Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Nov 28, 2015 – Day 485 – Eliminating Amyloid Plaques

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Amyloid Plaques underlie all kinds of chronic illness. Check that link. Lewy Body. Alzheimer’s. Neuroborreliosis in general. A magic bullet is needed to erode them. Proteins and malformed peptides. Getting rid of the nematodes first, then the biofilm, gnaws it down to a strange symptomatology, containing only pieces or parts of amyloid plaque diseases. Can we target those plaques now with the biofilm eroded away? Well, your faithful scribe here is in that extremely rare position, since nobody has reported getting rid of hundreds, or even thousands, of nematode parasites, when you count Swimmer’s Itch worms, living for decades, until the Wild Apple Leaf Phage Fibre sent them packing over the last year. They left all their biofilm and amyloid plaque there. Two down, now this to go.

When I went through  the Lewy Body Composite Risk Score 3 minute test, all the mental symptoms were gone, but the physical ones remain. The first thing wild apple leaves addressed was the well known Lyme Brain Fog. That was in 72 hours, a year and a half ago. It doubles your IQ roughly, and wallops depression. The hardest lingering illnesses, like peripheral neuropathy, and prostatitis like symptoms, linger, but strangely only part of them. I am just guessing it is these amyloid plaques still left behind. Sometimes, small grains of them break off, in urine, and stick to the porcelaine of the toilet. Maybe vinegar can dissolve them. I noticed more of them come out when I take Apple Cider Vinegar, but it is not very tasty. You can’t cook with it because Pasteurization starts at 60°C to 100°C. The upside is that it is already a common supplement for regulating body pH. Although it is acidic, it triggers body pH to a desired higher, or basic, condition. This is like blood oxygen rising after smoking a cigarette, exactly the opposite of what you would predict.

NeverWhen you powder Wild Apple Leaves in a blender to get the fibre, a cotton like substance is in the powder. I took it that this was the veins of the leaves. They contain the active substance/phage I also found. Just eating the leaf stems, or that “cotton”, is enough to get a herx. So where is medicine in all this? They are too busy bullying what works against their ineffective criminal ca$h cow. Ignore them. They are the Bernie Madoff’s of Financial Management when it comes to Health, especially when you are really sick. It is a Ponzi Scheme with made up and fudged statistics to get poisons approved for money. They can’t bully open source with their teams of lawyers because there is no money in it, and it’s akin to putting a detonate button on a nuclear warhead. You can push it, but let me know how that goes for you.

On Watter’s World, he asked “Where was Jesus born?” One person said “Probably in some hospital like area.” He got buzzed for a wrong answer. If he were Canadian, it was 100% Correct, except some would take umbrage, comparing a manger, unfavourably, to a backwoods Canadian hospital. It isn’t so much the building, but the staff/staph in it. Manger is an upgrade, so I guess he shouldn’t be buzzed technically, but a ding with an extended pause from the judges to clarify nationality. Too close to call. Stable/Manger is technically, anri-septically, and morally superior to “Canadian Hospital Like Area,” yet ballpark, while being more akin to “Bankers’ Whorehouse.”

Amyloid comes erroneously from the Greek for starch.The biofilm with it would have given a false starch positive. Fibrils are fine filaments, albuminoid proteinaceous material, and such that you may think serrapeptase might get to them, but this may have trouble transcending the blood brain barrier. It is odd that drugs and alcohol have no trouble. I wonder if the small intestine consumes it all first, having large amounts of amyloid stuff in it? Somehow, it gets from there to where it lodges. Likely nematode parasites, to shore up their biofilms, but they’re all gone now. Saliva contains large amounts of amylase, but perhaps not enough, due to the interdiction from parasite nematodes. It could simply be a matter of time with the parasite gone.

I added Apple Cider Vinegar to supper yesterday, after cooling, and the urine smell was cat like again. That tells me Bartonella. Still no sign of Bart, my wandering stray cat who ditched me, but through fleas, could have been a reinfection source. It is a very common Lyme coinfection with involved neuropathy issues. It can stand alone without Lyme, and must be considered when Lyme goes chronic. Morning sweats are associated with bartonella while night sweats are babesia. It is as common as cats. I read how common all these things are, and they don’t even test for them here. No treatment either. I’m on my own.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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