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Weds, Nov 4, 2015 – Day 461 – I know a way out

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Nobody wants to know. Until they are too far gone, or are they? I should be out looking for sick people. I see enough of them filling up disabled spots, but they aren’t around their cars. I had a vision that I could create a memorial medical center for my father, and I know how to crack diseases nobody else does now, but people are being misled by a medical system gone totally insane. They hide the true overlapping diseases with poor to abysmal analytics. Dr-Risk.com is the only person even close, but she didn’t follow it through. She has the better analytics, but I have the cure, and you have to see it through. Meawhile, I have to waste time to get those test results for a typical wrong diagnosis. Why? They can cut off my disability pension if I don’t go there to get the poison script. I just want to get better, and every single thing they have done makes me sicker, even the tests. What the hell is up with that? Are they that incompetent? No. They’re just trying to kill me quick.

I worked in Mexico and got a bad spider bite there on my right foot. The nematodes left in there eventually made it out when the apple leaf skunked them out. It took a lot longer to get rid of the pitting edema biofilm illness they left behind in their haste. That was in rural Mexico. It wasn’t tourist trap Mexico. It was a little town to the NW outside Tampico. Maybe the Baja is like that down by Cabo San Lucas. I don’t know. It would probably be a better place to have a clinic than here. Better tequila for sure. This place is medically awful, and they have likely suffered from the same awful treatment, and runarounds. They don’t only need a break from it, but they also need to have at least a mild party to celebrate getting away from it. I’m watching Marcus Lemonis and the episode with Corner Barkery. I have a trick for him to make every dog love him in a few seconds. Scratch their upper chest because they can’t. Always present a palm up open hand. I found out they are under tremendous bug, and therefore parasite, pressure. Much worse than humans, if that is possible in Canada. People don’t care how much you know, but they do if they know how much you care. I cheat because Wild Apple Leaves makes it possible.

Standing and playing the guitar is  definite improvement. Trying out some commercial grade smoking licorice. Pall Mall Bold. Smokers trust me… That is the least of your worries, once you try Wild Apple Leaves. Then you’ll know, even faster. The trouble is the herx, and how much you want to handle, if you have an infection that it fights. Once most of the nematodes are out, then you can take Wormwood pulses to fight the RMSF/babesia or other MSIDS Map indicated infections, but do note that the Wormwood is a lot more powerful with the biofilm reduced. With the nematodes gone, your focus shifts to biofilm elimination, and as it peels down, co-infections seem to crop up. I liken the whole process to an Apollo Re Entry. You want to navigate the corridor to the VPA, equivalent to giving most of the nematodes the boot. It would be better to have someone aboard who has been through the whole process, and that woyuld be the reason to have a “clinic” for support. Drugs are not the real point, and if you would rather have that, be my guest. It doesn’t work in most every case, and only we know why.

That is actually a bonus. Medicine is so far behind, and so greed oriented, they think they are ahead. They are restricted to four dimensional space when extra dimensional space phenomena are abundant in disease world. Follow Dr. Alan B. MacDonald’s discoveries regarding morphing of spirochaetes for example. They can snap to a quantum array of states while being observed, and perhaps even before being observed. Dr. MacDonald linked Borrellia spirochaetes to every single chronic disease from Alzheimer’s to Morgellons and others. Meanwhile, I am ready to advertise for a larger clinical trial, to smoke out thousands more parasites at an offshore locale out of reach of medical interference nd i a technological environment to possibly capture and identify target species hiding under biofilm as we depose it. I would also offer Cuban Cimavax vaccination on request. That is the Cuban Lung Cancer vaccine. I’m looking for a place to do it, and possibly Belize or Cuba itself. We would not be physicians but physicists largely looking for these physical phenomena and intelligent parasite species drilling out of peoples’ eyes, brains, and everywhere else bugs bite. I am fresh out after skunking most all of mine out save for a few in my forearm last week. It would be a biofilm reduction boot camp with pulses of various cultivars of Wild Apple Leaf I am collecting along with my 2015 phage. It would be advanced phage therapy because I am literally writing the book based on the observed results. I am looking for writers to document when, where, what when the parasites come out mainly if they can remember like I did. I am sure the Apple Leaf will help them since their IQ will likely double in days as the neuroborrelia dies off fast like it did with me.

I could finance it with an online trading school, since I have learned advanced hedging for 5 years now, per Dr. John C. Hull’s Bible, Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, although the SEC restricts me to 99 investors/students without reporting a hedge with a 10Q. Quantum Fund is restricted in that manner, with the 99 wealthiest investors in the world. Money back guarantee. That would be a fair size phase II clinical trial of Arthritis/Alzheimer/Lyme/Morgellons/RMSF/MS/ALS/Celiac/COPD/Asthma/Intestinal disorder patients. Most will know more than their doctors about it, which is almost nothing.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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