there is an engineering physicist on Wild Apple leaves here orchestrating a trainwreck by mental osmosis. šŸ˜‰ It’s catching.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Sun, Nov 1, 2015 – Day 458 – How Time Flies

  1. Its winter here lol where can I find wild apple leaves now? thx šŸ™‚


    • I’m short only because I couldn’t get help this harvest. I had people, that previously committed, renege honestly because they suffer from the exact same thing these leaves cure. and I knew why. Ahhhhgh!!!


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