Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Nov 5, 2015 – Day 462 – Working the plan

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I am trying to plan a trip to a place that all Canadians can get to without the US travel block, if they are a threat to US jobs like I am. Solution: Fly over the mother, and don’t spend a cent there on their scam. If you have a passport, you’re on your way. I guess I am a lethal threat to all medical and pharmaceutical jobs in the US, so they Jelly. They Mad, bro. How about Mexico? Flighthub has lots of daily direct flights for cheaper than the price difference of cigarettes in Canada. Monthly Rent is cheap too, outside of tourist trap Mexico. It’s warm. Apple Leaves have a chilling herx that feels warm inside, but when you touch it, it feels cool to the touch outside. I’ve had 60 years of miserable cold here halfway to the North Pole. I’m a Whiskey Rocka Roller, but I can switch to Tequila for a stretch. How about Cabo San Lucas? Too commercial? Too Van Halen? They’ll have to learn some Led Zeppelin.

Some place warm would definitely be an upgrade for Canadians. We freeze most of our lives with a couple months a year of bad sledding. The bugs must be pretty tough, because during the warmer months, their population explodes. They make the best of their short lives between being encapsulated in a block of ice. We could all learn a lot from them, unless you are doctors. Then you only learn a pile o’ crap from Big Pharma, such as treating RMSF with steroids and bronchial dilators is good for you. I think they can treat RMSF in Mexico. You could get Cimavax there too, the 50 cent lung cancer vaccine. Nematode parasites can likely avoid it all, with biofilm that no pharmaceutical has been successful penetrating. When you are stuck, sometimes there is an easy way out.

I would expect that no matter what you had, you could give someone a bronchial dilator to increase their air intake, unless they had anklosing spondylitis. Then you get a cage chest from the arthritis. Doctors here are clueless. They just see the cherry picked results. Two things that are contraindicated with RMSF are asthma and COPD, and they got sucked in on not one, but both counts. Get me out of here. Mexico is light years ahead medically. You can get blood microscopy workups done there for 100% confirmation of lyme. You can travel back and forth from Canada. Nobody has Phage Engineering in the richest Salmon Spawning area in the world like I do. If there is a phage that exists in the universe, it exists here in the soil to combat the tonnes of rotten fish, and these apples can filter and catch a phage that will address all the pathogens. I deduced bugs get these nematodes from the dead fish. I would have to monitor progress somewhere, so why not offshore where the weather is better. Doctors can stay here and fight their wars against live meat patients. I’ll work on my international damning endictment of their system for all the marbles. I’ll lawyer up in The Hague.

I also have a couple proof positives you can try at home. Slose your eyes and look in a bright light. Ever notice little parasites swimming in your relaxed eyes? That is what apple leaves get out. Mine are all gone. Always wondered what they were, but now I know. The other of course is Apple Tree fibre/Leaves themselves at about 350 mg./day. You will see where they have been hiding all these decades. Combat Baker’s Pneumonia from the Apple Leaves, another positive, with pectin enzyme, although there are a few more choice enzymes you can take to bump the proteolytics present in the Apple Tree fibre itself. Invertase, Serrapeptase, and bromelaine and/or papaya enzymes will add some sweetness to the produced mucus. Guaifenisin can act as an expectorant if you don’t smoke. You will have gallons of this stuff to get rid of. You are also going to get rid of a lot of lead and heavy metals from the Apple Fibre as well, confusing the heck out of ND’s. The heavy metals have also been locked in you for decades.

I am growing a whole goat for Movember. Apparently, it is a movement to grow a moustache for prostate awareness. That has been one of the toughest ones for Wild Apple fibre to address. I would be interested about the connection to breast and/or uterine cancer, but naturally have no info on that. I only suspect that Wild Apple Leaf can phage pathogens and parasites behind that out, but would need to engineer next year’s phage with pathogens from sufferers. Trust me, I’m not a doctor, but I used to be a paramedic. If you want to blow money and time on their tests, go ahead. I just treat everything with the phage first, including stuff you, or “doctors,” never even knew you had, and get rid of it. If you don’t believe me, you will actually see it leaving. Then ask, “WTF was THAT?” I did. Who cares? It’s gone. Adios. lol

I am going to need a staff to manage appointments and the hotel/motel/apartment block if it should go that far. I know a fair amount about setting it up for people with disabilities that nobody here has a clue about. Limp a few miles in our shoes and you would know. Besides, I would visit the patents, not the other way around if they were too far gone to get around. I’ll have to get my feet wet. Also need someone in southern Chile to tend some Apple Trees and a phage factory. A crash course in Spanish would help, along with a lot of Spanish contacts. There is a lot of work to do. My father used to say two things that really stuck with me. 1. 50% of doctors graduate in the bottom of their class, and 2. There is no shortage of work. Just work you get PAID for! lol This will be cash up front on the Visa/MC/PayPal. Y’all come back now, y’hear?

Then there would be the tax deductible receipts to take care of. A pool would be a must for physio. A minivan bus would be a must for pick up and departure at the airport, if anybody ever wanted to leave. We’ll give these morons the Snow Bird.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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