Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Thurs, Dec 31, 2015 – Day 518 – Call Me Nutz, but…

Notice how I snuck that but in there. 😉 -But- after driving a friend home, a real Visiting Angel, and not one of those rentals, her dog acted very strange around me. She sniffed me out, and started licking my hand and everything. I think she needs a quack vet. She could sense that I had zero worms.

Well, call me nuts, but that is the second dog in a week asking for Wild Apple Leaves. They can smell wormy humans, but now me having no worms. A Strange New Smell. Their “owners,” (I hate that… More like they own us, and for NOTHING! lol) remarked both times that  their pets always didn’t cotton to strangers at all. Both were strangely hand licking. I don’t think it was the liquid soap, because their owners had the same stuff. It was something else by all accounts, including both previously snarling dogs. One dog didn’t like my baseball cap, but once it was gone, back to the suck up. Interesting.

I like proxy scientific instruments for nothin’, like dogs to sniff the worms out. Find a mad dog. If it is suddenly friendly, there is a metric as to how many bug worms you have gotten rid of. Dogs know, and without a doubt. That keeps the record straight for those keeping track. If you followed this boring screed, I seem to find out something new every day about humans, dogs, cats, deer, ducks, geese, wild apple leaves, etc. When I stop findin’ stuff out, you will know it may be trouble. I won’t have anything to post about on this theme.

What can you say about Apple Leaves that hasn’t already been said? I was guilty of whippin’ the dead equine to shreds to start, but it remains that you can’t say enough good about them. What about the initial 1 Ibuprofen headache and herx? This Puppy bztch slapped that last night for me. It also made me committed to finding out more things about quack veterinary science, crossed with TCM Du Testing. When you deal with cross species active phage, it opens doors to a whole new science. The others are kinda crowded now. I am committed to pet longevity. And the pets seem to know.

I know about the square root of fzck all about Veterinary Science. My best friend, when I was younger, went into veterinary sciences, and on top of him being the smartest guy I ever knew, he went into horses. He was a direct relative of Alexander Graham Bell. Call your dog “Watson.” He’ll get the memo. “Watson, fzck off!!!” Unfortunately, he died of colon cancer. I wonder what effect apple leaves have against that, but I repeat? They’re awesome for digestion. You’ll see. “Warning! These Products Tested On Humans!! And Cats!!!” Cat subsequently laid the two longest logs EVAH, then converted to all dog, hand licky, leg humpy. It gave up shzttin’ in a box. Had to let ‘im out. lulz

They also have those strange interactions with Wild Deer. I suspect they can smell the lack of worms there too. I wonder what the olefactory sig is there?


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Weds, Dec 30, 2015 – Day 517 – Horticulture

Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiAfter a couple of snowfalls, the apples finally have fallen. Most were the size of grapefruits. That was a healthy tree after I cured the Venturia Inaequalis affliction. Apple Scab is a common affliction of apple trees here, or anywhere for that matter. The difference on the 2015 Test Tree was a doubling in the size of the fruit, from smaller than a baseball to that. The tree did it by itself after being introduced to my antibodies and pathogens. It is possible that it also got the coddling moths, those little worms that like to drill into the apples. Those nematodes have the same effect that nematode parasites have on people likely. This tree is just a file photo of a similar tree, reverted to wild. Mine was loaded evenly with apples.

The trees are dormant now. It would be a good time for “Wassailing” them, or to thump the trunks. It is a tradition to increase the yield of fruit, and they used to do it every year on Christmas Day. I did not wassail that tree. Back in the late 70’s, I bumped into one with a pickup, and that increased its yield though. I suspected that it tickled the roots somehow. It was a kludge confirmation that wassailing works for these trees. Late winter/Early spring was when I added the urine to the ground over the roots around March 18, or Johnny Appleseed Day. It is regarded as a day good for planting apple trees from scratch, after freezing germinates the seeds.

