Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

s, Nov 19, 2015 – Day 476 – Setbacks

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Eli Lilly tried to commercialize phage back in the 30’s and 40’s. They were able to treat staph infections, but since then, antibiotics were developed, employed, and now are failing with MRSA. It begs the question, has E. Lilly returned to phage therapy? I see there is no love lost between them, and the Medical establishment in Canada, either. They are used to dealing with this struggle. Unfortunately, that was 80 years ago.

You can’t sterilize phage. It doesn’t work after that. It is only a theory that phage is even responsible, but Wild Apple Leaves seem to have those properties. When the nematode dermal parasites drill out, and deeper ones from joints and organs also drill out, all of a sudden the whole problem becomes clear. After time, I found that biofilm itself appeared to harvest the worms, so I hit it with a targeting enzyme. The leaves themselves were unable to provide enough enzymes when faced with a massively pectin packed patient, since these days people eat nothing but starch in processed foods. There is no shortage of that problem alone.

I tried to launch an open source clinical trial, but there was no feedback until it was far too late, and all the pitfalls of phage therapy were rediscovered by some. Borders are a hindrance because of the live plant materials involved. Perhaps Apple Seeds might be different. But that is not really a solution. The phage must be present in the soil where the tree is growing for the leaves to contain it. People would have to have land to plant a tree. Around here, they grow at the edge of forests, and in ditches, already with a set of Phage from the pathogens of the deer that germinated them.

I think it was Edison who tried a thousand times to commercialize the light bulb. When confronted about his failures, he was reported to say, “At least now I know a thousand ways it will not work!” I am sort of at that point. Now I could just say, “Works for me!” and walk away, but then I know a hundred ways it will not work as I clue in mote. I feel responsible. It is like my baby now. An abandoned orphan baby on the doorstep. It is growing up now though, and pretty soon it will have to go to college. The cougar has scared all my deer partners away too. I am a little sad that the most profound discovery in all medical history will just get abandoned, again. If there was ever a bunch that deserved to get fzck+, for the Canadian handling of a pandemic Canadian disease, they are it. I look back at what they have done to others, including my own family, and myself. It was atrocious, using the nice word for it. I should be somewhat thankful, though. They have provided millions of examples of what doesn’t work.

Somehow, that gives them the right to lecture patients from the source of all this unprecedented failure for top dollar. Wild Apple Leaf Phage don’t do the entire job themselves, but they do all the heavy lifting. Nematodes and Biofilm. Explains a lot. Both are totally outside the scope of medicine. They have no method or plan for either, short of amputation or surgical removal. Without addressing both, the disease will be recurring and chronic. The only thing that can eliminate those setbacks is suffering setbacks in my hands. It needs a better parent. I don’t want to hold it back, but who is up to the task? Eli Lilly tried and failed too. We’re both a little glum about it. Here is a more current, yet 4 year old article, about the difficulties with phage cocktails. Antibiotic resistance has stalled all medicine. Nowhere do I see biofilm issues addressed with chronic disease. My baby has got it all, but nobody wants to know. It is far too complex for the FDA to understand, let alone approve. That’s not saying much. I know it is harmless first hand. As for harming harm itself, that is a totally different story. I can see medicine taking umbrage with that as their meal ticket is devastated.

Nobody knew that biofilm itself got in the way of phage therapy, but I witnessed it first hand. The Biofilm cracking ability of Wild Apple Leaves alone might just be the inroad we are looking for. Nematodes and Biofilm. Almost nobody knew about either, except for the two Eva’s; Eva Sapi and Eva Haughie. It’s not clear who is the lesser of two Eva’s. lol

Movember has morphed to Beard Vember. I’m getting pretty scraggly, like scruffy Billy Gibbons, pre-Fandango Era. Initially, the hair was growing darker where the Wild Apple awoke the follicles, but on the sides and under my chin, it is still grey white. The goat portion is darker and blond/red. Somehow, the Wild Apple fibre is changing the colour of some of the follicles it restores, or takes back, from the parasite that took it over.

I suppose romantics will claim it is some sort of miracle. Well, after engineering around the setbacks, that is. It’s no miracle. It just looks that way.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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