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Fri, Nov 13, 2015 – Day 470 – Totally Unknown

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Nobody knew that bugs carried a parasite worm. They largely still don’t, but undeniably, they come out when you eat Wild Apple Leaves. If you smoke, they apparently come out faster. They live in humans for decades since adolescence, and when the come out, you lose over 10% of your body weight with them. I think they underlie all sorts of chronic disease, but that will be up to you to prove. I proved it all for myself. I think Johnny Appleseed would have known, being a nurseryman. He would have eaten the leaves to find out what the fruit tasted li8ke, because the dried leaves taste a bit like apples from the particular tree they came from. I now know that it is from the enzymes the leaves contain, and they probably produce the sweeter ripening hormones you can taste in the fall leaves. That is what seems to break the biofilm down too, producing a weak honey sweet mucus.

Friday the 13th is totally unknown as well. People think it is bad luck. My Dad thought it was lucky for Bakers, such as Baker’s Dozen. I have to say it was extremely lucky for me to find Wild Apple Leaves got rid of parasites that kill people. Nobody wants to know, but at least I can take away my improved health from the experience, both from losing the parasites, and losing the weight they added. The biggest plus has been the eye opener that all medicine is on the completely wrong track. That is worth a Manning Award by itself, but like d’Herelle, discoverer of phage therapy, it will likely be overlooked by the alleged intelligentsia. The discovery of an apparent Dark Matter life form is just a kicker that will never see the light of day. That’s a bit of a physics pun there. Low humour, but high science, above all known science in all forms.

I guess it is sad that it will remain totally unknown. It is a victim of its own unbelievable reality. The biggest casualty will be all medicine. Not a single thing they do in their present state addresses this reality, an infestation pandemic. Lyme was just a keyhole view to it, per Dr. Alan B. MacDonald. I tried to contact him with the discovery. He’s too busy, I guess. Oh, the irony. Medicine is locked in vitro, and this is all in situ. I take it they can’t do it in a test tube, until they can culture these nematodes in one. Give them a few centuries, maybe. I’m sceptical. I suspect they’ll never find out.

The Gales of November have hit the Great Lakes. That is what caused the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, when they came early. Gordon Lightfoot made a song out of it. I made a whole song out of this, The West Denial Virus Song. I’m no Gordon Lightfoot, so I just changed the lyrics a bit. The network trumps all these days. Medicine, science, universities, music, media, and vacations. If they aren’t networked, they are comparatively worthless. The Net is the new normal. I saw the potential on Day One back in the early 90’s. Laggers behind the curve never saw it coming, and are still going in some cases. What is very disturbing is that Medicine is a prime offender. Now they are useless, misdirected, and disconnected. They have resultantly made no progress against the number one killer, chronic disease. I made huge progress myself with no budget, and they ignore it. I’d bet over 10% of their bodies are parasites by weight, and I can get rid of that 10%  by weight. Wild Apple Leaves does it, but then there’s Baker’s Pneumonia. They’ll all quit or kill themselves treating it like asthma or COPD. Isn’t that irony? They will kill themselves with that superior intelligence. They still can’t let go of their 100% WRONG call on Morgellons Disease. Wild Apple Leaves will flip the tables, and show it is THEY who are all insane, psycho death merchants. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but it is only a matter of time until they catch up, and they will be the last to know, once their reputation is decimated, and people are screaming for their heads.

pound-o-wormsI tried to tell them, but they are sooo smart, you can’t tell them anything. Fine. They built their own hellish end. People will not only want all their money back, but they’ll also demand damages, because the medical crowd claims they are sooo smart. One simple herb can take them down alone, but engineered to maximise the relevant bacteriophage set, and with enzymes added to expel the destruction products safely, without their doctors’ flawed incurious meddling, all their former patients lucky enough to survive it will be crowding around them with pitchforks. It will be the equivalent of seeking damages for some idiot rounding off all the nuts on your Ferrari with pliers. The human body is a more expensive, and much more complicated machine, to you, though. You’ll know it in no uncertain terms, after you unload the trunk full of bug worm parasites. When it doubles your IQ, you will instantly catch the drift that doctors and all medicine are idiots, comparatively. Thank goodness it is also a powerful antidepressant, or else all medicine would commit suicide, when they realize it too. Good thing they’ll never try it. Talk about divine justice.

banksy-in-nyc-2Once you try Wild Apple Leaf, you’ll go searching online for why this happened. Trust me, you will find out that it is because they missed the obvious. It will all become crystal clear. Bugs transfer parasites to people, and they make biofilm to house a proxy disease “farm” inside you. It is impervious to antibiotics, but not Wild Apple Phage, indefinitely. You can cut to the chase using pectin enzymes to accelerate the expulsion, with other enzymes to break the protein, hair, and fibrin fortified polysaccharide bacterial biofilm. You may find other tricks, but they may kill you in the process. I am still alive, touch wood. Watch out for wormwood until most of the worms are gone! It will be shocking, literally, otherwise. There are a lot of those worms in your heart that eventually will come out first, you will see. Luckily, the wormwood voltage and current isn’t as harsh as a defibrillator. YMMV. Be careful around magnets too. Don’t pizz them off. Wild Apple Leaf frightens the worms so much they apparently have no time to mount a counter attack when it gets to them. You can always dismantle their biofilm brain later. They leave it behind.

Meanwhile, there are attacks in Paris, over 100 dead. It pales to this bio weapon attack on mankind, 7 billion + infected and dying. Don’t blame me. They won’t listen, as I blog their whole ignorance daily. At first, I thought they, doctors, had to be in on it. Instead, they’re likely just that stupid, but it could be both.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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