I could add links to all that, but you can look it up for yourself. Like the apples, I am also kind of in hibernation mode these days. I wonder if I will stale date things too? 2016 is almost here, while I am almost not. A couple visitors pointed out that the cougar has moved west a mile or two from here, after our deer moved south and east a bit. I hope they come back. They are my favourite proxy testers, somehow knowing by smell and taste which leaves are best for therapeutic value. Likely it is just Darwinian evolution that has refined their selectivity to eliminate the nematode parasites from bugs and aquatic biofilms. Perhaps there is a theological component too, but that is not scientifically confirmed. I’ll leave that to our doctors, and their decidedly anti-theological bent, condemning all of us to Hell. Ironically, Hell itself is a theological concept. If there is a God, they would all be able to go there. Unfortunately, then they won’t be able to come back to tell us what it is like.

The stock market, the big one in New York and Chicago, is getting unstable. It is a random crapshoot kind of thing. The only thing anywhere near predictable about it is the unpredictability, if that makes any sense. Everybody has an opinion that 2016 will suck. After the fact, some analysts will say they were right all along. They will say it was predictable, then proceed to lose a bundle, when they find it was more like a broken clock being right twice a day. Hedgers take the road less travelled, admitting defeat. That is sort of the way I look at it, and it works most of the time for me. I can’t call the shot like Babe Ruth used to. Big Red Flag when some people say they can. Then volatility will rob them, varying as much as the market. Still, I know that after a couple up days, it tends to go down. Today is one of those days. Trying to grab the bear by the whiskers doesn’t help when the volatility rises enough to rob the expected result. Most hedger traders got the memo, and the big volume trade is crowded. Predictably, CNBC will say that hedgers are feeling the pain of making half what they expected or less from their hedging. Of course, as soon as I said that, it reversed in spite. Predictably unpredictable.

We were just talking about “arthritis worms” in insects around here. In Lyme, Connecticut, the disease was pegged to an outbreak of juvenile arthritis. I can independently confirm that. Spawning Salmon is the common chord there. If that is the metric, this place has Lyme Disease on steroids. Dogs, cats, geese, and deer are all affected. Don’t kill us just to test for it though. Take Wild Apple Leaves from here to get a heads up. Wild Apples grown near any salmon spawning ground will produce tree fibre that will likely be the same. I’ll keep you updated on the fate of the dog. He is 8 this year, but I thought younger. Maybe he has had arthritis since 3, but has been mum about it. He used to “dog track” with front and back legs independent, dysthymia. “Dr. Duck,” the Quack, calls it that, and that still quacks me up. Vets are not allowed to treat humans, like doctors shouldn’t  be. It’s all quacked up. lol Likewise, trust me I’m not a doctor, TMINAD ™.

Warren Buffett is having a bad year. That’s news, and you just know they have that hedged 6 ways from Sunday. I’ll take that as a typical predicted CNBC response that hedgers are screwed by this market. All; rumply looking, but flatter than a set of fake Hollywood tits that drop out. I’ve been watching the Diceman. Can ya tell?



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Tues, Dec 29, 2015 – Day 516 -K9 Arthritis

One of the surprising things is how fast dogs develop arthritis. When you think about how much bug pressure they’re under, plus the fact they swim in biofilming lakes and get that too, it clears up a lot of the mystery. Add to that the fact so much pet food is stretched with starch fillers. Bilharziasis Parasites are likely the problem. It seems like you turn around and a dog has gone from pup to old adult in a few years. And it has arthritis already. I feel your pain, Rover.

Having Juvenile Arthritis really sucked. “Warning! This product tested on humans. And a cat. May have side effect of ‘cat-dog.’ ” I guess most of my early herxing was that arthritis being gobbled up by the apple leaf phage. Sometimes, dogs eat grass trying to shake the bug worms. I wonder with their elevated senses they also know like deer do? Watching videos of dogs and deer, they seem to have a smell communication set up. Then there is that whole azz sniffing thing… As a human, I sorta am not going there. It’s just another day in the “Adventures of Dr. Duck: Quack DVM.”

Now I know a 3-4 year old dog having arthritis troubles for which it takes Glucosamine Sulfate. I know that, been there, done it. It had some relief, but what really is relieving will be Wild Apple Leaves. I have some fall ones from Gramp’s Tree I am trying. Those were the ones with all the phage, that went straight through my skin when I gathered them. Dogs are de-wormed intestinally as puppies, but then they are all on their own, and these are different dermal worms. I can see them loving a dog for all the hair follicles they can co-opt to make biofilm “shell” protection. It must also play hell with their urinary system.

