Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Nov 15, 2015 – Day 472 – Why Would My Apple Leaves not work?

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That is a puzzling question. I know mine work, and they are from a Wild Tree, germinated by deer eating apples, as far as I could tell. I started air drying mine so they never got over 60°C to preserve the nature. I think it isn’t a chemical that the leaves contain, but a virus Phage that must eat the bacteria. Dead fall leaves still contain whatever it is that causes a herx. They expel the dermal nematodes with a strong anthelmintic action, which may be partly chemical dependent, but could be due to the phage also. The unrepeatability of phage therapy was noted when they tried to commercialize it. I was assuming it was those nematodes behind this whole Lyme problem.

phage-group-bright-2-russell-kightleyThe Phage come from the soil. There are over 10³¹ (exp 31) phage in the world at any given time, and Phage kill half the bacteria in the world every 48 hours. On the Lyme Disease front, biofilm protects it from even the leaves and their phage. More nematodes came out during aggressive biofilm polysaccharide reduction with pectin enzyme and invertase from natural honey/bee pollen. The parasite nematodes are responsible for “channels” in the biofilm I suspect. My Apple Trees were raised on deer pathogens, and I have a sample of one raised on My Pathogens. I have every disease in the book, or had, I thought, from surveying all over. I have only tried this custom apple Phage for a few weeks. I specifically engineered it after suspecting the Pyrus Malus Fibre contained phage specific to animal pathogens, and in this case, insect/vectored pathogens. New persistent nematodes have come out from this experiment. I have one on the left side of my neck at about the top of my Adam’s Apple latitude. More biofilm also loosened up. I made a new formulation I call AppLyme™ with less leaf and more pectin enzyme. Rarely I also took some Wormwood for my apparent babesia coinfection. The biggest part of the cure is the ability to eliminate literally gallons of biofilm. If no cure eliminates both the nematodes and the biofilm, assuming it is common to all people, the disease will never get out of the chronic state.

AppLyme™ isn’t limited to just Lyme. It kills everything pathogenic, and also raises old warts. My old AppLyme 2014 wouldn’t alleviate RMSF though. For that, I had to pulse Wormwood. I use it sparingly because I had to get rid of the nematodes first, because in combination, these apple leaves made them into little electric eels, it felt like. They seem to be the mechanism making all disease chronic with biofilm. It comes from them like slime comes from slugs. You can see the nematodes in your eyes by closing them in a bright light, where they appear as floaters. Mine are all gone. It is a good metric to measure progress. I am not a nematode exterminator, but I can sure shoo them. Killing the nematodes creates a whole host of lethal patented bioweapons grade neurotoxins. You would have to license the patent if you can find it. I suspect it is intentionally hidden for national security reasons. Good luck asking DARPA for it. The mechanism of death can be ileus sepsis or cardiac paralysis to name a couple. Mine is suffocation and succumbing to Baker’s Pneumonia (I had to call it something) if the melting biofilm viscosity is not reduced and expectorated by smoking licorice/tobacco, marijuana maybe, or guaifenesin (AKA Mucinex DM) expectorant supplementation. I haven’t tested guaifenesin. I smoke high licorice content cigarettes or cigars instead. I looked guaifenesin up when looking for a natural expectorant.

I was thinking about setting up a clinic in Mexico. Warm and dry with high sea level air pressure. The High US Dollar is the show stopper right now. WalMart.co.mx stocks most medicines I need, OTC in the pharmacy, or in the vegetable aisle. Mexico has access to advanced digital blood microscopy in Tijuana. My Spanish is not so good, being gringo level. I knew Ingineeros grade Mexican 23 years ago. Many technical terms are the same. I’m too chicken to leave home though. I still dream about it. This phage therapy and biofilm reduction needs direct supervision to be successful. I am not a doctor. I am an engineer. We do results and success. Doctors do not, with this, unless, like them, you count being thrown in an insane asylum/group home to die, is success, which it is, for them. Want to confuse them? Ask them what biofilm is, and how to eliminate it? Be careful though. They may commit you to hide their ignorance in Canada. Eliminating biofilm is a largely unknown science and art until now. It is the reason diseases are chronic. Your apple leaves may have been trying to work, but the massive pectin rich starch bacterial biofilm complex stopped it, for some reason, and protected all the nematodes behind it. Proceeding without apple leaves would be like entering your car in a race after taking all the wheels off. They are the catalyst that makes it all possible. I suspect they have to work first, but maybe in some cases, there is so much biofilm built up, they need help to enter it even.

pillSome people think it is a matter of mind power. I can tell you what I found out, and what worked for me. If mine are the only leaves that work, then it is really big trouble. There aren’t enough to go around. I can’t even get people interested, so I just assume they’ll die, like seemingly everybody else with this does eventually. I couldn’t get orchards interested even. Doctors are even worse. They’re too busy making excuses for their failures. Blaming the patient, or killing them with botched diagnoses and treatment, is their easy way out. Meanwhile, the hundreds of nematode parasites my Wild Apple Leaves exposed, have nothing to fear from them, because they don’t believe they even exist. Duh! I found if you are not de wormed, and of these Apple Leaf sensitive parasites, you will die from a chronic illness. Some doctors claim it is 99% of all illness, while the CDC claims it is 80%. Lyme Disease is just one such chronic illness, but they have no idea why or how, let alone that it even is after a few minutes or so. It just teams all the years of stealthy bug nematode illnesses together, and is an identifiable symptom set.

Is there a way to make the Apple Leaves work? Well, you just can’t take the component chemicals, Avicularin, Phlorididzin, Rutin, etc., and put them together to make a phage. Trees grown fertilized by pathogens work better, it seems. They must somehow incorporate the viable phage from the soil in their make up. They, along with poplar trees, are among the most complex genetic plants. How do you tell if it is working? I knew the feeling of Celebrex from my chronic juvenile arthritis before it cured. Wild Apple Leaves were, and still are, 10+ times more powerful in the same places, with < 100 mg. of my leaves that work. Is it sold online? Pyrus Malus Bark is sold by the pound on ebay, but while it is advertised as natural, it is not clear if it contains viable phage.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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