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Sun, Nov 22, 2015 – Day 479 – Cancer Again

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What is cancer? There are 700 different kinds of it. Basically, cells start to clone and grow uncontrollably. Every time a cure for cancer comes along they ignore it like Cimavax for lung cancer and the University of Alberta DCA discovery. What is up with that? It all serves to dilute the true successful things. Like the common cold, medicine admits they are defeated. Not me.

I started at borrelia. It starts with insects, and they carry eggs of a parasite worm. Burgdorfer knew that. Nobody knew that borrelia turned out to be the smoking gun of more chronic diseases than they could count until Dr. A. B. MacDonald held a conference in the 80’s. Every single specialty in medicine reported borrelia spirochaetes at the root of their troubles. That was in the United States, not in this shell game insurance joke they call Canada. That was in the Big League, not bottom tier Little League like Canada. Only Canada themselves think they are anything but worthless at medicine. Their take on Lyme proves it.

Enter Wild Apple Leaves, which I found turned out to contain a phage. I only had suspected skin cancer, but it cleared up so silently I didn’t realize it was gone until I went looking again. After 13 years it was starting to hurt before it disappeared completely, leaving only the thinning scar from where a pine cone hit me in the face and started it. All kinds of diseases were leaving along with the parasites that the Apple Leaf Phage forced out. I stopped counting after a dozen illnesses, Canadian medicine could not treat, simply disappeared.

Every so often before all that, medicine would say they suspected cancer. The person they told this to, would die after they tried to treat it. Only the ones who walked away from them are still alive. Why was it that running from the doctors saved peoples’ lives? I’m sure not going anywhere near them no matter what they say. Here we are again. They say they “suspect” possible cancer in a friend. I suspect these doctors can’t count their balls twice and get the same answer. They will make sure that person dies to prove they are right. One look at their handling of Lyme disease proves they are greedy psychotic bastards. They can’t help anybody. When they tried to help me with what turned out to be exactly the wrong treatment, I got deathly ill until I could get away from them. I continue to get better doing exactly the opposite of what they say. It may differ in your case, but I doubt it.

kirlian-leafWhy do Wild Apple Leaves work better? I didn’t know why at first, but they did and do still. I suspect they contain a phage, and ironically, while d’Herelle was at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, you cannot Pasteurize Wild Apple Leaves. It will kill the live phage in them, seen in the veins in this Kirlian photograph I suspect. d’Herelle also left doctors behind. He was too far ahead of them, and a century later, he still is. Now there is this whole new chapter with unknown nematode parasites drilling out of everybody who tries Wild Apple Leaves, unless they pasteurize them and kill the phage or destroy the proteolytic enzymes the phage contain.

If cancer is a chronic disease, Wild Apple Leaf will remove the parasites behind it. Having 20 pounds of worms crapping inside you doesn’t help much, I found. You feel better every single day as they leave, and your own body defences can be redirected to fight other things like cancer and deadly doctors. In my case, borrelia and coinfections were tougher than cancer, and everybody has borrelia. Getting rid of the biofilm is crucial, and that takes a slew of enzymes to dissolve in situ, and smoking or guaifenesin to expectorate and keep your breathing clear to move more of it out. Ignore a doctor if they say it is asthma or COPD because that is demonstrably a sophomoric diagnoses of RMSF or babesia, common borrelia co-infections. All the hundreds or thousands of bug bites you suffer are deadlier than all of the above, and where it all came from in the first place. If they say cancer, it is on top of this, not underlying it, as they do not even know it exists.

In Dr. MacDonald’s video (“I doubt it“) he explains why International Borrelia is more difficult. That is what I had. Wild Apple Leaves eventually got it, leaving babesia. I tried making a new phage, but it takes a growing season like a flu shot. I have a very limited supply of it because it was a test to confirm my suspicions. There are more dead leaves of it but I cannot get any help to get some more. A month ago was when the leaves were optimal. I have another tree, Gramp’s Tree, with a net to catch the leaves. It ripened a lot later, but stopped producing fruit when the septic field was disconnected 15 years ago. The leaves are still good though, but not as tested as my tree.

People do not realize the hell I have been through, and why I am staying put to recover. I couldn’t gain weight. I couldn’t gain muscle mass. It has been a struggle back 479 Days from death. Every layer of disease that was eliminated exposed another to tackle, in the deep 59 year old biofilm. There has been permanent nerve damage from medical neglect. Doctors are clueless, and in fact internationally infamous for ignoring this epidemic. Now the latest cancer shows up. They will find out the hard way like all the dead ones did, unless something is changed. There is no second opinion, and without any vetting, any opinion of their’s is worthless. They all miraculously became Straight A Students the day they fired the professors.

Consider their world is the only one where Borrelia does not exist. Go from there. They will quickly claim everybody else is insane though. Stay away. Get busy. Do your research. If you can’t, I hope I can help. Save your life. Lyme or cancer. Same difference. These jerks claimed Frederick Banting was insane. It is not as hopeless as they state because they are using THEIR statistics. Look at their track record. Near 100% failure. Then look how they attacked Felix d’Herelle. The game has changed now, and if you smoked, Wild Apple Leaves work better to get rid of the parasites. Now they are poised to poison you, nuke you, and cut you up to prove they are right. Doing the same thing expecting a different answer is a sign of insanity. They say there is no other option. To Them. Consider they didn’t find Wild Apple Leaf Phage parasites for over 6000 years. And they still don’t know.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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