I know the leaves were the only thing that cured my arthritis from where it was. It is still cured, but with a strange caveat. Knobby knees let me know it still lurks a bit in biofilm around old affected joints, but while there is inflammation, no pain really around those joints. The bromelain makes the tendons downright rubbery around it, which is a little disconcerting initially, but it might help the K-9 swelling too. As for the hundreds of nematodes coming out, you’ll be on your own there, pal. Perhaps your humans will scratch your itch, too.

I DogsPokerknow dogs have trouble scratching their upper chest. They seem to like that the best without fail. Friend for Life! if you ever scratch that itch there. They also do not find approaching with an open palm to be as threatening, anticipating itching that spot. Pavlov’s Chest effect. Dogs would be lousy poker players too if they can’t suppress that whole wagging tail thing. It appears they have the cigar part sorted out.

If your dog has arthritis, find an apple tree. If you are too chicken, let rover take over. They’ll love it more than your leg. I know. I also know that the salmon flies transmit those worms to a new batch of salmon. That must be how they know where to come back to spawn where they were born. Somehow, the worms can “ping” them to show where they are. I suspect it has something to do with the dog tendency to roll in the dead fish, too. That’s kinda how it is out in fish school here. I do not roll in dead fish. We have bugs to achieve the same effect without even trying though. I also wonder if the Yellow Jackets carry arthritis worms? Our dog ate Yellow Jackets sometimes. There’s your trouble, maybe.

Come to think of it, my arthritis cured after those Yellow Jacket worms drilled out of my right knee area near the bone. Somebody should look into that. Damn things were in there through the 60’s. I think we have a smoking gun. Scarcely a day goes by, even 516 Days in, where I don’t learn something new from Wild Apple Leaves, it seems. Dogs have the added factor of an accelerated life span. I wonder if apple leaves can cure that? Doubling a pet’s life span would be a good confirmation.


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Mon, Dec 28, 2015 – Day 515 – Weather Or Not

I got snowed in, but luckily got rescued. A friend had plans collapse at Christmas and got stranded in the weather too. She walked over and we commiserated being stranded with Blackberry – Tequila. She is the girl in the picture in my email. Merry Xmas Part Deux. A l0cal snow plow broke down and the towing company was backlogged all day yesterday. The highway was closed until they could clear off the sudden dump of snow, and start catching up. Of course, it all happened spanning a weekend. Here in the Rockies, the weather can carpet bomb us occasionally.

Everybody is still digging out after a half inch of rain froze, then got a foot of snow added. It was so glazed when the snow hit, you could plow the lawn. lulz Oddly, this all comes down to solder. I couldn’t make a joint in a piece of wire with environmental resin core solder. The flux didn’t flux, and the solder just beaded up. My 45 watt solar panel charger had a broken wire, and Solder has no lead in it any more. They did not get the memo that Wild Apple Leaves clean lead and other heavy metals up in your soft tissues. That is the old Pyrus Malus claim from a century ago or more.

“Pyrus” is Pear in the old botanical classification. We have a couple pear trees, but the hornets take over the pear crop at harvest time. The deer steer clear of all those pear eating Yellow Jackets. The trees are susceptible to both Venturia Inaequalis “apple scab” and Erwinia Amylovora “fire blight” fungus. That is a coming phage project to see if they can be cured of fungus like I inadvertently cured the 2015 Test apple tree of scab with human antibodies. That is worth spending time on at least another three discipline doctorate in microbiology, botany/proxy phage engineering, and clinical pathology. There are more pressing things though, like my theory linking tick borne illness and spawning salmon, like here, upstate New York, and Ontario. Spawning Salmon is the common link to all three places.

MSIDSHere we get Wawa WA-1, B. Myamotoi, B. Duncani, bart and babs/RMSF, at least. They are so prevalent they don’t test any more, because presumably everybody has them. You will get a positive test south of the border, and no test here, save for B-31 Borrelia. We could use a thousand clones of Richard Horowitz here. They’re baffled, and/or hiding it. Pasteur’s Postulate “One cure for one disease” completely unravels with insect borne biofilming co-infestations. They test only for one of 300+ species of this puppy. It is akin to saying the only species of dog is a Collie, and you don’t look like Lassie.

