Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Nov 17, 2015 – Day 474 – Increasing Chances with Phage

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Do you burn the salad? I used to be a pretty bad cook. We eat salad raw. Wild Apple Leaves are the same way. Raw is better, but they are tastier when they dry out. They still work too. When they analysed what was in the leaves, they found that over 60°C drying temperature, the proteolytic enzyme content was reduced. When you get hotter than that, it kills the phage containing those enzymes I think. That could be wrong, but I am trying to increase the chance of success. Now my leaves are just air dried, and they work spectacularly.

When the University of Lithuania did a study on the content of apple leaves, they used a sublimator to sterilize them. That would kill the phage they contain, likely. Luckily I did not have one. I just followed the cue from the deer, and made a small salad. That was way too much, and nematodes started drilling out everywhere. Pretty soon, I caught on the nematodes were coming out where I had been bit or stung by bugs. I made some 350 mg Size 0 capsules filled with the air dried leaf powder. I also noticed that chewing the leaves brushed my teeth, naturally attacking the plaque biofilm on them. Some of the leaves had Venturia Inaequalis “Apple Scab” fungus on them, but I found it was harmless to humans. That led to another discovery that I could cure the tree by introducing it to human resistance to V. Inaequalis.  The batch of test leaves this year has a larger library of pathogen resistance because of that. Me and my trees are symbiotic pals, now. I only tried it on one tree last year.

2015 Phage ApplymeThis has cured more chronic illness than I can count. By definition, chronic illness is incurable. The score is Medicine, 0, Me, More than I can count. lol I got tired of counting after a dozen or so chronic diseases. So I thought I would tell people, and even doctors. They just say you are nuts without even trying it. That’s OK. The chronic disease will kill them surely, slowly, painfully. Good. Teach them to fzck me around.

I should add I had to get rid of the nematode parasites before I could start the Wormwood for what seemed to be a babesia co infection the older 2014 leaves did not have a phage to fight. The Wormwood in Czech Absinth made the clinging nematodes into what felt like little electric eels. Maybe the new 2015 Leaves have it on the left there. 2015 AppLyme™ is my name for those capsules, containing about 400 mg. pectin enzyme and 100 mg wild apple leaf powder.

pillI wanted to have a clinical trial, but nobody keeps in touch. Doctors are incurious, which I find strange for a group with such an unbroken track record of failure. In fact, they had better start looking anywhere but medicine for an answer as to why they fail so badly so regularly with such a massive budget. The only thing they are notorious for is trying to hide Chronic Lyme Disease by dancing around with misdiagnoses. They try to hide Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the Rocky Mountains. Professional? Professional Criminals is more like it. Wild Apple Leaves are a huge eye opener to this fraud. Felix d’Herelle was at loggerheads with them a century ago, when he discovered phage, and they dissed him as well. Even more remarkable was that his discoveries predated the invention of the electron microscope. I have reason to believe that won’t help, as I have evidence Dark Matter is involved. Physics has yet to even find it, even though they know it has to exist.

Chlamydia Pneumonae is a common co infection of Lyme and arthritis it is said. It is a biofilm chronic illness. My Phage ate it for breakfast, and went looking for lunch. While a large phage library attacks a lot of chronic things, and the larger the library the better, it can’t get everything as there isn’t a phage for everything. That is what I am working on now that I know my test worked using my apple tree. I didn’t expect it would treat the apple scab fungus on the tree. That fungus actually enhances the antioxidant content of the leaves it is said. While that is nice to know, that isn’t the main mechanism I am looking for. I’m looking for phage to fight bacterial slime. No wonder doctors are so afraid of Wild Apple Leaves. These new ones will rightly terrify them. Filthy crawling bacterial piles o’ crzp are exactly what Phage targets, and like the RCMP, they always get their slime bag.

Now maybe that’s a bit too harsh. Phage wouldn’t think so. Any doctor cooties they could get to would be toast. It is the medical operational model that is like a disease. Phage Therapy realistically has the ability to leave that in total ruin, which would be an improvement. The medical system doesn’t cure anything, leaves people broke and broken, and it destroys lives. Anybody having Lyme symptomatology knows that. In a most bizarre projection defence, medicine goes crazy, and declares all the patients insane. Who will stop those lunatics? It won’t be long before they bankrupt everybody if they aren’t stopped. They best defence when faced with such psychotic narcissists is to avoid them. Phage therapy offers the only way out. Wild Apple Leaf offers the only workable phage. No wonder the apple tree got top billing in the Bible.

The irony is that medicine itself is like Lyme Disease. It isn’t just one thing, but a group of co infections acting in symbiosis to make you sicker. Overly simplistic medical treatment makes you sicker. In the 40’s, medicine threw out the baby with the bathwater, and now they are stuck in antibiotic world, ignoring phage. That low hanging fruit is all gone now, yet they keep coming back to the trough, demanding more money for bandaids. Even their vaccinations make you sicker, while they spend all their money to cover up the facts. It’s a blessing they ignore phage now. We’ll take the success. They can have all their track record of failure. They do it so well.


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