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Weds, Nov 25, 2015 – Day 482 – What causes Cancer?

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A Canadian physician shoots back, “Smoking!” To them, it is the only thing that causes the most perplexing illness known to man. They are so certain that it even causes cancer in non-smokers. No reason to believe otherwise. They are smarter than all medicine in the world. Except when it comes to Rickettsial Illness or borrelia. Too rare they say. Odd. Every single autopsy shows borrelia in tissues of cadavers when autopsy is required to get to cause of death. Their answer? They do not look for it. They are so smart.

What caused the Titanic? “The Paint!” shoots back a Canadian doctor. It is an example of how simplistic they are when faced with a complex problem like cancer. That is their mindset. Find something that causes some cancer. Say it causes all cancer. Ignore the twenty some odd pounds of parasite worms first. They are too busy focussing on a low percent of the problem. By now, so few people smoke, it should all be cured, using their logic. They continue to make life miserable for smokers anyway. Because they always have. What about the twenty pound of worms I found hiding in me? What about the facts that can make me extrapolate that to anyone ever bitten by insects? No explanation.

No doctor even. From now on, I will only see a doctor when they can tell me how many pounds of worms the Wild Apple Leaves smoked out. It is pointless otherwise. Their knowledge is so junior, they aren’t getting anywhere near me. When they say they had no worms, I know they have the same weight of knowledge. No point seeing them. Good doctors are hard to find. By 58 minutes, you will discover the entire blood supply is contaminated with babesia, not to mention mycoplasma, and you won’t go anywhere near our 4th world grade health care system ever either, especially based on their assessments. After 1:05, he talks about persistence. Nobody knows that is parasite worms yet, but close enough. Find a Wild Apple Tree from a deer, try eating the leaves like a deer, and you will see what I mean.

It is like pulling up to some bug bit non smoking hiker with a dented bush truck, and they’re all covered with welts from the bug bites. “Your truck looks like it needs a paint job!” as they slather on more carcinogenic bug repellent. Well, duh. I thought I might address the body work first, but definitely after retiring it from the bush. People working outdoors smoke to repel the bugs. Now it turns out the bugs are ten time deadlier than the cigarettes. Look at the parasite worms they leave in you. Where are doctors calling for a ban on insects first? We know the bush needs a paint job, and we’re touching it up one scratch at a time, first. We’ll get around to quitting smoking when you kill all the insects first. Kindly refrain from using all outdoor products before you do that. Like the wood in your house. The gas in your car. The car mined out of northern Ontario and Wisconsin. Stop eating food grown out doors too. Lose a dozen pounds of insect worms and we’ll talk.

Meanwhile, an exploding e cigarette just broke a man’s neck. Who forced him into e cigarettes? Doctors. Then add all the suicides from that anti smoking medicine. Smoking kills in 80 years. Doctors kill in 8 days. Do you think maybe they lost the plot? Any questions? Wild Apple Leaves make it instantly obvious why a lot of them look like idiots. You are packing bug parasites around. Lots of them. If smoking makes that feel better, then don’t dare criticize someone so hounded by these parasites that it does, until you can show a better way to get rid of them. The parasites, not the patients. We already know they’re champs at that.

Lyme Disease is an epidemic. There is no denying that now that they have been outed hiding it, because too many people tested positive. It is probably wise to treat for Rickettsial Diseases, eg: babesia, first, instead of going off on some bullshzt anti smoking tirade and jumping to COPD and asthma. We know they are bush challenged. This is The Rocky Mountains. That is why they call some of it Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Duh. Whether you smoke or not, it affects respiratory more in these parts. That fact that they are clueless about it is enough to lift their license for not being current enough.

Any time you hear Climate Change, mentally change it to Herbicides. Herbicides are making infected insect populations, and the resulting illnesses, explode. By killing weeds/herbs, there is nothing to keep the insect population, or immunity to insect illness, down. Mankind will disappear before they figure it out because we gave all our money to doctors without a clue. Tell me about it. My whole family is infected, in denial, and getting worse with every trip to junior faux doctors.

Where are the hospital signs? Not No Smoking. The ones that say “Warning! We are ignorant of Epidemic Reckettsial Illnesses and have been caught red handed hiding Lyme Disease, here! Therefore we are a fraud!” Print it on a sticker over a green circle with a lit cigarette in the middle, and stick it everywhere there. They need a slap upside the head like that. I see the Pillow Guy on TV. The reason he is in business is because of doctors who do not know the Horowitz MSIDS Map. The link is the questionairre, not the 16 point Map. Here is 15 of the points. Buy the book for number 16.

  1. Lyme MSDIS 1Infections
    a. bacterial Lyme Disease, Elhrichiosis, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, RMSF, Typhus, Tulerimia, Q Fever, Tick Paralysis.
    b.Parasites Babesiosis and other piroplasms, filiariasis, amebiasis. Giardiasis.
    c. Viruses EbV, HHV-6, HHV-8, CMV, St Louis Encephalitis, West Nile, Powasan Encephalitis and other viral encephalopathies ?XMRV
    d. Candida and other fungi
  2. Immune Dysfunction – ANA+ RF+HLADR-4
  3. Inflammation IL-1, IL-6, TNF-a- Sickness syndrome
  4. Toxicity – Multiple Chemical sensitivity, Environmental Illnesses, Heavy Metals, Mold and Neurotoxins
  5. Allergies- Foods, drugs, environmental….
  6. Nutritional and Enzyme deficiencies/functional medicine abnormalities in biomedical pathways
  7. Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  8. Psychological
  9. Endocrine d/o
  10. Sleep disorder
  11. ANS dys (f)
  12. GI
  13. Elevated LFT’s
  14. Drug use/addiction
  15. Deconditioning need for PT
 Ask a doctor what the terms are. If they don’t know, they aren’t a doctor. Of course, you can get re infected just as easily. That is where Wild Apple Leaves help. But you will have to get your own source. Sorry to be so negative, but I do better doing the exact opposite of everything our doctors say. I’ve gotta buy more cigars now.

Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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