That’s all fire under the bridge though. Apple Leaves are acaricidal, on top of being therapeutic and probiotic, meaning they kill insects that bite you. In some circles, people blame deer, when in actual fact, deer found out how to fight all these bug diseases eating apple leaves. Moose are not so lucky. Lyme Disease AKA Powassan is exploding because of GMO agri chemical over spraying, but you are not allowed to link that. Those broad leaf weeds the animals used to eat cured it somehow. Apple Leaves are a kludge fix for that. OMG!™ is GMO spelled backwards.

Neil_ArmstrongDown south, there is a town called Armstrong, BC. I know somebody who likes that. “I like the name.” I wonder if his Heart Disease was related to STARI, or Southern Tick-borne Illness, from geological training expeditions? Even the best and healthiest are not immune to borrelia biofilm related illness it seems, and the best doctors are stumped. It’s easy to see why. I found these nematode parasitic co0ties are so stealthy, they hide in biofilm themselves, until you break down the biofilm to sugar with enzyme the way you break down agave to make tequila. Biofilm and agave are made of the same stuff, polysaccharide or starch, it is known. The enzyme is also used to clarify and juice apples grown from here to Kelowna, changing to polygalacturonase in the process. The Tequila making Aspergillus Niger fungus produces the pectolase prescursor of that.



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Sun, Dec 27, 2015 – Day 514 – Beyond Science

It’s a lonely journey, and a long one to do alone. There is no sympathy from anybody it seems. Perfect strangers are more sympathetic than relatives. I’m all alone and forgotten it seems. I wanted to get more leaves than I did this fall, but relatives who committed to help me reneged and left when it was too late. In a way, it helped me discover the 2015 Phage batch was superior,  so I concentrated on it more.

At this rate, Wild Apple Leaves will be hidden for all history again, like they always have been. It must be some kind of divine intervention to prevent them from ever getting known. If you need to try them you must find an apple tree. The wild ones here seem better to me, and seem to have some sort of bacteriophage built in. Deer eat apples and seed them. They all likely work though. Leaves from different trees felt basically the same. It can be hard to tell the difference though while the effects overlap a bit. You can even feel the effect from handling the leaves in the fall, and I needed pectin enzyme to enhance circulation and biofilm expectoration.

Commercial orchards use pesticides and fungicides, making those leaves unusable, possibly. Some fungicides like potassium carbonate for apple scab are not noxious, but other chemicals may be. If you have a crab apple tree, it may work too. While not exactly rocket science, the effect is beyond all known science. I’ve tried many times, but it is hard to describe. You get a herx reaction, or tingling in infected tissues, that you can feel. It is not toxic like an antibiotic Jarrisch Herxheimer reaction. The leaves are more probiotic than antibiotic.

Everybody always concentrated on the fruit, since Eve. It is nice, but seems to have almost none of these properties that I feel. A few apple leaves a day will put doctors out of business, I think, while an apple just keeps them away, allegedly. I did not find that at all, but then I didn’t really eat that many apples. The whole thing is weird to say the least.

So find a tree. If it hasn’t snowed, and the fallen leaves are still dry, they still work from my trees. I tried that over a year ago, but if they get wet, they go moldy, from Venturia Inaequalis fungus, or Apple Scab. It is harmless to people, but I avoid it anyway. I thought some curious biology student would have picked this up by now, but no luck. It’s now an open secret. There was no real prior science of the effect of consuming the leaves. This is it. It changed the course of my health, but not enough to win Olympic medals. For me it was simply the difference between what felt like certain impending death, and a marked improvement only I would know. It was finally hope where none existed.

I watched an infomercial about Supple. I tried the active ingredients a long time ago, and while there was improvement, nothing like that even comes close to apple leaves for arthritis. In my case, the worst symptoms disappeared, occasionally resurfacing slightly as I went deeper with biofilm reduction using pectin enzyme. It i sone of those things that lingers in biofilm. The majority of my life I had chronic arthritis, and what may have been Klebsiella, a common root illness of arthritis sufferers. The affected areas are slowly repairing as the cartilage repair mechanism seems to have been restored by getting rid of all the nematode parasites from bugs. Much of that infomercial reiterated my issues with current medicine, treating symptoms, having great risk of infection, but does not eliminate the source. When you see those hundreds, and later thousands, of parasites leave, you will know and figure out what their effect was on you.

