Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Nov 12, 2015 – Day 469 – Keeping Options Open

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What if you want to be like a doctor, and pack your worm parasites around because it is God’s Way? Can you get them all back and die normally and miserably, spending ever increasing amounts on useless medications? Well, yes you could, but you would have to work at it a little bit. Unfortunately, depending on how far you went with the Wild Apple Fibre Rewind, you can’t pick your parasites. You couldn’t pick them in the first place, and you all have them anyway, unless you are like my doctor sycophant sister who has never been bitten by a bug, let alone one with a parasite in it. How does she know? She doesn’t. Nobody does until Wild Apple Leaf Fibre opens their eyes as to what a worm farm you all really are. Even worse, if you try it and no worms come out, they are resistant to it, and you are likely doomed to the massive biofilm antibiotic resistant disease assault they commit on Homo Sapiens in general. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44You would not have to try very hard. Just stop AppLyme™. Don’t worry about infected bugs. Most are so small you can’t even see them like fleas and mites. You don’t have to go looking for ticks. Spiders and stinging flying insects will do just fine I found. In time, you’ll be back on the death march like everybody else. Quit smoking to speed it up even more. Bugs do not like smokers. Neither do their parasite payloads. You want to keep your meat, essentially parasite food, tasty. You’ll add lots of pectin and smoked bar-b-que sauce to make it even tastier. The best thing you can do for the dozens of pounds of parasites you are packing is to quit smoking. If it made anybody better, we would all live hundreds of years. Lately though, a  Pneumonia infectioon has currently got Richard. It could simply be a bug illness, and Wild Apple Leaves and pectin enzyme could get him through it. He would need lots of pectin enzyme and Wild Apple leaves to get rid of 109 years of bofilm and vectored (bug bite) parasites.

There is a Canadian Consulate branch in Cabo. That is reassuring. Consular Agency of Canada in Cabo San Lucas

Jurisdiction: State of Baja California Sur, Address, phone, fax, email
Consular Agency of Canada
Plaza San Lucas, Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 0.5, Local 82, Col. El Tezal
23454 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur – Mexico
Telephone: (624) 142-4333 Fax: (624) 142-4262
E-mail: lcabo@international.gc.ca
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

It’s only open 3 hours until Siesta. At least they have one, and it could expediate return to Canada in case of medical emergency. You want to maximize your options for what could go wrong, like breaking a leg, or a car accident in a place notorious for the worst drivers in the world. If I could get a normal net connection, bonus. All the rentals are long term, like 6 months, though. May 18, 6 months and one week away, is the worst time here for infected ticks I found, but that is in years immediately following the big salmon run. Nobody ever made the link between Lyme Disease and spawning salmon, but I am living proof of a very strong one, back from death’s door after Wild Apple smoked the parasite nematodes out. Last spring I got two ticks then, but the apple leaf killed them both and fought off the encephalitis like disease they were carrying in 3 days. 8 years ago, one gave me a suspected stroke, but that reversed a lot with Wild Apple Leaf. I have to get Wild Apple Leaf powder into the country there for my own purposes, as it has become my life saving medicine, making this all possible. Walmart there has Wormwood, Absinthe, children’s guaifenesin expectorant, and agave tequila, but I am not sure about pectin enzyme. I would have to bring that too, or find a wine making store.

Food will be what it is, I guess. I can test the local hot sauce for circulatory enhancement properties relatively. Buffalo was the most popular where I worked. Dos Equis was the beer of choice. Corona was tourist only, and the rumour was they pizzed in it. Lots of things to worry about for sure. Starting a civilized service to navigate the pitfalls would be an option, but let the gringos fend for themselves. That’s why the locals smile when they see you drinking Corona. God only knows what they spice up Cabo Wabo with. There’s that negativity again, but then, why does it turn out to be right so often? It’s evolutionary default pressure, like the Boy Scouts motto – Be Prepared. A lot of it is also upbringing, around negative Lyme riddled siblings and parents.They’re so negative, they are in denial that little brother actually found a way to get rid of it where nobody else has.

The rent/lease situation could turn out to be bad, if you can’t trust them. What would be your recourse? Have to go in with that mindset, and establish a caveat to a contract. If the place stinks, the deal is off. Then what would you do? Try to get another with third world communications? Life throws you curve balls sometimes, but there is a lot of spitballs from the usual suspect pitchers, too. Looks like fall back would be a hostel, or even start there, and squeeze the Charmin’. Unfortunately, there is too much risk when you are older and not firing on all cylinders like you used to. You always overestimate your ability based on how you used to be, and things that were simple can be a lot larger obstacles. It can create a risky scenario where the risk used to be low. Having an “illegal” disease, like RMSF, that doctors refuse to treat, or even test for. compounds the difficulty.

Greece is back in the financial news for a general strike. They negotiated a debt repayment plan with the EU to save their skin, and now they don’t like the corner they painted themselves into. In short, they are protesting themselves. The politician, who used the negotiation to get elected, has joined them to protest his own rescue-austerity deal, with a 28% sales tax. Mexico also has a large sales tax, where there is a base 16% Value Added Tax. Every store collects it, but many don’t have a tax number to get a refund. We all want a piece of the pie, but nobody wants to pay the bill. That never ends well.


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