Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Dec 1, 2015 – Day 488 – Beard Gone

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Well, the trimmer charged. One zip, and a handful of wool later. That was just a month. Nematode parasites had no shortage of the stuff. I would guess that before Wild Apple Leaves skunked out those nematodes that were stealing hair, they were getting, and using, about half of that a month. I wonder what they built with it, and where? I suspect in the prostate, heart, and brain for starters. That would cover most men’s health issues. Medicine is typically incurious about the whole thing. They must be too busy fighting global warming solutions, or cigarette vaccines. The pseudo science is decided, after all.

How about getting rid of 20 pounds of micro filarial nematode farmers and bioiflms first? They claim they do not exist. What are all these things drilling out at bug bites from decades ago then? Crickets. The best thing about Wild Apple Leaves is showing experts what idiots they really are. There are bonus points for getting them locked in a mental institution for denying it. Put them on quetiapine and steroids to paralyse them, for shzts and giggles, if they have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/Babesia. It’s more common than they would ever guess, with all their Asthma, or COPD, misdiagnoses. Put them on Haldol to really screw them up, and physically torture them, if they have  and Bartonella, too. Those are common, and ignored by them to sell lots of dope. The bonus is they will get it for free I imagine. They all have borreliosis, but don’t know how to diagnose it.

I grabbed all those leaves from Gramp’s Tree yesterday, caught in the net. Even handling the leaves, I got a good dose, but some pectin enzyme came through. I can feel it working with a slight herx, but also took a 2015 AppLyme for good measure, containing some pectin enzyme to help circulation in the capillaries.. It is said that Bartonella is capillary disease, preferring penetration in the extremities. That explains a lot of things, as that is where I feel the herx the most. The leaves make me grumpy like d’Herelle not from medicinal effect, but because they expose such glaring ignorance in medicine. Once you try it, and see it through, you will want nothing to do with those goofs either. First, there is the future of medicine, but then try going a century beyond that. It becomes obvious.

Maybe that is a way to get the word out. I can see the headlines now. “Top Secret Stealth 1952 Bioweapon Antidote May Have Been Discovered.” “Lethal Cold War MKULTRA Bioweapon ‘accidentally’ thrown out by Government.””Cold War Bioweapon Accident Cover Up FAIL!” Then redact the whole thing in black ink, minus the last three digits of an obvious local phone number as a contact. “Oh, look Honey… Old Russian WMD Bioweapon Attack Screwup Coverup again… Spaghetti sauce on sale Thursday. Regular ground beef too…” lol

I remember when they said, “That’ll stick to your ribs!” They didn’t know it was glue for nematode parasites to build biofilm and farm disease. People didn’t know it was more like, “Here… Throw a couple quarts of bacterial biofilm glue on top of that!” Having stuff that sticks to the inside of your blood vessels doesn’t do much for your longevity. Having it stick inside your ribs with parasite worms in it is about what we already have. “No thanks. I gave all my ribs at the office already.”

The Weather Network has a long range forecast. Warmer than normal December, followed by colder, drier, January & February, and back to warmer than normal March. It is an El Nino year. Our lake freezes infrequently, one in seven years, but it may freeze this year.

Found this about making slides to look at borrelia spiro’s. I don’t have a video microscope yet. Also 50% of adults are asymptomatic for babesia; Surveyor_3-Apollo_12They possibly haven’t got it but don’t know. I know the bugs have it. The treatment is harsh wormwood extract. But after getting rid of hundreds/thousands of nematodes hitchin’ a ride for decades in an unknown type of dermal schistosomiatis. The silver lining in all this is we do not have doctors in Canada. We have a meat market down the road where they cut out cancer after a lonnng wait for surgery. Then chemo. Unsubsidised Homeopathic is the only way here. Bioweapon First Responder Engineer is more like it after what I’ve seen. I’m the only survivor of real Surveyor’s/Engineer’s Disease. They apparently don’t need oxygen. A dish in a gravity field would be nice though.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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