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Thurs, Nov 26, 2015 – Day 483 – They Aren’t THAT Dumb… YMMV

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Our doctors and politicians aren’t that stupid. You heard it here first. When people smart enough to get onto easy street, like that, seem stupid, they are acting. Badly. They need acting lessons. The big question should be why are they acting stupid? I can see politicians. The intelligence agencies want them to act dumb so dumb terrorist immigrants, refugees, whatever, can walk into their trap. For all we know, these dumb mothers have been set up from the get go. They have been led to act out their hate with an undercover accomplice. Sneaky, but what if the terrorists catch on? Paris, that’s what. You can likely figure out the rest.

The perplexing thing is this one with the Canadian Doctors. They are acting like mouth breathing idiots. In school, they weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, so to speak, but they weren’t that dumb. There are the rare exceptions like Dr. Richard Horowitz who is well schooled and keen, but in general, our own doctors are smart enough to keep their country club memberships. Why risk it by acting like total mouth breather imbeciles? I think it is that their management is stupid enough to think we can’t handle the truth.

Here is the real truth. I found that either licorice or tobacco smoke contains a surfactant in it that makes dissolved biofilm hydrophobic, so it comes out of blood solution in the lungs when it comes in contact with air in the alveoli. That will be a tough sell to a doctor, but that is an observation in my case. There are lots of other ways, but that is the only one I know. Guaifenesin expectorant may work in a similar fashion for nonsmokers, but maybe it is licorice that is the active surfactant. The mucus tastes faintly of licorice now. Natural licorice is strangely absent from all health food stores here where it used to be sold. They must be blackmailed to keep human meat tasty for the consumers. Who would be the consumers of human flesh? With a nice Chianti? Pffft, pffft… I know meat is expensive, but not THAT expensive.

We know nematodes are human flesh eaters, and we know nematodes are intelligent. They take over the brains of their target hosts, be it doctor or ditch digger. There could be others that Stephen King could have  a field day with, but that is Hollywood. More bad acting. Let’s stick to what is plausible. Whatever it is it must be a whopper because they are killing people with their actions, and we have a file with inrrefutable evidence, like treating babesia with the two most common misdiagnoses, like asthma, COPD, and even lung cancer, and operating on borrelia GI symptoms with totally unnecessary invasive surgery. It must be a good reason for them to commit premeditated murder. Somebody very evil has the thumbscrews on them. I can’t buy they are that stupid otherwise.

Dr Horowitz is big on reducing cytokines. Ginko, Co Q10, tumeric, and curcumin. I dig bromelaine in moderation. The cytokines cause swelling in arthritic people. Lyme Disease discovery started as arthritis in children. My pain from arthritis is gone, but not some swelling. My knees have become knobby swollen My spine is straightening though. The Wild Apple Leaf has really done a number on the Klebsiella.

BiowarfareThomas Grier offers an explanation. It’s a Bioweapon. It’s is a Silly Thanksgiving blog post now! If there is any credence to this, there is an evil string puller behind these doctors. It all rings so true, though. Pick your evil perp. They did it for money, the age old conspiracy motive. They already have all the money. Somehow, they sure don’t want us to smoke. To me, and observing them, that is code speak for smoke more. If smoking were part of the cure, it would be an easy way to get rid of pesky doctors. Diabolical!

Warfare 101 is to obfuscate communication channels. Take out doctors. Better get rid of engineers, and surveyors expert at delivering the goods xyz. Mechs make weapons, civils make targets. Georox find oil. Nothing makes money like a really good conspiracy theory, and where the target is you. Why? “You” are so badazz, that they can’t take the risk to let you live. They got your soft spot; Ego. Baztzrds!

Russians say they do not like me talking about Wild Antonovka Apple Fibre Phage. They still have relatives in the old country. Don’t be silly. Russians would never want us all to die miserably and painfully. Moreover, old East Germans are so warm and cuddly, except for the ones who made Kim Jong Un’s reactors. Besides, they don’t want or need all our botrgeiosis $hzt. Besides, they LUFF Joo0z, now.

Whatever. Maybe they are that stupid, AND evil. Sounds legit. You can see I rip Gutfeld and McLeod a lot. Politicians are SOOO smart… and you aren’t. Hyperbole. Russians or Money. Pick your poison. They got Bush, but EVERYBODY wants to get him. Yawwwn… Can’t be the Chinese. They’re gonna bury us in rubber dogshzt and fake Gibsons first. They have a Lyme problem too. Obfuscation makes for a good conspiracy theory. It gets more mileage if you can’t put your finger on it.

Today started out better actually. It got colder and drier. Clear sky. I wonder if it will last? Not really. Miss World Canada has been denied entry into China to the Miss World competition. Human rights. Too outspoken. Nobody likes being told about the elephant in the room, or phone booth. Like Canada, or the US, and their Lyme Disease “problem,” the bullies will pounce. They ARE that stupid, but now they are giving themselves a 100% mark. There are no consequences for lying, but there are for telling the truth. That, in a nutshell, is the entire problem.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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