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Mon, Nov 30, 2015 – Day 487 – End of Movember

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Can I shave now? It morphed into Beard-vember. The batteries died in the razors, so they’re on charge now while I decide. The best way is to cut the whole thing with the side burn trimmer, bag the wool from the shears, then shave it. It grew about an inch in a month. A thirtieth of an inch is enough to make it look scruffy. It is Gillette’s Cash Cow. Nematode parasites use hair components to grow stuff inside you, when they steal it from the hair follicles, I found. When I gave them the boot, hair started growing again. People care more about hair loss than dying. I guess they haven’t figured out they won’t have to worry about appearance in the coffin with Wild Apple Leaves yet. There won’t be one any time soon.

I see them protest Climate Change in Paris. I guess they haven’t figured it out that the whole Carbon Credit scam was created by banks looking for someone to take the other side of their energy future trades yet. They are effectively protesting for the banks. Looks good on them. The largest hedge fund disaster in history, Amaranth in 2006, was based on going long Global Warming. The whole thing is based on pseudo science like medicine. Amaranth got sucked into believing it was actually science. It was a $9 billion overnight education.

This time, the Bankster babies are braving the terrorists, and going for a trillion. Any time global warming is blamed for anything, look for what the real reason is, because it is a well proven fraud, created to misdirect blame. The same bankers created both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany for the same reason; Money, but this way is just as profitable and less violent. They can create more money just pissing us off all the time, every time we go to the pumps. Everybody will blame the oil companies, while their banks are really raking it in, and the oil co.’s break even. That’s getting harder, so they have to get that future production value up somehow in Paris, not in West Texas.

They said global warming was causing more ticks. I think it is really herbicides. The math shows the global warming isn’t there, so bad science causes more ticks? I don’t think so. They are finally discovering what I already know, and that is nematode parasites come from hornets, mites, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, and even aquatic biofilms, even though they don’t even know about their own nematode parasites yet. They’re so far behind on borrelia they think they are ahead. When they started making too much money, insurance companies cried foul. Then they bullied doctors. Doctors bullied patients in turn, and treat them with some useless prescription that costs more. The Banks are happy, because “costs more” is better.

“More” is what is really behind Movember. It is to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Yeah, right. I had issues. I found solutions. I haven’t received a cent. Never got one from any of those canvassers and their drives for the disease du jour. They’ll throw it all into some research, and give themselves a raise on the backs of their panhandling volunteers. With all that money, why haven’t they discovered what I know by now, even though I told them all repeatedly in no uncertain terms? Wild Apple Leaves skunks out all these little worms behind everything. Silence. They’re scared shztless to try it even. Their cash cow would be torpedoed straight in the midships of the piggy bank. Is that all it is? Pretty much.

So oil is half price for the feedstock these days. Why isn’t gasoline half price then? Silence. Same thing. The real reason is that when it was high, they got a loan to build a big plant, and now we are still paying that loan, not them. Most of the price of gasoline is that loan and the taxes on the price of that loan. A huge windfall when the feedstock halves in price gets sucked up by the banks and the government. So I expect the same thing will happen when they discover my thing solves nearly all disease for virtually nothing. They have made a huge mistake, and arguably the largest screw up in history, but we will all still pay for it. That has really got to change.

Here is the upside. They are so cement headed that they refuse to believe it. Move to some country with Apple Trees and no health care “insurance”. Better yet, start your own insurance company requiring that people eat Wild Apple Leaves for admission into the Plan. Accept only smokers. By the time we’re all over a century old, nobody will be able to join though. Charge them a 1% surcharge for each year of age. They’ll have to apply when we hold a seance, because doctors or Monsanto will have killed them by then.

Back to the Paris “Climate Change” Global Warming terror. Looks like they are guilty of what they always claim their detractors are: They are scientifically ignorant, but mostly out of date. We already know they can’t do math or history. Apollo 13 showed us that we can survive 50,000 parts per million CO2. Melt an ice cube in a glass of water and the level goes down, but the Antarctic ice shelf is growing. Looks like they had better get busy melting Antarctica. They better cut down all the rainforests too. They are net CO2 producers rivalling China by a factot of ten. Good thing Al Gore also invented the internet too, huh? An Inconvenient Goof.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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