Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Nov 3, 2015 – Day 460 – Regaining Strength

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That is easier said than done. It has taken way too long, but I guess I should be grateful. Hippocrates said “Be your own Doctor!” It doesn’t help that I am a quack veterinarian. lulz Anyways, this puppy is definitely on the mend. I haven’t had a wormwood treatment for a couple weeks, but that was definitely a turning point. That 2015 Custom Phage helps a lot too. It took a whole growing season to build it, and I probably could have taken it earlier way back in the summer. I didn’t know that it would work though. It was a Hail Mary type shot. I knew the deer were the source of those Wild Apple Trees, but I didn’t know that was the process that caused them to take up the viable phage, and preserve them, from the soil. I just had a suspicion it was something like that, and that the apple leaves seemed to have phage properties, being a panacea and working well across species like cats, squirrels, and deer.

That strange peripheral neuropathy, weakness/numbness on the strong or right side in my case, was due to a different pathogen than was causing it in the deer. The MSIDS Map fingered Babesia as the culprit, related to RMSF and or malaria. The interesting takeaway here is the nature of Wild Apple Trees when doped with pathogens while they are growing. It was also cool that it fought the venturia inaequalis fungus on the specific test tree. It is a symbiotic relationship, human and tree. I nibbled a little more leave stem to try and set a minimum active dose here, two 1.5″ pieces of leaf stem. I can still feel it a little bit as it is being absorbed here.

heartWhen you are as beaten down as I was, and you manage to recover, you don’t really want to get active right away. Anything but. It is more like a feeling of relief. Then you always worry about relapses. I try to address biofilm with pectin enzyme, and that has been working in concert with the leaves. There seems to be a few spots here worms still came out on my right forearm. They have lived in there for God knows how long, hiding beneath the biofilm all that time. I am keeping up the biofilm reduction program. Every time you eat it is like another coat of pectin spray paint. You have to make sure you wash it off continuously. It is like an inner city graffiti sprayed wall that keeps filling up even after you clean it off. Painting over it just makes it more inviting.

The big takeaway here is that if it was ALS or MS or Lyme or whatever, they are supposed to be a death sentence. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can continue to get out of it. Nobody knew, or wants to know, this was all related to bug parasite worms or nematodes. Everybody thinks it does not apply to them. Well, guess again. The things are likely ubiquitous in Canada. Everybody has about a dozen pounds or more of these things to get rid of. It looks like that is why you die. It is the difference between man and Methuselah. Aubrey Grey should be tickled pink, but he does not know. Nobody knows. Undertaker will still be the only recession proof business.

Likewise, along with sapindus  or soapnuts, you have to keep it up with the Apple Leaves to make use of the acaricidal properties, and kill bugs as they continue to bite. Apparently, a little clove powder kills the nematode eggs too. It is a War on Bugs you have to keep fighting. I wish I had more of that 2015 test tree. There is always next year, and I can dope the others. Gramp’s Tree on the edge of that old septic field is still being harvested into the net I believe too. Those ones would be particularly useful to my whole family, but they are too smart to even try them. I guess that is normal. Doctors are all sooo smart, and that is why they have a forty century unbroken track record of failure except for a few successes like pennicillin and insulin. Vaccination worked for a while too until it couldn’t keep up to the morphing pathogens. This is the proverbial hammer after the fact. It still stands that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but nobody thinks they have to prevent anything. I say Death might be preventable, and they just laugh. Real rocket surgeons. Have a nice Death.

Nematodes make sure it is the worst death possible. Doctors cut you up and amputate chunks, or stuff you full of rat poison to treat a heart attack. Should you happen to get a vectored illness, they will just say you are delusional, and lock you in a room. That’s some ounce of prevention if it can get you out of that, because that gets repeated daily with everybody else who finds it out the hard way. I was lucky enough to stay away when it became clear they had no idea what was wrong. Neither did I until I saw those deer eat the apple leaves, and I tried some myself. Then the whole problem became clear. The bugs were transmitting parasites and diseases to people, and the apple leaves got rid of those parasites. The parasites were making a thick biofilm that was breaking up after they left, but I had to find something to thin it out. There was so much left it was choking me. After getting rid of a few gallons of it, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. It beats you down but you have no idea how much until you find out with wild apple leaves, and lots of biofilm dissolving enzymes. Now I just find out my brother has a problem I had, and I know only wild apple leaves cure, because he just came back from the doctor. Antibiotics. That’s their solution and I know it does not work for more than a week because it is antibiotic resistant. His mother and I had the same problem. Dad kept it to himself. Talk about frustrating. Having a Dr. MD around your name is a guarantee you are helpless against it, that’s all.


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