Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Nov 14, 2015 – Day 471 – Virtual Vacations

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Another weekend, but can you take a virtual vacation on the internet? Reach back and remember what it would really be like? You would like a tropical vacation. You want it warts and all. Ripoffs, septic smells, sunburn, bad food, a whole day on the toilet, wretching, pesky beggars, cab drivers giving you the run around, lost baggage, accommodations nothing like what was expected, that lovely sort of thing. The TV won’t stop rehashing the same scant details about Paris. It looms over our lousy virtual vacation. Throw in extra security at the airport then. Back to find a TV. The old man from Pawn Stars brings his car into Counting Cars. Tequila? Check. Turn up the thermostat? Check. Cigar? Check. Hey, what’s the difference? We’ve gone halfway round the world to find a TV and internet,

Is there any way we can enhance our virtual experience? Maybe. The next thing when we are snapped up on tequila is finding a karaoke to make use of that borrowed courage. Remember the First and Second Commandments of Karaoke. Pick a song that ends on the vocal, and preferably a hard vowel. Unfortunately, we can’t adjust the weather. Higher air barometric pressure makes it easier to hit the high notes. Cabo San Lucas sea level high pressure attracted Sammy Hagar. It’s a physical fact. Michael Jackson used to have a hyperbaric chamber for that express overdub effect, I suspect. Of course, we aren’t anything like either of those guys, until the third tequila. I am still not like that, but by three gold tequilas, who cares? lulz

M*A*S*H is on. Hawkeye has a concussion. That one. The Cuervo Gold actually tastes a bit like Agave. The Power of Suggestion. A slight lime salt after taste. I have salt and lemon juice, and honey. We can try to fake it like they do everywhere else but Mexico, because they are too cheap to get the real thing. Hornitos is $75 here, but under $30 there. Actually $15.45 CDN at walmart. If you drink 6 bottles, and take two home, the trip pays for itself in airfare. Let’s take the virtual tour a little farther… It takes a month or two for me to go through a bottle. I drink tequila out of a shot glass straight, but I just sip it, not shoot it.

Now I am getting into a virtual vacation routine. I turn the heater on with the thermostat wide open when I go to the washroom. When I get back, it is warm like the beach. Add a little more Hot Sauce and cayenne to the meatballs, and dehydration sets in. Imagine not being able to drink the water. I think we’re there. When you snap out of it, do you want to go back? The first thing we did is look for everything we took a vacation from. It wasn’t a vacation, it was masochism. There is no escape. We are prisoners to our selves, but you have to admit. The TV set is bigger here. This setup would cost a fortune there. You would crave it though. Here you have the ability to turn the heat off and drink a lot of water. Gee, maybe I’ll even look at Netflix.

BloggerI’m not sure what the hell I was thinking. Somehow we are all under a delusion a vacation would be different. YMMV. I guess I am jaded. There is another angle. When you are recovered from a horrible bout with International Lyme, you are frightened of doing anything out of the ordinary that will trigger a relapse. Nobody with Lyme like I had wants to go anywhere. The RMSF/Babesia, and Chronic nature of it, was scary for sure. Then there is this whole mind blowing Apple Leaf Rewind thing on top of that. Nobody believes me. It was a desperate measure that unbelievably paid off, at the cost of lots of Herxing, but mild Apple Leaf herxing, not the ileus sepsis fatal kind. It was more a tour down memory lane of injury and insult by bugs. That was something for an earth scientist and engineer. All those gallons of bug repellent were useless, and probably just compounded the misery from chemical poisoning. Let’s revel in the recovery for a while before jumping right back into more disease diversity.

I mentioned I was looking at NASA for recovery from extended space flight and microgravity. I increased my protein intake consciously. I found that sitting actually cut off circulation to my lower limbs, and a bicycle Banana seat cushion I rigged up was better. I try to stand several hours a day if I can. That is the best for increasing circulation, but it is boring. Eventually, I will have to get back to guitar physio while standing up, but that has become boring too. Standing and playing for hours a night was something I took for granted. Now I am just glad to be alive. I’m confused too. I re learned a lot of old songs with a capo in a different voicing when my pinky and ring were numbed by a misdiagnosed stroke that turned out to be a bug worm, and reversed partly. That was 8 years ago. The upside is that I worked on my tone palate a lot, and you can jam over the real tracks with a different voicing with the capo for a cool counterpoint rhythm and tone effect. I invented a weird voicing I call Campfire Van Halen, capo on F. Then a D chord shape in F Capo’d standard tuning is actually an Eb. It works.

I guess I have been through a lot. The weather will have to get a lot harsher for me to bug out and give up the nest until I recover from this abyss more. I still have some science experiments at home. One is using carbon dioxide generated by propane to kill bugs. It works, and scares the hell out of government employees, another plus. I guess they never saw Apollo 13. I can’t even get the CO2 over 1% trying in my basement, and even with a propane bar-b-que. Not even a peep out of the CO detector. It always goes off towing an RV down the highway from the CO from cars. My diesel puller never sets it off. The takeaway is that government employees are dangerously scientifically ignorant, and that is why supermarkets are stocked floor to ceiling with carcinogenic and chemically retarding levels of glyphosate in processed food. I guess they will have to shut down all the apple storage facilities here. They also add CO2 to store apples. Warm CO2 is also a great way to dry Wild Apple Leaves, being naturally acaricidal. Any insect left in them will be Tourista Muerto.

We de worm our pets, but humans are never de wormed. That is because doctors assume there are only intestinal parasites. I found that there is a class of undiscovered dermal, muscular, cartilage, neural, and organ resident parasites ignored by all medicine. Wild Apple Leaf is apparently the only known thing that gets rid of them. It is a huge scientific discovery that is a total embarrassment to all medicine. I already leaped ahead to eliminating the biofilm the parasites leave in their wake when they exit. You will see evidence of them by where they exit. What would be worrisome is if you cannot get them to leave. Everybody gets bit/stung by infected arthropods/bugs, or contacts aquatic biofilm where they come from, sometime in their life. The parasites remain for decades. People will never believe me, but I don’t care. I proved it all to who really matters. The bonus is that I know now, without a doubt, the intelligent things are deadly if a doctor tries to kill them, and fails. It seems they always fail. That’s the penalty for not believing, I guess. They were intelligent enough to understand blackmail with Wild Apple Leaves though, and they can’t escape it by switching to dark matter. Tickle Torture makes them tell all tales. lol


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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