That just stops the damage. You can’t just snap your fingers and get rid of that, and the recovery is not so rapid in my case, but being a bug chewed surveyor from all over, that’s to be expected. I feel that early prevention is essential to avoid all that recovery, but nobody is aware of the creeping damage the parasites were causing until they have done a sweep with the apple leaves first. I take it the parasites either disable the neurons by eating them, or apply an anesthetic. Then you can’t feel them eating you. They cut your neurons is what it seems like. It explains a numb feeling around my right hip where they proceeded to eat my right glute. You can likely see it as cellulite dimpling where they eat you, and can’t pack it with pectin fast enough to hide the loss. The current explanations of cellulite are shaky, but this clears up what is really happening toot sweet. It is parasites from insects, and medicine knows nothing about them. Their theories of cellulite are laughable when you see it in a post apple leaf light. The worms obviously chewed those dimples out.

It is like trying to warn people about an incoming nuclear weapon. Once it becomes evident, it is way too late, and the recovery becomes exponentially magnitudes tougher. How do you triage that? Ignore doctors and the elderly because they will only slow it up? They’re dead anyway 10 out of ten that way. It is unknown. Early prevention is the key. Do you need it? If you can feel it, you’ll need it I bet, and that, wild apple leaves, is the only safe chemotherapy for it AFAIK. As Far As Anyone Knows, for that matter. They recently found Lyme spirochaetes in mosquitoes, and there were likely nematode eggs with them, gauging by what I witnessed. Every third mosquito bite on the average seems about right.

220px-Nobel_PrizeHornets and Spiders also carry arbovirii. That is arthropod transferred disease, while ticks transfer tebovirii. Again the nematode parasites are unknown until the apple leaves skunk them out. They are that stealthy in situ. They escaped discovery until now. That is at least Nobel Prize worthy, you would think, amongst other accolades. You would just find a preoccupied selection committee instead, blissfully unaware that most of the trouble is from ridiculously common parasites, and has been for all history.

Even if I were a doctor, I see how they treat their own when it comes to issues like this. They would cannibalize and destroy you, ridicule and marginalize you. Witness the trainwreck that is the IDSA and tebovirus treatment. They are currently occupied  going full speed in the wrong direction, when all the progress is being made by retired professionals. Nobody ever listens to the lab rat, even if they have one that can speak, or type over a million words in a blog. It is too far beyond all Science that they know, or even dreamed of, obviously. It makes me glum, even though I know they will find it out eventually, some century in the far future, if I can’t get through to them. After over a year of trying, I am about to give up. When something this simple and obviously verifiable is so far over their heads, what good would they be anyway?

MSIDSYou get a rare insight that all people will be the losers if this can’t break out here. They didn’t even listen to Willy Burgdorfer when he found nematode eggs. I found a way to get the nematodes to drill out, presumably alive, and not related exclusively to Lyme Disease, but nearly everything else in the book, too. They explain such riddles as cellulite, floaters, biofilm, arthritis, psoriasis, Duck Itch, and virtually all chronic disease, physical and neurological. What is it that I don’t get, why that isn’t headline news?

ItLaundry List isn’t just that. Time after time, vector parasites and their bacterial biofilm farms are ignored by medicine. You will see for yourself. Then you will look at a medical explanation. It fails to take that two step root cause complex into account. If you have never been bitten by an infected insect, you don’t have to worry. Good luck with that. Every single medical riddle, as to disease or condition origin, instantly becomes obvious. Dr. Horowitz has a short list, but you will know it is bigger than just that when you see those parasites come out, and figure out how long they have been resident in you.

Why aren’t more people sick? Their immune system fights these things, that apple leaves eliminate, all their lives. Arthritis is the result of an over active immunity, fighting the infections and cytokines. The parasites also directly eat cartilage to make more biofilm. Eventually, an additional parasite may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Then you are in trouble. Wild Apple Leaf removes that straw, but you are still left with a broken back to heal. What kind of paint was on the Titanic? Who cares? But that is the analogy where all health care money is being blown. There are 100 known strains of borrelia in the US, and 300 worldwide. Canada tests for one, and it isn’t the prevalent B. Miyamotoi.




