Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Nov 23, 2015 – Day 480 – No Second Opinion

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There is no alternative. There are ND’s, TCMD’s, and naturopaths, but there is nobody vetting doctors in Canada. They have a database to keep their story straight between doctors. Look at it as a criminal matter. Cops usually lock the suspects up in different cells so they can’t collaborate to cook up an alibi. Not sawbones. This has been so successful, for horrifically corrupt drug and insurance outfits, that they have adopted it in the United States with the Affordable <cough, cough> Care <cough, cough> Act. Now they can get their story straight to avoid life in prison for premeditated murder and lying to investigators. They have successfully eliminated any dissent, and excluded any oversight. Absolute power has corrupted them absolutely.

It never occurred to them that a deer would show them how idiotic they have been for 60 centuries, or the entire history of mankind, Homo Sapiens. Eat Wild Apple Leaves. Parasites drill out at old bug bites. Repeatedly. Hundreds of them. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to know they aren’t very good for you. Why not just kill them? Like ISIS, they have the equivalent of suicide vests that explode when you kill them. They release toxins that can kill you.

There is a relatively mild herx and some healing of the multiple pinhole wounds where they exit. You can take odourless high allicin garlic pills to fight infection. The phage in the leaves themselves fight it way better than anything else can. It isn’t one of God’s little mysteries, unless you are a doctor explaining a 60+ century track record of failing to even know about this. They are terrified of it. It makes them look embarrassingly idiotic. Wild Apple Leaves and Phage therefore must die. Good thing doctors are outnumbered. There are 10³¹ phage estimated on earth. Apple Trees appear to naturally purify and sequester them. Doctors will do what they do best; Launch a campaign to bully their peers like their IDSA does. Gotcha! And the gun is still smoking.

Let’s move on while they rot in professional jail that they built. Do you visit Bernie Madoff looking for financial advice? I was watching a spider build a web. Engineers know spider web is incredibly strong. I wondered if that is another material nematodes use to fortify biofilm? Serrapeptase would dissolve it. It dissolves silk. Silkworms make silk, and the serrapeptase to dissolve it when they eat the silk cocoon when they leave it. Can’t hurt to try it.

What are tumours made of? Proteins and biofilm. The biofilm tells me they are made to be worm food. We can get rid of the worms, and we can get rid of the juicy tumours they leave behind I hope because they are protected by the same biofilm. Without the biofilm to protect one from human natural immunity, the immune system will gobble it up instead. Apple Leaves help with the inherent proteolytic enzymes and phage. It’s only a theory, but then so is everything else in medicine, except they cherry pick numbers to prove it and sell it. My skin lesions disappeared so fast  and silently I didn’t have any time to analyse them.

pound-o-wormsYou can’t get anybody to admit they have ever been bit by an insect. It is like masturbation, but worse; 70% do it, and 30% lie about it. That’s OK. Worms are your God. They know when you’ve been sleeping. They know when you’re awake. They know if you’ve been jerkin’ off, so be good for goodness sake. lol The only way to go Anonymous is to eat Wild Apple Leaf Phage to give hundreds of them the boot. You will feel it after even the first 5 pounds of them drill out. The picture shows what a pound o’ worms looks like. Bug worms are small so you can’t see them though. You just see the hole they leave slithering out. Measure the weight difference on a scale, and print that out to hang on the fridge for each pound to remind you. Lovely. Of course, the other weight could just be tumours. Who knows?

There is no way to stop this madness. People go to them looking for help and they fail every time, making them sicker. My brother is hospitalized from a botched operation still that was supposed to be micro robotic surgery. Complications. My uncle is dead. No details. Nobody will tell me. They all go in for treatment and never come back. What the hell is up with that? They add more wings to their hospitals to handle the meat processing, but they stay empty. They can’t fill them with victims fast enough? One thing for sure. In 72 hours, the Apple Tree Phage doubles your IQ, and you realize what is happening when the worms scramble for the exits. Bugs have left them in you for decades. Decades. Not Weeks, like medicine says. All your life. Chow down. After all, you are eating for two hundred. Having them defecate in your body for all your life has got to help matters. All unknown to you. Until that first Apple Leaf Phage salad. Surprise!

I read the smaller the nematode, the worse the disease. Lookup Filarial Nematode Spirochaete Farmers. I’m not sure. The bigger ones came out of hornet and bee stings, with the leftover bee stinger I thought I got out back in the 70’s. The hornets were from the 60’s I think. You don’t forget a Yellow Jacket sting soon, let alone a bunch of them. The smallest were from Swimmers Itch. They rose like dirt out of my skin when the Apple Leaves finally got to them through biofilm they were hiding in. YMMV. It’s hard to remember over 4 decades ago, although the Wild Apple fibre phage really helps that too. Brain fog clears out in less than 3 days, or it did with me. It was the fastest and most profound effect, I guess. Lifetime arthritis cleared up in a few months, but bits of it lingered as the biofilm was eliminated. After 480 Days, maybe it is all finally gone as the majority of the biofilm is finally out I hope. Bugs bite me and die now. I get a kick out of watching the tables get turned.

I sit helpless knowing that it cures some kind of cancer, as another friend goes into the hospital for the same type of thing. No Apple Leaf though. They think it is a joke. Health Canada is the real joke after what they did to me. I’ll never trust a single thing they say any more. I know it will end badly when they get involved with their disease hiding and switching shell games. We’re better off without them, unfortunately. It is a sad statement that keeps hitting closer to home on a monthly basis. This is their plan to trash the baby boom as soon as they retire. They will just blame you. Might as well stay away and just eat Wild Apple Leaf Phage if they’re going to blame you any way for their botched cut jobs and poison pills.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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