Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Nov 8, 2015 – Day 465 – One Year One Hundred Days

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It was a second lease on life since then, 465 days ago. I had international lyme, no doubt, and no doctors anywhere in Canada. It looked bleaker than bleak until I saw that deer eating apple leaves, and limping. Since then I have gotten better and the doctors have gotten worse, even though they became an internationally infamous joke. They have no pride because they don’t care, or else they would read up on what their reviews are worldwide. Everybody knows they are playing games to get out of it. People die in their care of it and they get off scot free pleading ignorance. After a half dozen people I knew died shortly after their wrong diagnoses sequed to cancer by their estimation, I stopped going to the killers. Moreover, they died faster after being convinced to quit smoking.

I went looking for a place outside the country to get away from criminal medical services, but after reading lots of reviews, all Los Cabos has going for it is weather. Knowing it is half the battle. Cabo San Lucas has become a tourist trap. Some of the reviews are horror stories of waiters ripping off bank cards. They don’t accept a common credit card, and then steal your bank card numbers when you use it instead. I can see nothing has changed there, and they don’t care, thanks to an endless stream of gringos. It is kind of like here in the summer, but worse. I could feel the snowbirds’ pain reading it all. Having a service, or a guide who knows the traps, like a couple friends of mine, will hopefully make all the difference. There is a 5 hour plus flight to brief people on so you can try not to get sucked in and ripped off. It has a WalMart, hopefully with a US inventory. There are lots of vitamins that US WalMart’s carry that Canadian ones don’t for example. They have Wormwood Absinthe to fight RMSF. They also have Olive Leaves, which help somewhat, but not as much as Wild Apple Leaves with preserved nature. You have to make sure the worms are all out to use the wormwood though. It literally shocks the worms, and it feels like electricity. It is better to let them get out alive because they are toxic if they die.

Key is getting Wild Apple Leaf powder into there, and my little Capsule machine, including enough pectin enzyme to continue busting biofilm down. I have almost 60 years of it to get rid of, amped by Canadian strength nematode parasites. I’ve cleaned out gallons of it, but you have to have maintenance. A starch free diet is impossible in the Americas or Asia for that matter. Every meal is like another coat of pectin spray paint inside your arteries once the bug parasites start in you shortly after birth. Pregnant women say they’re eating for two. On top of that, I found everybody is eating for 200, or multiples more, parasite nematodes.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44There are lots of cigar stores there. I didn’t know if the premium is lower on Cuban cigars now that Cuba has opened up diplomatically. I will have to find out. The best thing is doctors will never find out, and get their just reward for murdering both my parents, playing this stupid Canadian Lyme Disease game. Wait until they are dying, then sue them repeatedly, all of their remaining days. They’ll plug up completely with pectin before they figure that smoking is one of the only ways to get it out, but maybe with guaifenesin too. It is also the most miserable way to die, stuffed in pectin snot, bacterial biofilm, and multiple metastatizing tumors. If they try Apple Leaves late, they’ll snotterboard if they have common babs/RMSF, and wrongly treat it as COPD or asthma, making everything way worse, but instead of listening, they’ll increase the doses, and get further away from smoking. I don’t know what surviving that would be like, but you can be sure it will be a miserable awful pile of backed up snot to the bitter choking snotty end, after they showed me what they do instead. Everything they do makes it worse, making more room to pack with pectin bacterial biofilm snot. Perfect. Karma Squared.

The weather is worth giving it a try, even though there is a seismic risk. Navigating tourist traps is a reality of life here and there. I might even meet other snowbirds who need a summer solution to get away from the heat down there. Too much heat leads to accelerated ageing, but a lot of that could be biofilm buildup, and subsequent heat stress, packing all the parasites around too. Travel medical insurance only leads me to believe I should offer a competing plan, and accept only smokers as long as they go through biofilm reduction and a 3 month Wild Apple Leaf parasite sweep. Any Canadian or US treatment or medications would come at a 400-1000% premium increase. Quitters would also need a crash guaifenesin expectorant program, although it is not proven if the witnessed surfactant hydrophobic effect of smoking on dissolving biofilm will be preserved. The bacterial biofilm is hundreds of times deadlier than smoking by all accounts, but the worms that make it are even worse. The smoking makes the reduced biofilm products somehow hydrophobic, so they can be coughed out multiple times faster. Bottom line looks to be quit smoking and die, by removing a crucial chemical ingredient, suspected to be inhaled burnt licorice, or possibly marijuana, smoke, solving a paradox I puzzled over, and one that claimed the lives of several acquaintances, before I hunted it down. I would have to try one of those places in Cabo where they smoke marijuana to get data. It is a known expectorant, and prompts exaggerated coughing, to move out the broken biofilm products.

It is one of those accidental process engineering discoveries, like less washing detergent makes cleaner laundry. Too much detergent actually lowers the efficiency of the detergent as the detergent molecules interupt each other’s detergent action with van Der Waals bonding of the detergent to itself. Having no smoke in your system might make the the broken polysaccharides hydrophyllic, exactly the opposite desired result. Whatever the actual process, it will take them decades to find the comparable process. Oh, the irony. They have invested all their time, effort, money, and bully pulpit, bashing to diss their only magic bullet out of a dozens of times deadlier process. They don’t even know there is a 50 cent vaccine against the disease they say it causes. Idiots. I suspect you won’t need EGF Inhibition with Wild Apple Leaf anyway. Leave ’em all stuck and doubling down on stupid. The other added bonus is that they give up on you with their deadly “treatments.”

Wild Apple Leaf itself is a mild panacea, but with targeted adjuvanted minerals and enzymes, it is a total and complete sustainable solution.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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