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Sat, Dec 26, 2015 – Day 513 – Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

I am a mineral engineer. Laundry ListWe beneficiate ore. What is the most valuable substance in the world, or most importantly, the most valuable concentrate-able  substance in the world, bar none? It is without question, chronic disease. More valuable than platinum or gold or rhodium or diamonds. Doctors are supposed to be good at disease geology, bur are about the lousiest mineral engineers ever, in that light. Time to call the Pros from Dover. What took them so long? Disease and patients are way down the list.

I went Open Source with my discoveries. Minus $100 T is an estimate of what those diseases cost, when they say that each 1% reduction in chronic disease is worth $1 T prevented in time lost injury. That is where you have to understand my other interest, Financial Engineering. This discovery is a potential hedge against chronic disease, like futures contracts are a hedge against future price variation, and where no effective hedge exists. Until now. I lucked out. However, force majeur will take over. They only said that because they thought nobody would ever come up with anything near a solution.

Surveying is a close analogy to Financial Engineering. By taking opposing readings, the answer will lie at the means. Financial Engineering has a strong bias to the “$” built in, though. It is not “on the money” in Survey lingo. Pu$$ie$, says $. Survey says professionally, “Do ya wanna make dirty money, or be right?” I had to be correct instead, because other surveyors have to be the arbiters of boundaries from that. I didn’t “follow the money.” “On the Money$” financial was different. There was the secret of Finance, and the difference between it and surveying lies in there, a bias to the money side. One side sells closer to the BID, but the other wants the ASK. The mean is not the financial answer, necessarily, skewed to the market, at that time. Mixing apple and oranges there is the problem between medicine in theory, and what we see. They will protest, and say government is the solution. Anything but, because it gets corrupted in secret, excluding a free market altogether.

It’s a mess. Medicine says all diseases that cost them too much do not exist, or cannot be treated. You have to take them out of the equation, as much as practical, to ever get to a solution. They tend to ignore new science, even when peer reviewed it seems. They’ve always done it that way, and it doesn’t seem that they account for their track record. Some new things aren’t fully supported with data yet. Then you are a guinea pig. I skipped right to guinea pig. As I learned more about apple leaves, the evidence pointed to a good homeopathic remedy, and I got more evidence that they were helpful in many ways, but for unclear reasons. They exhibited bacteriophage behaviour. The included enzymes were known for good health.

It turned out to be a lot more. They were a powerful anthelmintic, but there was no data on the apparent parasite worms they forced out. I looked at strongyloides and pinworms and threadworms. There still wasn’t a true match. Schistosomiatis was a candidate for what it did in cases of Swimmer’s Itch, with some parasites having a known lifespan of 20 years. These could be second generation, because some were 4 or 5 decades since the bug sting or bite. There was nothing about the bugs being infected.

I’m sort of marooned here on Boxing Day. There’ll be a bit of snow. I’ll get by. Started a fire in the wood stove. I have a bunch of food that should either be finished up or tossed. Then more canned stuff I have to rotate out and replenish. Next week will be better once the crowds picking bargains taper down. I’m not too keen on those shopping crowds anyway. You get meeker with age. If the Night Before Christmas was quiet, this one is quieter. No great loss. There is a Best of Pawn Stars marathon on History channel. I haven’t watched that for a while. Why are they so mean to the Old Man? I feel sorry for him. I’m not that crotchety yet. The elderly are a wealth of information, and especially relevant to Finance. They are a living testament to the march of inflation and a litany of a debt backed fiat currency shell game, all to pay for an unsustainable bloated government. Now we are past the point of being able to service that debt, kicking the can off the cliff.

