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Thurs, Dec 3, 2015 – Day 490 – Small Microscopes

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I have been cruising Ebay looking for small microscopes capable of 100 – 1000 power to look at blood, and save the snapshots to computer. There are a bunch of them on ebay from 20-60 bucks, Free Shipping. They’ll do up to a thousand power, but not sure if they will work for blood. If you see a spirochaete, you have borrelia. That is a high end machine, costing thousands. Those are also B31 cultures prepared by Dr. Sapi. Here is live ulzblood with wigglers in it. I found the easy way is to close your eyes in a bright light, and you can see them swimming in your eyes, until Wild Apple Leaf smokes them all out. There is my dilemma. I don’t have any, any more, at least not in my eyes. Wild Apple Leaf phage smoked them all out in my case, but your mileage may vary. Here is what you may find in there. It would be nice to do cool videos like that. Meanwhile, our medicine says microscopes do not exist. I can see why a couple health care workers shot up a San Bernardino health care Christmas party. They discovered you can count their IQ on your fingers when it comes to this.

pillIf it is that easy, why aren’t they doing it? See above. They’re idiots. They play this bullshzt game until one of their own catches it, and goes postal. Then they do all they can to cover that up. 16 dead is small potatoes compared to the shell game they run. They’ll do that, feigning ignorance, before lunch on a good day. That’s Bidne$$. Workplace violence becomes terror to get out of paying the pensions. It’s all a nice tidy package. A little tooo tidy sometimes, but what the hey? That’s why they make the big bucks.

Nothing cures Canadian Lyme Disease, AKA MS. Or Arthritis. It’s cheaper. Look for a Fibromyalgia/Lupus epidemic, whatever is cheaper. That’s OK. Looks like they are doing a great job getting rid of themselves. Give them time. Nobody said this war on health care terror would be easy, but now that they are offing themselves, sweet. I found out everybody has it, and likely it’s just in remission, not reaching quorum yet. Leaves copies of gun magazines around in their offices and it will take care of itself. Meanwhile, I can’t waste time on those imbeciles. My friends are running all over the province to get in and get killed faster by the special class of surgery. I already know Wild Apple Leaves wallops it, but they are more interested in rushing to the coffins. I’ll just sit back and watch the geeniuses do themselves in. I’ve already watched dozens go down.

If you can get your own microscope and do better testing for less that their cheapest flawed tests, what are you waiting for? Oh, I get it. You are one of those people who thinks the government and the surviving health care “pros” can count their balls twice and get the same answer. Me, not so much. I know their track record with chronic illness. Mine is 100%. Their’s is Zero. I’ll take PayPal. They’ll take everything. Any questions? lol

Suspect every government health care worker of being a terrorist? Well, gotta tell ya, they’re preaching to the choir here. I say subsidize more Christmas Parties for them with free ammo and a dozen cases of whiskey. There were hundreds there, and they only got 14 though, plus 2 if you count the perps. Typical government couldn’t do anything right, or shoot straight. Hold drills shooting fish in  barrel to practice them up. The cops look to need a fat farming too. People are starving in the streets there because they can’t get around the fat phucks at the donut shop. Two female cops there were so fat, it would’ve been easier to walk over them than around them. I found a way to make them all run for their lives though. Light  a cigarette. Having a BMI of 35 minimum would be healthier in their assessment, even though it’s a dozen times deadlier than a 4 pack a day habit. They’re as healthy as the government they’ll protest as they waddle away. One regular guy says “Pray for us!” I say the Lard works in mysterious ways. Put up signs with a harpoon in a red “No” circle. Chubby lives matter. YMMV.

I’m a little jaded to the news, and now this would have taken the cake, if the fat fzcks hadn’t already demolished it. San Bernardino, Government Union BMI Capital of the USA, Home of The Whopper! “God Isn’t Fixing This!” If it ain’t broke… Bring in the government, and All you can Eat Donuts! That won’t fix anything either. Maybe someone stole the last free Nanaimo Square, and that set it off. You need to show a little etiquette at the hog trough with the government. They say it was a soft target. None softer! They couldn’t reach their own sidearms! Forbid there should be a rash of imitators. One cop said he would take the bullet first. No shzt, Sherlock. He couldn’t get through the door, let alone let a bullet pass. The shooters had GoPro’s, but probably just to tie their shoelaces.

It took the perps 4 and a half hours to “flee” the scene. Now you just KNOW it’s a government operation. pound-o-wormsNow they’re blaming the Christmas tree. Make sure you hang enough Candy Canes on that sucker, and avoid workplace terror, maybe. A couple crates of Turtles underneath it might be prudent insurance. Like they say in San Bernardino, Go Big, or Go Home! I was feeling bad until I found out it was a civil service union internal health care thing. Made my day. They could use a couple wagon loads of Wild Apple Leaves to skunk out those worms, at about 40 pounds each, but what the hell for? They still “claim” they don’t have a cloo what the motive is. Sounds like Lyme Disease all over again, and one of them finally got it. Internally, only they know the game they are playing, and that is their own way of dealing with it. The rest of us are too occupied fighting it, but only we would know it’s not futile.

It’s a totally inappropriate response to the masters of totally inappropriate response. Does that make it appropriate? No. It just makes it a bigger pile of inappropriate. You get affected by all this inappropriate bullshzt to the point where you’re numb when it happens to the poster child for government bond default, showing up with every shiny new government vehicle two hours late to the obvious workplace violence and terror show, rolled into one, claiming that it isn’t a workplace issue. It’s a terror they invented themselves, and now it begs for a typical government FuneRally. Trouble is, it begs to throw the FuneRally itself under the bus this time. One thing for sure, it’ll high-centre the bus. No problem. Call up a crane. Right on cue, here comes a Clinton.

Anyway, I have no doubt now the Mystery Disease that government hides can be cured if caught early. The government is in charge of early here now, explaining lots of things, like why they wouldn’t spend $100 on a microscope and slides and stuff to get to the bottom of it, at square one 45 years ago, and cut billions in losses annually. Instead they just pad the payroll to the point where they can’t move any more. Maybe more self administered enemas like this can get them moving, but somehow, I doubt it. The market agreed, as an infant tyke awaits its first Christmas without parents. Another innocent victim of a horrific government health “care” game we are all too used to.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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