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Weds, Nov 11, 2015 – Day 468 – Lest We Forget

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It is Remembrance Day in Canada. It was the date of Armistice in the First World War. It was also the first test of Phage treating trench foot and infected wounds. Felix d’Herelle in Paris had just found it out the prior year in 1917. He knew it worked, but didn’t know exactly what it was other than it was some kind of microbe that fought other microbes. Like today with Wild Apple Leaves, the results are obvious, but how it does it isn’t so obvious. Scarcely 20 years later, the world forgot, “Lest We Forget,” and did a sequel war for money. Antibiotics came, and went as disease grew resistant. Instead of returning to phage therapy, medicine and insurance have made miserable prolonged death a sustainable profitable institution instead, hawking ever more expensive treatments for symptoms, and not causes. We forgot that if they could find a way to make money off of misery, they will not want to know about cures.

We forgot that left to their own devices, the entire medical field would grow horrifically corrupt and murderous, stifling innovation to protect their stack. It has grown from take two Aspirin and call me in the morning, to take this bandaid shzt until you die. It has grown to a backstabbing process of patent wars where nothing can get approved when the competition harasses the applicant until they go broke or give up. It has grown to a point where it takes all the money and delivers nothing, in a circular self serving, nest lining, bureaucracy, where the patient has become the victim, as they line up to get the “treatment” from incurious condescending community college cookie cutter jail keepers. Lest We Forget, they would murder Albert Einstein in the same fashion as the next guy on the street, all the while proclaiming how smart they are, and how stupid Albert was.

What’s the use? Mankind will never learn. They will cede all their rights to these idiots and die totally preventable deaths. They do not want to prevent anything, or else they would be beating a path to Wild Apple Leaf Phage and biofilm eliminating enzymes. Instead they try to get rid of all bugs, akin to increasing highway safety by getting rid of all cars. Brilliant! Then their bus drives off a bridge and there is a story about it on page 23. Forgetting about it has become an institution. Lest We Forget, the First World War was caused by bankers for money, and public health care is the latest in an endless stream of sequels, because it makes even more money. Lest We Forget, Davison, as head of the American Red Cross, had to feed Germany out of famine first so they could even fight the First World War. He hired mining engineer Herbert Hoover to do this. They would hire him again later to take the fall for the Great Depression, and get rid of those pesky Republicans, Lincoln banking troublemakers. Then they could really get those Germans going.

Ironically they are celebrating Remembrance Day on Wall Street, the place where those that launched it hung their hat, and financed all sides. Ahh, ze Good Old Days. These days, it is a more subtle, and micro manageable, bio train wreck. After all, people live too long as it is. All they had to do was cut out that layer of insurance accountability. It’s done like dinner. It will be like Canada soon enough, and nobody will be the wiser. They’ll think it is a GOOD thing. Anything but. Lest we forget, the one thing that stays the same is they will always forget.

Back to planning a vacation, but I forgot. The Grass is always Greener elsewhere. Now I remember. It reminds of the story of a little bird, waking up and thinking he should fly south for the winter because it is getting cold. It’s that one where he ices up, crashes, and a cow shzts on him. Just about when he thinks he is about to die a horrible death, the cowshzt warms him up. He gets happy and starts to sing. A cat hears the singing, comes over and eats the little bird. Moral of the story is, not everybody who shzts on you is your enemy, not everybody who gets you outta shzt is your friend, and if you are warm and happy, even if it is in a pile o’ shzt, keep yer mouth shut! I remember now. As to how that applies to my situation, it isn’t clear, but there is a message there somewhere. I guess it is the grass is always greener on the other side, and the warm weather is mainly gringo. or snowbird. bait. Weasels overrun all the nice destinations. Having a weasel bait and destruction plan would be optimal, but it may be too much hassle. They’re the bird now, and I have to spin it so I am the cat if I venture into that place. I’m not that nasty or hungry.

Believe it or not, yet another parasite came out after trying the latest batch of Applyme™. Man. they are persistent little buggers. Results you can see and feel. Where is medicine? They are like the guy you yell “Look out!” to, and they ignore it, just before they get the payload at the scene of the accident. I’ll save it, because Lest We Forget, they don’t want to know. Only the insurance company would, unless they are the government. That is because only the government would be that stupid to pass on something that eliminates their loss, or even shows promise to. They assume they are smarter, and that is why they have been so successful at medicine. lol

Lest We Forget, medicine takes half of revenue and fails at job one. Survival. Supermarkets are filled with weedkiller with no labels on their watch. Somehow, they think giving failed drug companies more money will solve anything. If there is any solution, the odds are that it will come from anywhere but the same system that has failed for all human history. Guess what? I discovered they have ignored a ubiquitous parasite infestation, and they have turned down a solution to it. They will get a nice warm vacation, all expenses paid, in Hotel Diablo on the Styx, for a verrrrry long time. I also discovered Dark Matter exists, and their whole concept of religion, pro or con, needs a little rewrite, whether they like it or not. So does mine. We’re on the small side of the equation in the universe to boot. Their flies swat us.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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