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Sat, Nov 21, 2015 – Day 478 –How do they isolate a Phage

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It is pretty easy once you know how. T4Take some pure disease. Introduce a phage cocktail, containing lots of phage types. The ones specific to that disease will replicate like crazy, and wipe out the bacteria. Then filter what is left through a 0.45 µm filter. Phage are tiny enough to pass through, and the disease can’t. Then the filtrate is centrifuged. The supernatant will contain bacteriophage.

pillWhy? Then they can sell it for each disease, silly. It would be a lot better to just take the whole library, like that which must reside in Wild Apple Leaves, grown out of a panoply of environmental diseases, and eat that. Unfortunately, according to medicine, you would be cured, and there isn’t much money in that. It is mostly in chronic disease that keeps you coming back for more. A phage library like Wild Apple Leaves possess would put them out of business. We know how much you love them, doctors, (YMMV,) and you definitely wouldn’t like that. Moreover, it would be Unpatriotic. Going broke by doctor is the American Way!

IMG-20140809-00088The Canadian Way is to be thrown in a mental institution, or a home, to rack up the bill, then die. Wild Apple Leaf Phage wallops neuroborrelia in hours, and starts a biofilm reduction process. The buck stops here. Gee, those animals look sick. Don’t dare touch those leaves! Doctors say so. They can see the writing on the wall. Meanwhile, here’s 400 bucks worth of useless prescriptions. See you next month. Imagine how big that phage library would be on the edge of a septic field in an Apple Tree. It would be Trump Huge. In Georgia, in the Former Soviet Union, they have Quince. Same deal, but these apples are even better. I know. Deer know. Doctors know, but they are trying to forget.

2015 Phage ApplymeIt is 31 Fahrenheit in El Paso. Winter is a month away, but that is cold. Where’s this El Nino? At this rate, it may snow in Cabo by Christmas. Wild Apple Leaves still haven’t killed me in 478 Days. There is enough 2014 in the centre there to treat a stable of horses, if they still have live phage. I don’t know how long they keep. They got lighter in storage. Neuroborreliosis affects horses I hear. You could feed these apples to horses and the trees would grow out of their droppings with their diseases amping the phage in the leaves.

Whatever it is about these bacteriophage scares the daylights out of nematode parasites, or spirochaete chains, whatever the hell they are. Medicine is incurious. There’s no money in it. It seemed that they left the RMSF behind from Dr. Horowitz’s MSIDS Map. I’m not sure which is doing more; 2015 Phage or the Wormwood from yesterday, but I am still chilly in my lower legs.  That would be the source of the most insect bites on a surveyor.

The disease they carry doesn’t move far from the original bug bites if the herx is local to the infected tissues. I can only assume it is the years of biofilm that make it so persistent. I also took another 2000 GDU Bromelaine to get more biofilm out. I have reduced my treatment to weekends only, continuing with only biofilm enzymes, because mostly biofilm reduction seems to be the issue now. Mexico would be nice because of the extreme cooling the herx causes now. I turn up the thermostat to full warming as I need it. Then I take a sip of tequila, and repeat, for effect. The Hornitos is too old. It has gone a bit “corky.” The Cuervo Gold is OK. It is still “screwy.” lol

The bottom line is I have suffered from insect vector pathogens all my life. Official medicine has been useless. I proved I can make headway all myself. In retrospect, medicine is evil, born of greed. Ship ’em all to Syria to “treat” ISIS. Kill two stones with one bird.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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