Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 2, 2015 – Day 489 – BC makes the News

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It’s not for a good reason. On CNBC, Squawk Asia, BC was fingered as a specific zone that got sucked into the Global Warming, now Climate Change/Carbon Credit, scam. Now there is a way to convert carbon dioxide to carbon nano tubes, but the problem is a shortage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere after 20 years. It would create pre Industrial Revolution levels of carbon dioxide. BC are among the idiots who did not get the memo. They are stunned when you tell them the Antarctic ice shelf is growing at an alarming rate.

It didn’t surprise me in the least. Look at our medical system. They are allegedly the brain trust. Now I have to organize an emergency trip to save another from their horrific maw. Luckily they are paused to cut this person up for suspicion of cancer as she waits in an interminably long line up. They just suspect cancer. They aren’t sure. They want to cut and poison anyway. Wild Apple Leaves and pectin enzyme is a last resort. Ironically her mother has neuroborrelia in a home. That is easy. Like 72 hours it gets it. Bit of a headache/eyeache, and done. Cancers are all different. I only had suspected skin cancer to go by. It just disappeared in a few months. I still have some suspect moles though, although a lot of worms drilled out on the edge by the worst one. Just feeling it now, it’s getting smaller. Come to think of it, that is the smallest this one has ever been. It’s shrinking.

Handling the leaves from Gramp’s Tree even gives me a Wild Apple Phage herx. My feet are cold. That confirms that they are active to me. Phage are under 220 nm long and go through skin by osmosis. I was also just making some new 2015 AppLymes up, so it may have been them too. The dust gets in the air from putting dried leaves in the blender. Likely there has been cross contamination. The dust smells very “gamey,” or like dry grass clippings. Now later, it feels nice and cooling. It was just a very large dose, that’s all.

In San Bernardino, they were looking for someone pissed off at the government, and driving a dark SUV. Boy, that sure narrows it down, to like EVERYBODY! Not sure when they’ll lock up BC for questioning. Now it turns out they were pissed off government employees. Well, maybe there is hope, and they’ll lock up all government employees that are pissed off, too. Wild Apple Leaves may be banned, because one thing for sure, you’ll be pissed off that all medicine was on the wrong tack for centuries, and it still is, if they picked up the right phage. They can sure help all those obese cops. They eat well in San Bernardino, I take it. Meanwhile, file this one under “Duh!!!”




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