And here we are with medicine thrown on top. If Wild Apple Leaves can’t rescue that horribly broken mess, nothing can, because they are the most amazing, powerful, effective, and practical discovery in medicine, ever. Unfortunately, they seem to expire too, after a year and a half of storage. I found the relatively fresh ones are better, and once they wipe all the pathogens, where will fresh phage come from? Good question. Maybe I should concentrate on storing the phage, but then how could you test/extend longevity? I just keep counting the days. A year and a half isn’t very good, but really good for a salad. The other thing is I rarely take a Zero size capsule any more, other than to test the longevity, because I am a lot more sensitive, feeling a quarter of that or less now. Then it is unknown if that is just because that phage library has cleaned out what it could. I know all my biofilm reducing efforts may have a lot to do with it now, after witnessing the pre biofilm reduction effects. I need more data, but all I get back is that they’re good.

They aren’t the only homeopathic remedy, of course. Others may also have phage behaviour, like Super Beets. It may be more than just Nitrates. Natural Saw Palmetto my be like that. It works better with biofilm reduction as well. The concentrated versions still work, but the natural stuff still seems to work better. Like Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. That in itself may be phage enhanced. If you are looking for something to hunt with an electron microscope, these things may be a good place to start. Effectiveness with multiple issues raises that curiosity and suspicion. A targeted chemotherapy-like repair feeling does too. It’s sad doctors can’t really follow that line, or more stuff would get wiped out, other than patients. Only immature science is decided when it should be the last thing to be.


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Fri, Dec 25, 2015 – Day 512 – Another Christmas

I didn’t think I would make one Christmas on the morning of July 31, 2014. It was a shot in the dark. I finally got around to nibbling some apple leaves Ediefrom where the deer came to eat. They tasted a bit like apples actually. Made sense. I had a cup of salad. That was too much. Maybe it was just me. At first0 Apple Branch I thought little bugs were coming out of the bug bites or from the apple leaves themselves. Later I determined it was some kind of nematode parasite that earlier bugs must have transferred from biting me. Now I knew why the deer craved them so much. They got rid of parasites from the bugs. One of the fawns had been limping the week before, but she was cured now, and gaining weight, like her brother.

My journey wasn’t as rapid or dramatic. I take it early prevention with apple leaves is essential. Yet continued Apple Leaf consumption popped out more nematodes from where they were hiding. From the continuing improvement in feeling, I knew they, those exiting parasites, were not doing me any good. Then more came out from Swimmer’s Itch. They appeared mostly where I was in contact with algae on docks and rafts. They were different, coming out like dirt from the upper skin surface and pores. The bug bite ones came from deeper near joints and in major muscles. The Swimming ones were obviously a lot smaller species. They would have been there for decades. I looked for reference to what they all were, but there wasn’t much reference at all except for a casual mention by Dr. Eva Sapi at University of Hew Haven about filarial nematode eggs in borrelia burgdorferi biofilms.

512 Days later, I still have the odd straggler coming out. That old bee stinger on my right inner forearm is still healing, after something came out by it a couple weeks ago.  It had t0 be in there almost 60 years maybe. I could have been stung when I was an infant. I do not remember that one. I remember sometimes bees might get trapped in the back of the car while travelling down the highway with the front windows open a bit. That was a long time ago from the 50’s. People generally know nothing about this. I document it here because once people get the memo, it will happen to all of them too, and they will likely go through this whole experience themselves. If they don’t, those parasites will kill them. I can tell by the feeling without them that they cause a lot of trouble. I didn’t bother making up a test. Everybody has been bitten by bugs. Now they say almost 30% of those bugs are infected with borrelia, and they aren’t only ticks.

These parasites are flesh eating. They eat you alive. That’s the draw. Dr. Sapi pointed out they like juicy neural tissue and cartilage, from brain, nerves, and joints. There was the arthritis link and a possible mechanism. My arthritis was gradually reversing to a place that I hadn’t experienced, having suffered from it since I was a juvenile. Later, after attempting to reduce biofilm from Day 313 on, more of the same was found lurking deeper. I assumed that since biofilm was mostly pectin starch polysaccharides, I would try food grade pectic enzyme. Wine and Tequila makers use the same stuff to break the pectin down to sugars.

If they are eating nerves and brain, that explains a lot of increasingly bad neurological problems. A look around shows it is more common than you would think. Bell’s Palsy, Parkinson’s, strokes/encephalomyelitis, heart disease, and heart arrhythmias. The apple leaves turned out to be a way to find out what was at the root of it. I continue to type as much info as I can every day because I know that someday, when this reaches critical/viral, and finds the 15 minute headline news cycle, people will be looking for answers as to what is happening. This isn’t just a big thing. This is everything. All illness. All disciplines.

