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Fri, Nov 20, 2015 – Day 477 – Ducks in a Row

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Get your ducks in a row, it is said. It is a figure of speech, regarding a Mother Duck, and her children. They get organized to mobilize, and keep from quacking up, in chaos. IBM has an app for that. Watson Analytics. You could throw this whole blog into it to see what happens. Phage blah blah. Biofilm blah blah. Cuckoo doctors blah blah. Corrupted by drug trillion$ blah blah. Patients fzcked blah blah. People would watch and say “There’s a mother duck with babies following in a row! Better let ’em go.” Apparently, she has her kids following in a line, has a mission, and the whole fam damily is involved. Don’t fzck widdat.

In reality, she may not have a clue. She won’t let the kids know though. Good practice. Watson would make it look nice. I don’t know why I am in a fowl mood today, other than I remembered that. Maybe it was on “The Profit” on CNBC last night. I know they swim in a row around here. This is their breeding and nesting ground. They’re very cute when they hatch. You see them learning and following their mother’s every move. They all headed south for the winter. Maybe that is it. I’m a little wistful. I wanted to go, but after analysis, it probably wasn’t such a great idea.

pphageI would want all the stuff here down south. That was the analysis after the simulation last weekend. I wouldn’t want 4 feet of snow. The good tequila, stuff with a cork, is cheap. Terrorists are targeting vacation spots though. They are looking for crowds of infidels. Now there will be less. My ducks are lining up here to look into more things about phage. Here they are taking out E. Coli, but apparently not at the local Chipotle.

It is said that the government slithers around the web mining data looking for terrorists. If you rehearse a vacation, you become a prime terrorist candidate. They also say to err is human, but to really screw up takes a computer. To get your ducks in a row to them means that you are a high risk. Most people just go and fzck it all up. The government has a lot to be terrified of. I offer that the first thing would be their own “brilliance.” Picture that they are comprised of azz kissing idiots with a political agenda, selected by themselves. We’re all gonna fry from global warming any second now, if we don’t drown when the sea rises, and the NSA is good for you in their hands.

They’re too lazy to read it all (actually too stupid) so they use a computer like Watson. Watson can read the whole shztteree in a nanosecond and determine the red blooded Canadian boy down the street is a terrorist because he is planning to go to the store for more agave Tequila. It doesn’t surprise me that they don’t know that worms comprise over 10% of their own body weight. They have just hidden between their ears for decades. Wild Apple Leaves would be a truly terrifying experience for them, as their worms head for the exits out their nose, ears, neck, eyes, etc. I found out the nematodes are looking for advanced grey matter though. They probably gave up on these idiots.

They are the brain trust that thinks there are no bugs in Canada. Because they say so. Now we are all worried. That is our defence against terror. Terrifyingly idiotic. People are paralysed, afraid to move. They know that the government thinks Kitty Wells is a place where cats go to drink. So do the real terrorists, and it isn’t just a ploy. Gubmint is really that fzckin’ sto0pid. They’re huge too. Big, fat, and sto0pid. And now they want a raise. Send a mirror to the terror hotlines they are trying to set up. Buy IBM stock. Stay home and watch TV to have a front row seat to the trainwreck until it all goes dark. Then what?

pound-o-wormsNobody ever said Mother Duck knew where the hell she was going, but at least the family is all in a row. The aesthetic is compelling. It’s a lot better than coming to grips with the huge sack o’ worms that is reality. Lessee… 7.4 billion times even a low ball 5 Kg. of worms apiece, equals 37 million tonnes o’ worms an’ snot. That is a tonne, and change, per Canadian. Tell the terrorists we’re gonna store it all here once the Wild Apple Leaves and enzymes get it all out. They won’t be so keen on makin’ a state outta that. Then toss them the ol’ pigskin and say it’s Grey Cup time, 3 downs, 110 yards, time to have more than just a drink. Not exactly Guantanamo Bay. Allah will send them straight to Hell in a frozen worm bucket. lol


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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