TMI? That’s what search engines are for. Hopefully people will will hit on a combination of words that ring a bell. Plus, the typing is a form of physiotherapy for the reversal of a stroke/TIA I suffered more than 8 years ago. I know now it was directly related to a nematode parasite from a bug or tick in the back of my neck. I suffered two more such bites this year, but the apple leaves nipped the infections in the bud. Unfortunately, as noted above, early treatment and prevention is key. I am 60. Kinda late for that. Lots has reversed, but some damage may be permanent. I still hold out hope. When I feel I have pared that biofilm back enough, then I might be ready to try a Lyme Literate naturopath. Doctors here and their tests are obviously all useless and a waste of time. I now know any attempt before that will be futile, as the parasites or biofilm will make the disease persist. No0body has detected these things, but Wild Apple Laves force them to come out from where they hide. If they don’t, I would be really worried if I were you, and if your parasites are somehow resistant to apple leaves, probably through extensive biofilm formation. Chances are you may have found another way to force them out, but you will not forget it if you have. You would write over 400 pages about it on the internet.

Spirochaetes like to hide in bone marrow where your blood cells are made. You can feel it when you kill them with HCP, or others, like samento. I really felt the first treatment, but not so much the second. I can only hope I got them all. I have been walking better, although I am still a little weak. Maybe I am too far gone, and it was too late. Early prevention is the key. These things ate my whole right gluteous maximus muscle. It is only now recovering a bit. Two Christmas’s later.

What would you do if you knew what was killing everybody, without a doubt, and nobody would listen? Would you wait a few years, rent a bullhorn, then say, “Told ya so, dumbazzes!?” That wouldn’t be very nice. Of course, you know that it gets worse the longer they procrastinate, like cancer. Some may think that’s the answer. They’re all gonna die, and it will be more excruciating and miserable the longer they wait. Doctors can make it more miserable for a lot longer I found. Once you give into them, you’re done. They know nothing about this.

Doctors will beat the board to a pulp trying to hit he nail on the head, and they can’t even see it, until Wild Apple Leaves start popping out a lifetime of hidden nails from all over the place. They’re hopelessly infected too, I take it. As soon as they try to treat themselves for it, and show how smart they are, they will kill themselves. Or botch it. You only get one chance. You will understand why so many people die from medical treatment. Should you kill all those nematodes and schistosomes at once, the toxic shock could be enormous. I stumbled on a way to get them to come out, all by themselves, and on their own schedule, still alive like they had been inside you, for decades. Then you can start on all the damage they must have wrought.

What is leprosy? It has largely been eradicated, with around 200,000 people per year affected worldwide. It used to be considered highly contagious, but was later found not to be. That sounds like a vectored, or insect transmitted, illness to me. It got billing in the Bible, but borrelia predates the Bible historically, with spirochaetes found in the Tyrolean Ice Man’s body.

If a third of bugs are affected with borrelia, it will be a lot bigger problem than leprosy, by factors of thousands of times. What I found escaping from Wild Apple Leaves is more than just that, and is a candidate for parasitic, deep dermal resident, filarial nematode spirochaete farmer worms. It affects 7.4 Billion people, while many are allegedly asymptomatic, but they all die from it anyway, should they even care to look. The worms are stealthy, and do a better job exposing themselves, when skunked out by eating Wild Apple Leaves. The symptoms are attributed to individual disease classes with fuzzy causes, like ARD, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, intestinal, etc. These nematode farm animals, borrelia,  can be discovered in blood smears in seconds. There is no treatment, or test, intentionally. It underlies all the top chronic fatal illness known and unknown. It is caused by smoking, the brain trust figures, with shaky or no evidence to back that up. It is a convenient subjective agenda driven non sequitur.

This is all totally unknown in medicine. There are casual references to intestinal parasites, bur virtually nothing about this, other than Bilharziasis/Schistosomiatis. It is a lot more than just that, and is the Number One health issue in the world, obviously. It becomes obvious once you see and feel it for yourself. Eventually it hits you that this affects everyone, and solves the age old mystery why people die.